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Elwood -> Allow any improvement ? (12/29/2009 6:11:56 PM)

Concerning unit improvement , I do not understand the rules which manage the units eligible to be selected for an upgrade.
When looking for an improvement, sometimes there is no improvement proposed (for instance : T34 - 1943), sometimes downgrading is allowed (with gain of points), sometimes not.
And for some specific case, upgrading/downgrading should be allowed : for instance I have a SU-85 and no way to "upgrade" to SU-152 (lower ammo/fuel, but better damage).
Can you explain me the rule applied ?
Mathieu Leprince

RalfZenker -> RE: Allow any improvement ? (12/30/2009 10:35:14 AM)

Improvement is only possible in the first round of a scenario during a campaign. Also you can just improve core units - no auxiliary forces.
Normally you can only improve to units with higher costs. A downgrade shouldn´t be possible.

Elwood -> RE: Allow any improvement ? (12/30/2009 11:07:43 AM)

ok; I mismatch the diagnostic on my side :
in fact, I was upgrading an artillery with high mobility (Zis-3) to a BM-13 (with mobility "included"). doing that, I gain 70 points !
But I think this is due to the mobility option of my Zis-3. Basicaly the unit BM-13 is effectively more expensive that the Zis-3.
Anyway , why not allowing to downgrade (even with no gain points if you want). In some case it can be useful :
The cost is based on capability (fuel, ammo, attack defence, ..). In some scenario we may want to push a specific attribute (high fuel value for instance) , even if all others are lower.
Well it is my opinion...and it is your game !!
Anyway , I enjoy playing it

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