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Smeulders -> RE: The new year (12/13/2009 8:47:26 PM)

2-3 January 1942

One brigade reached Kuala Lumpur, but the second will be abandoned to the North. The danger of getting cut off again further to the South is too great if we stay any longer.

On the 2nd Japanese forces entered Clark and shocked on the 3rd, just in time for the complete Manilla force to arrive. The attack came off as a 1-2, causing 6500 Japanese casualties to 1200. Around 300 AV of the Japanese became disabled, but the allies lost more squads. The troops will now retreat to Bataan were a further 750 AV and level 4 forts await for a siege.

The landings at Kuching went ahead against little opposition. 2 BB and 2 CA are too much for me to risk a cruiser force against. On the ground 2 SNLF and a naval guard unit had no problem taking the base on the 3rd.

Battles around Nanchang will be reaching their high point soon.
1) A sideshow, a recon regiment shock attacked two Chinese corps during a river crossing. Once the news of this folly reached the Chinese corps commanders they order an all out assault and the recce unit was promptly chased to the other bank again, but not without losing a large part of it's strength.
2) Here 2 Chinese corps numbering some 400 AV were ordered to tie up the Japanese, but were pushed back with heavy losses, painfull as this means the 750 AV worth of Japanese will be used to fight my main stack.
3) Some 1300 AV is trying to get out of the encirclement here. With 750 AV to the South and who know what else to the North they will have a hard time breaking through.

Sub wars
KXVII was the hero these two days. On the 2nd she hit DD Nowazaki and finished her of on the 3rd. For an encore, she went on to hit a large xAK in the Kuching invasion force.
O20 sank a PB south of Cam Ranh Bay
Proving that not only the Dutch can get a hit, Thresher put a torp in an xAP of Formosa.
Gudgeon runs into a SCTF consisiting of a CA and 5 or so DD South of Japan. No hits, but solid recon.
Honorable mention for Pickerel, who hit a DMS and TB at San Fernando, but was plagued by duds.

Smeulders -> 2-3 Jan Sopac (12/13/2009 9:13:52 PM)

In SoPac I'm getting the feeling that KB is out raiding. Reason one is that my opponent said as much. This may of course be intimidation, but it does make sense. Right now, KB needs to be out fighting and covering the rapid advance, however it hasn't shown up around PI/DEI and no advance around NG/SoPac has been made, even though KB was closeby in Truk. A last clue is this.

A TF, Southeast of Truk. It wasn't spotted by SigInt or nearby subs, one explanation for the visisbility (high detection level) is launching planes. Around the Gilberts, some s-boats (my only subs in the area) are making a picket line to see if they get spotted by air search. Air Search from Suva to points further West is pretty tight, but there is a huge hole around Noumea. Some AMc are sent out to these waters as advance warning. If it's a raid, I'm faily confident I can come trough without major convoys getting hit. The most high value targets are Lexington escorting a convoy and some TK convoys around NZ.

Smeulders -> 4th Jan 42' (12/14/2009 3:47:41 PM)

4 Jan 1942

More indications that KB is on the move, the NZ detachment on Ocean Island spotted 4 aircraft in the skies over the Island, one of which was a dive bomber.  I'm already rerouting convoys that were heading to Suva and Pago. The one thing that I am fearing is that this isn't a raid, but rather an invasion of either Fiji or Pago. This would explain the long time KB stayed idle at Truk (waiting for the invasion force). Defences at both islands are pretty weak. Fiji only has the NZ brigade, a RNZAF and USAAF BF and 3 artillery units for a total of 150 AV. Pago is a bit better with elements of the 8th marine regiment, 7th defense and Samoan marine batallions. Still only about 150 AV, but better quality and CD guns. Part of the 8th was still on ships which have departed, leaving Pago short on support squads, but if it's a raid that doesn't matter, if it's an invasion I'd rather save part of the 8th.

In China two battles in the Kaifeng area result in heavy losses to the Chinese. It's time to bring the troops back in this area to defend Chengchow and Loyang.

An high altitude oscar sweeps catches the lower flying AVG for 5-0 casualties, not the sort of thing that's supposed to happen.

Near Hainan, SS Sailfish gets an AO in it's sights, but the torpedoes fail to go off.

