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Jzanes -> Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/13/2010 4:41:57 PM)

December 7, 1941:

Hello good reader. This is the AAR of a game between Rader (Japanese) and myself. We are beginning
the game under 1079. We are playing scenario 1 with an ahistorical first turn. The allies are only allowed
to move TFs at sea and give orders to the Chinese on turn 1. We are playing with 2 day turns and PDU on.

We have only one houserule which is that you have to pay PPs to allow units to cross national boundaries.

A little about me. I am a 39 year old American living in Boston, MA. I have been playing WITP since way
back and have probably played 10 or more PBEM matches of various lengths. This will be my first Allied
PBEM in AE. I have one ongoing PBEM as the Japanese that is currently in January 1942. I consider
myself a decent but fairly conservative player but feel more like a rookie while adjusting to all the
changes introduced in AE.

I intend to update this AAR on at least a weekly basis and probably more when there is something exciting
going on.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/13/2010 4:45:33 PM)


As this is my first allied AE PBEM, my overall strategy is going to be conservative. I will try to delay my
opponent with air and sea forces but will not risk major ground units in forward deployments. Hawaii,
India, and Australia will get built up while Burma and the DEI will be defended only by the starting forces.
Once Hawaii seems secure, Iíll start to buildup bases on the way to Australia.

Air strategy:

Given low replacement rates, I will only be using hit and run tactics. If the Japanese start to hit an
airfield, weíll move on to somewhere else. Iíll be using a lot of LR Cap over my naval forces with the
intention of picking off the odd Japanese bomber. I will be massing my B17s and use strategic bombing to
force the Japanese to deploy some of their fighters behind the front lines.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/13/2010 4:46:32 PM)


I will be aggressive with the ďexpendableĒ surface units that start in the Phillipines and DEI. I will try to raid the shipping lanes and hit the smaller landings with groups of CAs, CLs, and DDs. Iíll be more careful with Force Z but will use them if a good opportunity pops up. I havenít been impressed with the Netties ability to hit fast ships (even with torpedoes) and will be willing to operate within their range especially if Iím able to LR Cap my ships.

The American carriers will head to ANZAC early on. They will probably just sit there and wait for better planes to come online. If my opponent gives me an opportunity, I will use them to hit where the KB aint but only if Iím very certain itís safe.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/13/2010 4:47:54 PM)

Area by Area:

China Ė pull back to a defendable perimeter. In the North that means hold the Loyang, Sinyang, Nanyang
triangle as long as possible and hold on to Sian at all costs. Send lots of forces over the mountains to
Chungking. The north doesnít create enough supply for all the units that start there.
In the South, hold onto the cities on the rail line at all costs. Once I buldup some PPs, send
those units that can be unrestricted, to India and let the British supply build them into useful units.

Phillipines - Pull back everything I can to Bataan. Use the fighters to LR Cap ships and generally harass
the enemy. Use the PBYs on torpedo runs until my opponent starts capping his TFs.

Malaya Ė Run for Singapore but use 1 or 2 brigade blocking forces to slow down the Japanese tank/recon
forces as long as possible. Use the Flying Tigers here or Java to protect key TFs, protect the B17 airfields,
and harass the enemy bombers.

Burma Ė Hold at Pegu till he comes in force. Then try to fall back towards Mandalay and save what I can
when things fall apart.

DEI Ė If he comes early for Singkawang/Kuching, use every torpedo bomber and naval unit I have to
sting him. I probably wonít be able to stop him but this is my best chance to hurt him while he doesnít
have any aircover. Strategic bomb any oil center / refinery captured by the Japanese. Load up
Palembang with as much stuff as I can from Singapore and the rest of the DEI. Make it hard to capture
and hopefully damage the facilities when it falls.

Pacific Ė it all depends on how fast he advances here. Iím not gonna build up anything until Iím sure I can
build up into a divisional sized citadel. Any decent air or naval forces will be heading towards the DEI or
be held back for a decisive battle. The left over wirraways and whatnot will harass if they can but
probably just die if he comes for their bases.

