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Borst50 -> Graphic annomally (11/7/2009 5:41:29 AM)

after playing this game for a few days...i have noticed something interesting....and a little disturbing.

For the Record...I have an intel Pentium D 3.1 gHtz....4 GB dram....Video card is a Radeon ATI X1650. Windows XP Media.

Most of the time I go to flight works perfectly. No glitches...high frame rate...super a/c detail. (my settings are mid level for GFX).

However....when I play the Luftwaffe, (British works just fine), and i create 1 massive raid on a single target...(3 Geshwader strike plus fighters), the graphics go haywire. Please note: In combat...the frame rate does NOT...I repeate NOT drop. it moves along at a very speedy rate. ( also please note: german a/c in the air is 500+....not counting RAF response.) 3 things happen.

1) Intercepting RAF fighters become rectanular boxes,,,instead of a/c avatars (in flight sim), they form up as a single line in squadron and literally pass thru my bomber. I cannot do damage to them.

2) approx. 30% of the tijme I get a CDT. (Yes...i turn off all other programs before playing the game.) No error message. Just a crash.

3) after restarting the game///the autosave function doesnt have any record of the air battle.....i.E. cant go from where i left off.

I have v 2.10 installed.

Smaller raids work just fine. 200+ a/c raid + RAF response is no problem. Its only the larger raids that crash.

Interesting side note: If i do not go to flight progresses perfectly.

I have tried different graphic settings...set all to low....same result.

any help would be appreciated.

buddye -> RE: Graphic annomally (11/9/2009 5:50:03 AM)

I am afraid you are over taxing your PC with the large raids (your PC processor and video card are a bit slow now). Check your frame rate. Is it getting below 10-20 frames (shift+F).

Review this information for possible tuning but your PC is will struggle with the plus 200 A/C missions:

Try to tune your PC for higher FPS so the game will not bog down and crash.

Borst50 -> RE: Graphic annomally (11/9/2009 6:40:47 AM)

i would normally agrere with your assessment

however...the frame rate does not drop....if it did i would experience choppy or erratic game play in sim. This is not the case.

instead i have invulnerable RAF fighters....and strange blocks as fighters.

buddye -> RE: Graphic annomally (11/9/2009 4:32:30 PM)

Strange behavior but a 500 A/C mission bogges down my Quad processor and my 8800 GTX card and most all high end PC's.

If you have the time, look for a file in your BOBII folder called crashlog.txt.

Give me the first 20 lines of the "last" crashlog file. Just cut and paste them into this thread for me.

Borst50 -> RE: Graphic annomally (11/10/2009 5:13:24 PM)

i tried to do that...but it would seem i have not the basic intelligence to accompish that....I found the I am thinking i will have to type in manually....either that you give me an algorithum to follow.

hehehehe...not all of us are computer literate

buddye -> RE: Graphic annomally (11/11/2009 6:01:22 PM)

You should be able to find the directions to "cut and paste" in the windows instructions.

Just hold down the left mouse, and high light the text you want to copy, then just click on edit in the windows menu and click copy, then come to the forum reply message block, click the edit windows again, and click paste.

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