Smeulders -> 5-6 January 42' (12/16/2009 8:52:06 PM)

5-7 Jan 1942


The retreat in Malaya is getting bloody. On the 7th the troops in Kuala Lumpur where defeated and retreated towards Singapore with heavy casualties. The retreat direction was nice, they should now make it to Singapore, but in what state is hard tell, not a good one I fear.

Staying near the Commonwealth fronts, fighting is slowly starting up in Burma. Oscars swept Rangoon again, but higher CAP evened the losses at 1-1. While the fighters were playing over Rangoon, my opponent tried to sneak in bomber raids over ground units on the road from Pegu. Leaking CAP from the Tongou buffaloes did account for a couple of lilies.

Not much happening here, the mini-KB is entering the area again, it is sighted off the NE coast of Borneo.

Bombing going on at Clark, but losses are low. I'm still retreating to Bataan though, most units have been prepping for that location.

Landings at smaller islands have begun, my PT flotillas are looking for targets, but aren't finding any.

Nauru and Ocean Island were taken on the 8th against little to no opposition. One of the landings was protected with a BB and 2 CA, I just haven't the forces to compete with that. I still think KB is in the area somewhere, but no sightings yet though.

I'm stringing defeats together here. My stack breaking out South of Nanching has been blocked by 3 divisions. That's an AV parity against my inferior Chinese troops. Let's hope they at least retreat in the right direction. This has given me the opportunity to throw 600 AV at a now nearly empty Nanching (1 unit), I'll take the chance.

Irritating little detail here, apparently the garrison requirements aren't updated when patching, meaning my opponent has a lot more free units here than I thought. I know of at least 7 divisions conducting offensive operations, 3 around Nanchang, 3 around Loyan/Chengchow and one around Sinyang and that's after the mauling of division at Ichang. That's one hell of a challenge to stop that right there and I'm losing quite a number of troops needlessly because I'm too slow to retreat. (And now I'm even starting a counterattack at Nanchang, what am I thinking?)

A dutch sub damages an xAK at Kuching

POW arrive in Colombo today. She'll stay here a couple of weeks, until raids on Ceylon become feasible, then she'll go on to CT for final repairs.

Smeulders -> RE: 5-6 January 42' (12/16/2009 8:52:55 PM)

Disregard, double post.

Now that I'm making this post, I might as well ask for any questions.

khyberbill -> RE: 5-6 January 42' (12/16/2009 9:54:33 PM)

Khyberbill's law for retreats is that if it is your own troops retreating, they will retreat to the least desirable hex. If it is the enemy that is retreating, they will retreat to the most beneficial hex to them. This is an immutable law. That being said, good luck! As for garrison requirements, your opponent may be just taking the VP hit in order to bag some more Chinese Corps'. Have you asked him?

Smeulders -> RE: 5-6 January 42' (12/16/2009 10:20:51 PM)

Not quite sure, even though the game has been patched to 2, garrison requirements from patch 1 are in place (these don't get updated). Maybe it's possible to free up that number off combat troops under the old garrison values ? Anyone who knows what these were pre-patch ? In any case he'll have to send some units to garrison Wenchow that he took last turn, even though it's only 50 AV.

As far as I know, retreats are always towards the nearest allied base. As all bases to East are now taken, so the retreat should go to Chinese lines.

Smeulders -> 8 January 42' (12/22/2009 7:27:51 PM)

8 January 42'

Some computer trouble on my end stopped our game for a couple of days, but we should be back in action now.

Grrrr ...., forgot to get my units in the peninsula moving again after the defeat at Kuala Lumpur. Many units are disorganized and constant air bombardment will make sure my units get caught anyway though. The situation here is bad now, I don't now how long Singapore will be able to hold when my opponent arrives there.

No ground action here yet, but the IJA keeps bombing troops at Pegu and Rangoon. In a couple of days I'll have 2 hurricane and an AVG squadron though.

A Japanese shock assault at Clark Field is barely held with heavy casualties for the defenders

My opponent landed at Leyte today, just where a PT TF was hiding. Now the poor guys are caught in harbour with a BB, 2 CL and 4 DD lurking just outside. The base will probably fall tomorrow.

An air raid of the Dutch bombers from Singkawang put a 300kg bomb in an xAK docked in Kuching, keeps him honest.

In the morning 3 Chinese corps appeared at Nanchang from the West. They swarmed over the river and before the day was out the Kyuko Naval Guard defending the city were routed.