First turns have been entered and waiting on my opponent to see what happens on day 1 of the war.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/15/2010 7:46:47 PM)

December 7-8, 1941

The war has begun with a brazen attack on the US fleet at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese also hit Manila harbor and most of the northern Malaya airfields and ports. The Japanese have commenced amphibious invasions of Kota Bharu, Kendari, Ambon, Cagayan, Aparri, and Rabaul. Vigan and Legaspi were captured by paratroops.

SS Thresher fired off a salvo targeted on what was believed to be CV Kaga on December 8. Unfortunately all fish missed. Mostly unescorted british bombers in Malaya were very roughly handled.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/15/2010 7:55:20 PM)

Operations Ė

All the BBs are badly damaged but none are sunk and I donít think any will sink unless he comes again next turn.

KB didnít touch the airfields and I now have all my fighters on 90% CAP. Another raid should prove costly for the IJN.

Manila harbor is wasted and 8 subs are sunk. That hurts but again no damage to my planes. I have them spread about the Phillipines, mostly on LR cap over evacuating forces or small surface groups looking for unescorted transports. I spent a load of PPs and evacced most of the B17s to Singapore.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/15/2010 7:56:14 PM)

The British lost most of their bombers but their fighters are mostly intact and capping Singapore. The Dutch airforce is either back in Java or LR capping Force Z which is cruising off Pontianak and ready to pounce on any Japanese move on Singkawang or Kuching. The American cruisers (Houston, Boise, Marblehead) are at Brunei with a similar intention to jump on any Japanese ships coming their way.

The Japanese struck deep and are about to grab Kendari and Ambon. Bad news but nothing I can do. I have nothing in the area. The Dutch surface assets are heading towards Soerabaja and will try to look for an opportunity to counterattack in the South but that wonít be easy. Similarly, the Japanese are about to take Rabaul. Again nothing to fight with in the area.


Fletcher -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/15/2010 10:17:26 PM)

hi JZanez,
best of lucks!, i like the conservative way of play..

Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/16/2010 4:46:47 PM)

December 9-10, 1941

The KB moved west a hundred miles and attacked pearl again with itís kates escorted by zeroes. This time the USAAF was waiting for them, fought thru the escort, and shot down 79 kates. Even with FOW inflation, the KB torpedo squadrons have got to be hurting.

The bad news is that 4 damaged BBs were finished off.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/16/2010 4:47:30 PM)

Meanwhile, several waves of Netties attacked the American cruiser squadron at Brunei. The Buffalo squadron, guarding the ships, shot down 15 unescorted bombers without loss. CA Houston was hit by 2 torpedoes and is repairing in Brunei harbor. She should survive if the Japanese give me a week or so. Thatís a big ifÖ

The rest of the squadron set sail for Kuching and is capped by 2 squadrons of Buffalos.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/17/2010 6:39:48 PM)

December 11-12, 1941

Japanese forces capture Rabaul, Kendari, and Ambon and begin further landings in the northern phillipines and Cebu in the central islands. American fighters engage japanese bombers and zeroes attacking shipping in the phillipines area. The allies lose several fighters but shoot down an estimated 18 betty bombers. Air to air losses for the day stand at 19 to 9 in the allies favor.

KB disappears to the west. Several ASW and local transport TFs begin operations around Pearl. Sigint picked up a report of a baseforce loaded on an AP heading to Luganville. My small cruiser force based out of Suva will head that way in case he tries an early attack without CV support. Then again, I have yet to sight the mini KB. Could it be heading that way? The Enterprise and Lexington TFs have joined up and refueled their DDs at Canton Island. They are heading to Auckland but will be in the area if needed.

The dutch surface squadron has arrived at Makassar and will make a run at Kendari next turn. I am assuming that an air HQ hasn't arrived yet, and any air raids will be armed with bombs and not torpedoes. Around 8 dutch fighters will fly cap over Doorman's squadron of 3 CLs and 7 DDs.