South of the city the city is more grim though. My units evacuating from the coastal region are checked by some 1700 AV, for some reason my opponent limits himself to bombardments though, I'm hoping my units manage to escape West before that changes.

A flurry of activity, but without much success.
- S-40 gets attacked by a DD, but doesn't take damage
- Spearfish gets a hit on a merchant, it's a dud.
- Saury keeps attacks a convoy in the Philippine sea, but no hits either side
- Argonaut finds a resupply convoy at Wake Island, but is depth charged for his troubles.

Smeulders -> 9 January 42' (12/23/2009 10:05:31 PM)

9 January 42'

As you can see, we've managed to get our game going again. All in all not a bad day for me, but the situation in the PI is getting dangerous.

The RAF had a field day here. LRCAP was put up over my retreating troops and wave after wave of bombers were shot up by the buffaloes. Tracker puts it at 23 kills, the losses screen give me 15 nells, 7 betties and 3 sallies. Escorts, don't leave home without them.

The Japanese keep throwing wave after wave of men at the allied lines, and it's crumbling. The second day of attacks again comes in as 1-1, but barely. I'd kill for the option to choose my withdrawal direction now, if they go to Manilla Luzon will fall soon.
Japanese troops also landed at Altimonan, no biggie if I get to Bataan.

Not much happened here, tomorrow an RN task force will pay a visit to Kuching were two small TF remain, but the heavy surface escorts seems to have left. Bombers from Singkawang will fly again in support of the action, while the Dutch fighters will give LRCAP in case of nells operating from Malaya/Indochina


In the Eastern DEI an 8 ship TF is seen off Manado, probably the Ternate invasion TF.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions (I'm sure there are few people out there who can't give me useful pointers), feel free.

Smeulders -> 10 January 42' (12/27/2009 10:17:28 PM)

10 January 42'

Most fronts have been pretty quit on the 10th, some bombing raids over Malaya and a small naval battle between PT-boats and cruisers that ended on double zero. Gives me some time to get into the China situation.

The map might be pretty chaotic, but it's a good overview of the China situation.
Around Nanchang the battle was finished by a shock attack of the Japanese. It was a complete slaughter, 750 Chinese squads destroyed with hardly any damage to the attackers. As a follow-up, my opponent is sending his forces to reconquer Nanchang. There is no way the forces there will hold, so they'll start a retreat next turn. (Should have done this already, now my opponent has a one day head-start.

In the North, the attack on the double cities of Chenghow and Loyang. I'll abandon Chengchow and will get about 2000 AV behind level 2 forts in Loyang. I'm hoping this will be enough for a while. Forces from Sinyang have also started on the road to Nanyang, here I can get another 2000 AV together.

There is another 1500 AV in this area around Sian and than the forces around Yenan another 1000 AV, but these are the only other troops I have in the area. This area seems pretty hard to get troops into for the Chinese.

Nothing happened here, but that's the strange thing. The raid on Kuching should have gone in, but the ships hardly moved. I've set the threat tolerance to absolute for next turn and will see if they go in now. This shouldn't have been the problem though, a surface force with the direct orders to move to a hostile port should go in, unless enemy opposition is very high and it simply isn't. All I'm seeing now is a small 2 ship TF and no enemy airports in range. Anyone else had this problem ?

Disruption takes it's toll on attacking Japanese forces at Clark, today the attack comes in at 1-3, a nice respite.

A long list of attacks from both sides.
4 Japanese ASW attacks end in moderate damage to an S-37
2 dud attacks, one by Snapper and one by an S-37 on a CL, bad luck.
KX misses a shot on a DD
The dutch held the honour of the Allied Silent Service high, 020 sank an xAKL and KXVI takes down a DMS.

Blackhorse -> RE: 9 January 42' (12/28/2009 2:17:41 AM)


The Japanese keep throwing wave after wave of men at the allied lines, and it's crumbling. The second day of attacks again comes in as 1-1, but barely. I'd kill for the option to choose my withdrawal direction now, if they go to Manilla Luzon will fall soon.
Japanese troops also landed at Altimonan, no biggie if I get to Bataan.

If you have moved USAFFE HQs to Bataan, then your units are likely to retreat towards Bataan.