The american cruiser squadron engaged a large japanese surface group on the way from Brunei to Kuching. Several BBs and CAs were sighted. Both sides disengaged before anyone suffered any real damage. Later that day, japanese forces landed at Miri. I anticipate Miri will fall next turn. I have decided to send Force Z and the american cruisers into action. Hopefully, I'll fight my way through any escorting japanese warships and shoot up some transports. Upwards of 50 fighters are flying LR cap over the TFs. Both squadrons are ordered to retire back to their port of origin after their run.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/19/2010 4:40:36 PM)

December 13-16, 1941

Enemy forces continue to pound Manila harbor. The Japanese have done a good job killing all the ships fleeing the Phillipines. In all, 16 subs have been sunk. Thatís not good for me. Mini-KB shows itself when it sinks several ships North of Ulithi.

My raid on Miri turned out to be much ado about nothing. No ships were found in the area and both TFs returned to base. After refueling, both forces are going back again. This time Force Z is set to bombard. On the 15th and 16th approximately 30 B17s hit the Miri airfield. They were intercepted by a handful of Oscarís and suffered no losses. They will be returning over the next several day and hopefully they and Force Z can close down Miri field.
Similarly, the Dutch squadron found no ships at Kendari, bombarded the field and retired back to Makassar. Air battles overhead have cost me about 10 Dutch fighters but the Japanese lost upwards of 20 netties and a couple zeroes. Some bombers got thru to the ships but dropped only bombs (which all missed). The Dutch ships are heading up to Tarakan and then on to the phillipines to see if I can find any unguarded TFs.

Sigint again reports a unit loaded up and heading to Luganville. I have a surface TF of 3 CAs and 3 DDs in the area and my CVs are passing by on the way to Auckland. I also have loaded up and am shipping to Noumea; a NZ construction bn, an Australian base force, and an Australian commando company. Not much but itís all I got for now.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/19/2010 4:41:25 PM)

Every couple weeks I record the current score and losses to my Excel spreadsheet. So far, my naval losses have been pretty heavy but the Japanese air losses have been equally heavy.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/20/2010 1:49:56 PM)

December 17-18, 1941

Major clashes at Miri over these two days. On the night of the first day, the Boise TF arrives and dukes it out with a Japanese TF consisting of CAs Maya, Ashigara, and Chokai with 2 CLs and 11 DDs. The Japanese force is lying in wait (crosses the T) and battle commences. Boise leaves the Maya burning and suffers minor damage in return. Just about all the Japanese ships concentrated fire on the Boise but her armor saved her from any real hurt.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/20/2010 1:53:25 PM)

Force Z arrived on the night of day 2. Again the Japanese were waiting (crossed the T) minus the Maya. I suspect she was badly hurt and is heading back to her home port. Torpedoes ruled this battle with the Repulse sinking the Ashigara with 3 fish and the Prince of Wales sunk by 4 long lance torpedoes. Two American destroyers were also sunk.

Morning of the 19th finds Boise at Kuching with 28 system 9 float and 13 engine damage. She will head to Singapore for repairs. Repulse is near Singkawang with 23/15/1 damage. She will also head to Singapore. The remainder of the ships will regroup at Palembang with a british cruiser force heading their now.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/22/2010 1:32:36 AM)

December 19-20, 1941

The Japanese commence an invasion of Koepang. I still have nothing in the area and am willing to concede anything in the South DEI up to Perth in the West and Java in the North. My B17s raid Miri on the 20th and run into 30ish fighters of mixed type. One B17 is shot down and the airfield takes only light damage. Iím resting most of them this turn with a minor raid set to hit the Bangkok refinery.

The Japanese appeared to be moving major units to Miri. Doormanís squadron and a MTB boat patrol ran into several TFs around Sandakan. First, the MTBs torpedoed a couple transports then Doorman engaged the BB squadron and heavily damaged a destroyer at the price of the flagship (Java) being crippled. Java will limp towards Balikpapan but Iím not counting on her surviving. The rest of the squadron is at Batangas (SW of Bataan) and will patrol the central phillipnes next turn looking for a juicy target. American P40s based out of Bataan are flying LR cap.

In Luzon, several unescorted bomber raids are intercepted by my Bataan based fighters. Reports estimate 18 bombers are shot down for no loss. Lt. John Brownewell shoots down 5 bombers to give him 7 kills for the war. He is the top allied pilot at this point.