Alain-James -> RE: 9 January 42' (12/28/2009 3:21:34 AM)


Nothing happened here, but that's the strange thing. The raid on Kuching should have gone in, but the ships hardly moved. I've set the threat tolerance to absolute for next turn and will see if they go in now. This shouldn't have been the problem though, a surface force with the direct orders to move to a hostile port should go in, unless enemy opposition is very high and it simply isn't. All I'm seeing now is a small 2 ship TF and no enemy airports in range. Anyone else had this problem ?

Yes, sometimes in my Guadalcanal game, ships with "retirement allowed" setting would just sit there several turns in a row if I didn't move them closer from their objective. setting waypoints instead may help (but it was just not possible for me, as they were in a bombardment mission, and I needed the last hex to be the enemy base.

Nearly ruined one of my plans, it's too bad this has not been addressed yet... [:(]

Smeulders -> RE: 9 January 42' (12/28/2009 9:24:44 AM)

Blackhorse: So units are more likely to retreat in the direction of their HQ's, interesting information, thanks. Unfortunately only the Asiatic fleet HQ is in Bataan already, the others are with the troops. Shouldn't be a problem anymore though, the 11th only brought a bombardement and on the 12th or 13th the troops should reach the Bataan hex, so they're probably home safe.

Fishbed: The absolute threat tolerance does seem to have worked, the cruiser force went in today. I'll have to wait for the turn for results though, the fact that there even was a battle seems to have been lost in the FOW. (Got a message that 'TF XXX met an enemy TF at Kuching, but no combat replay or report)

Smeulders -> 11-12 January 42' (12/29/2009 1:12:13 PM)

11-12 January 42'

The attack on Kuching went in, but I doubt there was any combat. No ships are reported sunk and recon again indicates 2 ships in the hex, most likely ASW forces. The attack did lead to a rare sighting of a Japanese sub, of Singkawang I-165 launched torpedoes at an escorting DD, but missed and got 2 DC hits in return.

Banshees of the ABDA command made their presence known by attacking a DD/TB TF that for some reason raced through the Makassar straights. Rain prevented any hits. American cruisers sortied from Makassar into the straights to stop the retreat, but there was no combat on the 12th. Once I get the turn I'll see if I can still find the TF.

Of Ternate a battle between subs and DD started on the 11th, leading to a couple of ASW attacks. The invasion only started on the 12th.

Clean up of Northern Borneo is now complete with Beaufort falling on the 11th.

Skirmishes between PT boats and hunting CL, but neither side manages to hit anything.

The evacuation of Clark into Bataan was completed on the 12th.

Skirmishes over Pegu between Oscars and AVG, 2 Oscars reported destroyed over the two days. I got a bit lucky here as both actions were leaky CAP with only 6 AVG fighters operating from either Tongou or Rangoon.

An atoll in the Gillberts falls.

A large number of attacks around Ternate, the ASW screens seem to thick to breach. KX, KIX and Pike are hit.
019 is hit by ASW off Kuching
Spearfish ventures to close to ASW forces of Babeldaob and is attacked.
Snapper twice hits large xAK deep in the Philippine sea, but the torpedoes fail to detonate.
Finally, the most disappointing attack. South of Guam, Saury managed to hit BB Yamashiro, but faulty torpedoes again spoil the party.

Smeulders -> 13 January 42' (1/8/2010 5:11:55 PM)

13 January 42'

It took quite a search, but it seems this AAR was still alive somewhere down on the second page. To those who are following this, apologies for the delay, but computer problems over at Lemon's end have troubled the game a bit over the last week.

Some light air battles here, buffaloes capped our forces north of Malacca again and shot down another 2 betties that are still forced to fly here without escort. It was a nice reminder of what low morale can do to a unit, after the first hit half the bomber force turned back, one other downed betty later and the rest of the force was on it's way back to Indochina. Unfortunately, the buffaloes also leaked to Singapore, where 2 of them were shot down against sweeped oscars.

After all mobile troops had left Clark, the Subic bay defenses were easily defeated by the Japanese forces, the siege of Bataan will probably start in 3 or 4 days. In the meantime, Manilla has been an open city for some time, someone forgto to tell the Japanese air commander though, zeroes are still sweeping the sky. The pilots have their fun and are delighting the Japanese symphatizers with air acrobatics, the rest of the city isn't that happy though.