I found a blurb about Brownewell on the web;

At Del Monte, the two P-35As were among the last four American fighters to fly combat in the Philippines. The last mission was undertaken by 1st Lt. John Brownewell, who flew to Negros Island to pick up two Americans surrounded by the Japanese. He squeezed them in and returned to Del Monte. "John Brownewell was one of the last pilots to get a ride out of the Philippines," Gillett related. "After the war, when we came back from Japan, he made sure we were fed and well-treated. We were friends the rest of our Air Force careers, and afterwards till he died in 1996."


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/22/2010 9:51:49 PM)

December 21-22, 1941

Many more Japanese landings. He is moving quickly in the south DEI and now in the Solomons. I have sighted what looks like an invasion TF heading towards Port Moresby. Iíve airlifted in some survivors from Rabaul and Kavieng but I doubt itíll hold if heís brought more than an SNLF.

Two waves of Japanese bombers fight their way thru my Singapore air defenses and sink 3 or 4 small ships. Around 70 flying tigers and british buffalos intercepted the raid and did very well, shooting down around 15 enemy planes for the loss of 1 buffalo and 1 H81. I am gambling that he wonít come back with bombers until he clears my fighters away. Iíll leave BC Repulse, CA Houston, and CL Boise to their repairs for now.

The Dutch squadron and some PT boats continue to harass the enemy south of Luzon. I sunk one AK and lost a couple PT boats. I anticipate heíll have to send back some cruisers to take care of the Dutch. All available fighters are flying cap over the dutch as they head towards San Fernando to look for targets.

Palembang now has about 300 AV and most of the DEI surface force. I shipped in a couple battalions from Singapore and used air transport to pick up all the scattered dutch units around Sumatra. I will use the large british cruiser squadron to contest any landings at kuching or singkawang, the small US contingent is heading to Batavia and will do some ASW work for a while. The Australian cruiser, Adelaide, will act as a reserve for now. The rest of the ANZAC surface vessels have met up at Perth and are now steaming towards Palembang.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/22/2010 10:04:36 PM)

Hereís a rough map showing the Japanese conquests so far.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/24/2010 1:13:12 PM)

December 23-27

The Dutch squadron doesnít find any Japanese ships. Doorman is making a run at Tarakan to see if any ships are about. The British surface ships are set to make a similar run at Miri. They are organized into 2 squadrons. One consists of CA Exeter and the ďgoodĒ British CLs. The other has the smaller/older CLs and some DDs.

The Japanese have been whittling down the Phillipine airforce and slowly advancing South towards Clark field. An armored unit tried to grab Manila but the lone PA regiment has held out so far. I intend to hold Clark a couple turns and then retire to Bataan to wait out the inevitable. Iíve drawn all the supply into Bataan.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/24/2010 1:14:03 PM)

In the south, Port Moresby falls and the Japanese carriers are raiding New Caledonia. On the 24th they were sighted south of the solomons and sank an AKL. Hopeing to get around them and hit some follow-up transports, my cruiser squadron moved SE of Luganville. On the 26th they arrived but were spotted by and attacked by several waves of planes by what appears to be the mini-KB (plus 1 or 2 large carriers?) east of Luganville. CA Indianapolis and CL Concord were sunk. The remaining ships will flee east and try to meet up with my carriers in the Pago Pago area. The other Japanese carrier TF west of Noumea, sank several fleeing AKLs. Many small transport fleets scatter away from the area at best speed. My best guess is that he has split his carriers into 2 more or less equal sized forces. I bet this is all of the Japanese carriers. Any one of these TFs will trash my 2 carriers so Iíll continue to lurk and hope for a chance at some transports.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/26/2010 9:41:14 AM)

December 27-December 30, 1941

Most of the action happens in the Borneo area. Doorman runs down the Makassar strait and shoots up 20 some transports at Tarakan and on the way to Balikpapan. He runs into a BB TF near Balikpapan and CL Tromp is badly shot up (she later sinks). He has now refueled at Soerabaja and on the way to Batavia.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/26/2010 9:44:57 AM)