Unsurprisingly, Ternate fell today, another case of overwhelming force.
We did strike back a bit here, 2 B-17 squadrons flew from Singapore against the oil fields at Miri and scored 2 hits on the oil fields there. At the very least that will cost him some supplies. A question for any of the Japan players reading this, does Miri usually get's maxed out on oil production or is it kept at the 150 level ?

Only one sub attack, KXIII had the Mutsu in it's croshairs a couple of hexes of Kuching, but missed, a bitter disapointment.

This does tell me that my opponent is moving his BB around a lot on rather routine missions, this one was escorting xAK. That's a lot of fuel he's burning and it's also getting his BB in the croshairs of my subs a lot, one of these days I must get lucky.

Smeulders -> 14 January 42' (1/9/2010 8:37:38 PM)

14 January 42'

Little action today on most fronts, mainly some  land battle

Leyte is taken today, PT boats still hanging around the PI will try to get in a revenge strike against 2 AK sighted off the coast.

On Mindanao one part of the separated forces is attacked and destroyed. Two stack without much fight in them remain.

An abandoned Chengchow was taken by the Japanese, they held a victory parade as they entered the city. To the North, the citizens of Loyang help the Chinese forces dig trenches. 2000 AV behind level 3 forts will try to hold off the Japanese onslaught.

South of these city, the 89th corps already gave an example of Chinese stuborness. Reduced to but 2 working 75 mm guns, they refuse to surrender (I wish they would actually)

The forces encircled in the North of the peninsula are attacked, suffer heavy casualties, but remain standing for at least one more day.

B-17 again flew from Singapore airfields, this time against Saigon. Nates on CAP did manage to damage some of the bombers and no hits were registered on the repair yards.

Narwhal hit a DD just of Truk, but it was a dud.

Some good news on this front is that Trusty is being topped off at Colombo to start it's first patrol and 3 more O-class boats come online for the Dutch. These are all nice medium ranged boats with functioning torpedoes, let's see what they do.

Smeulders -> 15 January 42' (1/10/2010 10:29:59 PM)

15 January 42'

Wow, even though we're back on schedule it seems hard to keep the thread on the first page. Seems like a lot of interesting AAR out there, I do hope that you're all still following this one though [;)].

First a question to the readers, I've been thinking about sending the Hermes to patrol West of Sumatra/Java to hopefully surprise an invasion fleet. The Hermes of course isn't much of a weapon once any air opposition comes in, but my opponent seems a bit lax in utilizing his LBA (no CAP over Kuantan invasion and Miri) He also doesn't seem interested in using his carriers in the DEI. (Only one short sighting after the initial deployment of mini-KB). If kept well out of range untill it goes in for the strike, it may just do some damage and scare my opponent a bit. Any thoughts about this from you ?

Rounding up the lost boys
A sad tale is unfolding on many fronts at once, defeated and cut of forces are being eliminated on all fronts by the forces of Lemon.
- In Northern Borneo the 108th RN base force surrenders
- The surrounded 8th Bde surrenders in Malaya
- On Mindanao, the Japanese shock attack one of the two remaining outposts, it will fall tomorrow

Maybe the PT boats off the PI fall under this heading as well, 1 MTB and 2 PT boats escaped to Borneo, but the other PT boats are now stuck, the shortest distance between a PI base and Borneo is now 1 hex too far. They tried to attack some transports of Leyte, but even though I got a 'combat icon' on the map, no animation or report, no torpedoes fired either.

Subs take revenge
Well, at least they're trying very hard.
Seal and Cachelot got attacked by ASW screens when trying to attack, no damage to speak off.
Saury and Grayling both have a dud on an xAK, Seadragon on a DD.
The least valuable target of the day gets the best torpedo, Tambor sinks an xAKL between Truk and Guam.

What about SoPac ?
Well, this area has fallen from view a bit as no combat is taking place, but I'm hard at work here, even though I could have been better organized if I had started earlier.

Pago Pago: The main stronghold in SoPac. One USMC regiment is now nearly completely ashore, 3 squadrons off P-39 give overhead cover (a bit low on AV support though.) The 2nd USMC regiment fill follow once it has filled out on the West Coast.

Fiji: An independent regiment and one regiment of the Americals are on their way, the rest of the Americals will follow.

Noumea: Merely a recon base at the moment, AVPs will arrive soon, I won't garrison it untill I can do so in style (1 division)

Tahiti: Is being built up as a rear area base, I don't think it will ever be seriously threatened, my opponent seems a bit too cautious for such an adventure.