Meanwhile the British old CL squadron hits Miri and finds a couple ASW squadrons. The Brits canít seem to hit anything and sink only a DD and a SC for the loss of a DD. They return on the 29th and are severely mauled by a large TF headed up by a CA. They are then totally wiped out by another CA TF they run into on the way back to Pontianak.
Not the finest hour for the RN.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/26/2010 9:54:11 AM)

The Japanese land at Kuantan and capture the empty base. Recognizing that this bodes ill for the survival of Singapore as a viable base, I mass my british bombers and American B17s and raid the Kuantan airfield. The raid is preceded by the flying tigers on a sweep mission. Coincidentally, the Japanese airforce is set to do just the same thing. They sweep Singapore and then bomb the airfield. Neither field is closed and we both lose a heap of planes on the field. Most painful for me is 20 some B17s destroyed. I decide to bug out and send the B17s to India and the rest back to Palembang/Java. The flying tigers move to Johore Bahru and will LR cap Singapore for a few days while BC Repulse, CA Houston, and CL Boise finish leaving the shipyards and make their run to safety.

In the South Seas, the two Japanese carriers TFs raid Auckland and Suva. They sink a couple small transports but donít do too much damage. The American carriers and several supply and fuel TFs are now East of Pago Pago waiting for the carriers to go away.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/27/2010 1:34:02 PM)

December 31, 1941-January 1, 1942

Wave after wave of Japanese bombers hit Singaporeís airfield. They are rudely welcomed by the flying tigers. They shoot down an estimated 60 enemy planes (including 30 zeroes) for the cost of 11 H81s. They are now heading to Burma to rest up and get ready for round two. Between Singapore and Johore Bahru, I still have 80 some damaged planes stuck on the ground. I anticipate they will get blasted over the next few days. Iíll get out what I can but Iím not expecting much else will get away.

Luckily, my opponent didnít hit the port and Repulse, Houston, and Boise are now heading out to sea and safety in Perth or Ceylon. Soon the only surface ships left in the DEI will be the remaining dutch ships led by CL De Ruyter.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/27/2010 1:36:33 PM)

Another couple weeks have passed and in reviewing the score sheet, I see that my naval losses continue to pile up while the air score is about even. The pace of operations is truly manic with my opponent landing just about everywhere. Iíve tried to slow him down but he just keeps coming.

A little word on each theatre.

China - Loyang and Chengchow have fallen. Iím trying to organize a defensive line in the forests SE of Sian. Iíll try to buy a few days by making a stand at Nanyang. In the South, Iíve moved my reserves to Kukong and am trying to harass the smallish Japanese force around Canton.

Phillipines Ė The main Japanese force has arrived at Clark. Only about 1000 AV vs. my 1300. Iím pulling back to Bataan but doing so in good order (all troops with combat op mode and following my best infantry unit). The airforce is about trashed and the rest of the islands are gone or will be soon.

India/Burma Ė Quiet. Building up Ceylon and Calcutta area. Reinforced Port Blair and Rangoon with one brigade each. Iíll eventually start sending some troops to Akyab and Coxís bazaar but thatís about it. I paid the PP to release them to SEAC and transport planes have moved 4 or 5 of the small Chinese divisions to India. They have replacements on and will sit and build up for a couple months.

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur about to fall and Singapore is about to get trashed. Time to wait to die here.

DEI Ė Heís landing all over the place. My only consolation is that I achieved my goal of keeping the Singapore-Palembang-Kuching area safe as long as possible. I anticipate itíll be all over in the DEI by February.

ANZAC - Darwin being bombed daily. Heíll probably land soon. Iím building up Perth. I Aus Corps is being sent to Perth as they slowly arrive at Aden. With the KB lurking around Noumea-Suva-Auckland, my shipping has retreated to Melbourne and Iíve tried to setup my airsearch to give some warning if he heads towards SE Australia.