If anyone has question about my positions/plans somewhere, feel free to ask.

Smeulders -> 16 January 42' (1/12/2010 9:01:05 PM)

16 January 42'

Well, the deployment of Hermes was stopped due to some mismanagement by me. POW was on it's way to Cape Town, but I figured she would still be on the map today so I could detach the escorts and send them to the North for the arriving BB and CV. Unfortunately, POW was a bit faster than expected, she left the map, which means the escorts are now making a round trip of about 50 days. This means DD had to be dispatched from Colombo and now there aren't enough left to give Hermes a proper escort. The RN is seriously lacking in DD at the start of the war and this is with me leaving the DEI cruiser force with a bare bones minimum of them.

Manilla falls, it had been an open city for over a week now, so no surprise.
On Mindanao the mopping up continues, one stack surrendered, the other will do so today.


This map should say it all, the main battle should be at Loyang, I know he has strong forces in the area, so he will attack. The spoiling attack at Kweiteh did draw away 2 units, so this delayed the assault somewhat. The Northern battle is nothing but mopping up the Chinese units that start exposed there.

The day starts of well, with what seemed like a veritable wolf-pack attack. The Gar puts a torpedo in xAK Italy Maru, this drew the ire of a PB escort, which chased Gar. While that was going on, Cachalot closed in for a surface attack and hit the Italy maru with a 3 inch shell and a second torpedo. As a happy side effect, several Italian divisions surrendered in the African desert, as they heard that Italy had gone down.

Worse news came from O16, it seemed to have gotten it's torpedoes from the Americans as it failed to explode against a CL.
Narwhal had bad luck as well, after getting a dud on a DD, she nearly got a direct hit from a DC, she's returning to Pearl for repairs.

Smeulders -> 17 January 42' (1/13/2010 9:11:39 PM)

17 January 42'

A pretty short update today, as there wasn't much happening

Air bombardments commence over Bataan, enemy forces haven't reached the hex yet.
On Mindanao some troops retreat, lengthening the battle somewhat.
AVP Heron was spotted and sunk by betties when it tried to relocate.

An empty Nanchang is retaken by the Japanese, this probably concludes the fighting in that area for now.

Over Changsa the AVG wins 2-0 against sweeping Nates.

Subs & Recon
Spearfish gets hit by a DC Southeast of Formosa and has to retire.
Near Truk one of my subs spots a heavy SCTF. The ports at Babeldaob and Truk seem to be filling up, so I'm expecting invasions to start again in the DEI and the first forays into the Solomons.

khyberbill -> RE: 17 January 42' (1/15/2010 8:48:09 PM)

You will find that Loyang can also be hard to hold and easy to be surrounded if Lemon wants it. After that, I suspect you will be able to hold the line.

Smeulders -> 18-19 January 42' (1/15/2010 9:44:27 PM)

Khyberbill: I'd like for Loyang to be a bit off a first test though, see how hard he wishes to push. If he tries to surround it, I'll probably retreat, but for now I'll keep enough forces to hold back any head on assaults.

18-19 January 42'

Malacca has fallen, the Australians have evacuated Mersing, everything is now on the move to Singapore. It's taken him quite a while to get there, now let's hope the city itself can cause some more delays.

Air bombardements have started over Bataan, but from about 20,000 feet the bombers aren't hitting much.

My PT-boats have managed to get in a punch, during the night of the 19th, they got in amongst a transport TF and torpedoed an xAK before the escorts (2 DD, 1 DMS and a PB) really knew what was happening. After that a melee ensued with PT boats machine gunning the decks of transports and destroyers alike and the escorts trying to get their revenge while dodging torpedoes. In the end one PT-boat was sunk, but not before a torpedo hit and sank the DMS. The fate of the transport is uncertain.

Another stroke of luck here for me, betties suddenly attacked the American cruiser force at Kendari, but no hits were scored. The ships were supposed to have auto-disbanded, but didn't. The following night, a BB group suddenly appeared at Kendari, but the cruisers were retiring to Soerabaja now that their position was known. Banshee planes stationed nearby failed to attack due to weather.

SigInt confirmed a BB moving to Truk and SigInt gathered radio transmissions of a TF steaming there. There's no word of troops loading though, but the next wave can't be far off.
In other news, the report that BB Kirishima was sunk in a collision is now considered wrong, no big surprise.

Smeulders -> 20-21 January 42' (1/19/2010 9:35:30 PM)

20-21 January 42'

A very short update, as the previous days were quite uneventful.

3 RGC divisions retake the dot base that was just evacuated, the corps is turning right around and going to fight it out, no way I'm going to flee from the only units worse then the Chinese.

Gar puts 2 live torpedoes in a smallish xAK, making 3 hits in 2 attacks when asked how he managed to get his torpedoes to explode, the captain's answer was quite cryptic. "Ask for Milo"

S-41 has a dud on a small PB.

It seems like the next waves of attacks is underway. Mini KB is sighted as it leaves Babeldaob for the DEI, many subs are in position to intercept.

Smeulders -> 22 January 42' (1/20/2010 3:52:51 PM)

22 January 42'

The main action here was around the Moluccas island. During the night USS Sculpin first intercepted Mini-KB and later on a support group containing an AO. Both time she attacked escorting DD resulting in a dud and one missed salvo. There are a lot more subs around here, mainly dutch and S-boat

In the morning, Banshees launched against enemy shipping seen in Ternate. It was a risky manoeuvre with Mini-KB coming in, but only 2 zeroes leaked from the CAP, they damaged some A-24s, but none were downed. Results weren't overwhelming though, only an xAKL and small PB were engaged, both are likely on the bottom of the harbour.

EDIT : Of course the image should read A-24 instead of B-24.
EDIT 2: And I'm not quite sure what the 'g' is doing in Sculpin, it seems that I'll have to pay a bit more attention to the map making.

Bismarck Sea
The Japanese showed up here and took a small dot base North of Kavieng, but that's probably only the prelude for a land grab here. There won't be much resistance, maybe raids from some DB, but there are nearly no land forces in the area, PM excluded and even that is weak. I'm also not committing many naval forces here, I'm fairly confident that the KB will be supporting actions here. (Maybe even the TF spotted by radio transmissions, I won't be surprised if CVs are more easily spotted this way)


One more sub action sees Tambor torpedoing a large AO some 100 miles West of Truk. It isn't showing up in the sunk ships report though, it seems that apart from faulty detonators, my torpedoes are also plagued by small payloads. Only about 40-50% of large/medium Japanese merchants are showing up on the sunk lists after as single single torpedo hit, I know a part of this is FOW, but it still seems low.

All in all I liked this turn, things will be heating up shortly.

Smeulders -> 23 January 42' (1/20/2010 10:53:00 PM)

23 January 42'


After the sighting of Mini-KB yesterday, it disappeared again, it may be heading for the Makassar straight. An intensive search patter is ordered in the area to try and re-establish contact.

Bismarck Sea
No further landings today, but 4 different, small TF are spotted. Likely there are even more in the area. A marine DB squadron is readied in PM to punish any landings on the New Guinea shores.

Buffaloes flying CAP over retreating forces were caught by zeroes today and suffer a 1-3 defeat. They're being recalled to Java now.

One more atoll in the Gilberts falls.

Seal and Permit attack a convoy in the East China seas, but no torpedoes detonate.
Shark is engaged by a SC of Formosa
A single Japanese DD runs into the sub swarm of Ternate and engages S-40
Cachalot has a good patrol, she now sinks the small tanker Sanraku Maru of Sakhalin Island in a surface action.

khyberbill -> RE: 18-19 January 42' (1/21/2010 1:25:13 AM)


Khyberbill: I'd like for Loyang to be a bit off a first test though, see how hard he wishes to push. If he tries to surround it, I'll probably retreat, but for now I'll keep enough forces to hold back any head on assaults.

You will be surprised how fast Japanese armored units can move and thus surround your forces/cities, especially in Burma and China. You need to protect the road from Sian to Lanchow. IIRC Lanchow is the source of oil for your meagre supply machine in Chungking. IMHO the forces in Loyang are better deployed building forts up the line.

Smeulders -> 24 January 42' (1/21/2010 7:03:21 PM)

Khyberbill: You're probably correct on this, my opponent is already sending units to the West of the city, but this mainly seems to be to engage a new stack before it can enter Loyang. Tomorrow that stack at least will turn around, whether I abandon the city without a fight will then depend on his further movements. I think there is enough combat power in the city to engage his armoured units in a breakout if necessary.