South Seas - Heís landed at Luganville/Efate and I imagine Noumea is next. Since itís so early, I predict he will do the same to Fiji and Samoa soon enough. Iíve decided to send my reinforcements to Christmas Island/Palmyra and build that up first. Iíll move on to build up Pago Pago and Fiji if my prediction is wrong and he doesnít take those areas. The American carriers will cover the build up at Christmas/Palmyra and protect shipping coming from Pearl and SanFran. Heís been using his subs and AMCs to raid the 1 zillion little TFs moving to the West Coast.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (1/30/2010 9:08:00 PM)

January 2-7, 1942

Things have quieted down considerably. I successfully withdrew most of the Singapore airforce. The B17s are regrouping in India and most of the Flying Tigers are hitting the night spots of Rangoon as the rest of the group arrives after making the Singapore-Sabang-Port Blair-Rangoon transit. The Japanese have not yet landed at Noumea but I think I see the invasion fleet coming.

The American carriers are doing good work finding and attacking the various subs and merchant raiders haunting the shipping lanes to and from the west coast. SBDs sunk a Japanese AV on the 7th. Massive loads of supply and fuel are unloading at Christmas Island and several large troop/aircraft convoys are approaching the island. It should be a fortress within a couple weeks.

My subs and PT boats have been harassing the enemy in the DEI but I donít have much else left to fight with in this theatre. Doorman has set sail to make a run at the Japanese landing of Bandjermasin. This may be do or die for the Dutch. The Dutch TF has only one CL with a couple DDs. They are being covered by a couple of Dutch fighter squadrons.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (2/2/2010 3:14:25 AM)

January 8-13, 1842

Doorman met nothing on his run and has returned to Batavia safely. Meanwhile, Soerabaja harbor was raided. Not much was home and I lost only 2 DDs and a SS repairing in the shipyard. When the Japanese returned for a shot at the airfields, they ran into all my Dutch and commonwealth fighters flying LR cap over Soerabaja. I lost 40-some fighters but did manage to shoot down around 15 japanese planes (mostly bombers). Not too bad for such an obsolete force. The remaining planes have retreated to regroup at Batavia. Commonwealth airforces will probably make the run for Burma while they still can.

Noumea is about to fall. He landed at La Foa and marched in. Iíve managed to fly out a scrap of each unit for rebuilding in Australia. KB has disappeared and Iím starting to sweat the possibility that heíll find and raid my huge mass of transports slowly unloading at Christmas Island. My carriers are to the NE of Christmas Island flying ASW missions in support of the arriving amphibious TFs.

In China, Nanyang has fallen. I will try to make my stand in the forest SE of Sian. Meanwhile, Iíve got an isolated Japanese division on the run between Kukong and Kanhsien. Iíve set up blocking forces keeping it from Canton and am trying to chase it down.

The Kuching-Singkawang corner has been captured and Singapore is being bombed daily by 100+ bombers. I am pretty much down to Palembang and Java in the DEI. Dutch forces are on high alert.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (2/2/2010 3:18:50 AM)

Hereís the latest air losses report. ďTodayísĒ losses show the allied and Japanese losses over Soerabaja on the 13th.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (2/2/2010 3:23:41 AM)

Hereís a shot of the Christmas Island area.


Jzanes -> RE: Payback - jzanes (A) vs. Rader (J). A Rader-free zone. (2/3/2010 5:01:16 PM)

January 14-15, 1942

Several weeks have passed and time to check the score and sitrep.

China - It appears as though the japanese are moving most of their northern army south towards Changsha. I anticipate a major push for this strategic city in the coming months. This works for me as I've been moving most of my stuff that way myself.

Phillipines - Looks as though he's just gonna besiege Clark and keep me bottled in Bataan. The rest of the phillipines is held by the japanese now.

DEI/Malaya - He's closing in on Johore Bahru. The two Australian brigades at Johore will try to retire to Singapore just before the japanese main force arrives. I'm picking up base forces and other scraps and moving them to Palembang via transport planes. No attacks on Palembang yet but with the recent fall of Kuching, it won't be long....
I continue to hold back my Dutch bombers (and remaining fighters) for a shot at uncapped ships. It shouldn't be much longer to wait.

ANZAC/South Seas - very quiet. The big question is where the japanese are gonna hit next. The USN is concentrated around Hawaii and the line islands. These bases are steadily growing and lots of ground forces should start arriving in the next week or two.


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