24 January 42'

Bismarck sea

A BB and CA bombarded Rabaul before the landings. CD guns damaged a fair number of smaller PBs. The base will fall tomorrow as Lark Battalion has been withdrawn some time ago.

The KB is now positively located in this area. The TF is sighted East of New Ireland, covering the Rabaul landings from surface interventions.

Mini-KB is not seen again, but the AO that followed it is spotted South of Jolo, heading Northeast, I guess they're heading North of Borneo to reappear around Singapore. The banshees are moved to Balikpapan to strike Tarakan where a small TF is sighted or maybe even the AO if he ventures too close.

Lots of SigInt about the area reveals that he is loading troops headed for Balikpapan, Palembang and Java so the area will heat up soon enough.

On Mindanao a group of PI troops surrender, only the isolated base on the West of the Island remains.

The AVG shoots up raids by Lillies and Sonias, this action gets the AVG the two leading allied pilots, Atkins with 8 and Jones with 5 kills.

KXV is attacked by an E West of Mindanao
Sculpin attacks the lone DD around the Moluccas, but the result is a dud.
Stingray attacks a convoy of the Indochinese coast, but also fires only duds

My opponent seems to be moving troops to Moulmein by ship, the RN is keeping a close watch on the straights of Malacca and Indomitable will be sent to the Bay of Bengal to strike if the opportunity arises.

Smeulders -> 25 January 42' (1/22/2010 6:03:41 PM)

25 January 42'

Bismarck Sea
Numerous PB boats are again sunk during the unloading at Rabaul, the base does fall at the end of the day. KB is still in the area.

I've been warned (thanks Bill), but I didn't listen. While I was looking for an encircling move by the forces close to the city, the road towards Sian is now being cut by units far to the North. A map of the situation is below.


I have no intel on the strength of these units, but I do know that not too long ago at least 2 Japanese divisions were on that minor road. Small forces from Sian are going to try and hold the hex where he is trying the river crossing. If it are the two divisions, this won't be enough, but I can't send more without weakening Sian too much. The forces that are in Loyang are in no position to get back in time, so they must break out to the West. About 1000 AV is holding the hex at the moment, if they can hold, the 2000 AV from Loyang should be enough to break through to Nanyang.

In other news the AVG again had a field day, my opponent says he is escorting his bombers, but the escorts are refusing to fly.

The Dutch have duds as well, an xAK got lucky.
Stingray places a dud on target in the South Chinese sea
Sculpin finally gets lucky. After 3 days and 4 engagements, she torpedoes xAK Shinko Maru, again no confirmation of the kill. An added bonus is that the ship was carrying troops.

khyberbill -> RE: 25 January 42' (1/23/2010 2:16:29 AM)


I've been warned (thanks Bill), but I didn't listen. While I was looking for an encircling move by the forces close to the city, the road towards Sian is now being cut by units far to the North. A map of the situation is below.

I have been trapped in Loyang too many times in AE and attempting to hold it accomplishes nothing. Judging by your map, you can try for Nanyang and then go from there. But, you need those troops north or Sian to protect your oil source.

CarnageINC -> RE: 25 January 42' (1/23/2010 3:09:59 AM)

[sm=00000613.gif] Hope you have better luck in china than me [;)]

Smeulders -> 26 January 42' (1/23/2010 9:25:21 AM)

Thanks for the kind words and advice, but I think I'm in deep trouble in China, read below for details.

26 January 42'

Guessing his forces were a bit spread out around Loyang, I started the move West. The bombardment attack on the 26th changed my mind though, 1800 AV are blocking the road!  On the 27th (replay is in, but the turn isn't) they easily routed my 1000 AV with horrendous casualties. The choices then where to either break out where he is weak, Nanyang with 4 units, or to go to Sian and be damned what he puts in the way. Nanyang could probably be reinforced before I could take it and even if I did, how to go from there ? Sian it is.

Trouble is brewing around Changsa as well, but more on that next post when I've got the turn.

All in all the situation looks painful, this game was started before the garrison requirements changed and that is reflected in the number of troops storming my way. At least it's all a good lesson.

Bataan was reached and my opponent is bombarding, he's also mopping up bases on the other islands.

5 attacks, 5 duds, here is the list.
Grayling of Hokkaido
Gar twice of Honshu
Saifish and Stingray against the same convoy in the South China Sea

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