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Lebatron -> Deluxe AWD opponent wanted (11/5/2009 2:12:51 AM)

Looking to play Deluxe 1.03 1 on 1 or get another 4 player going.

MrQuiet -> RE: Deluxe AWD opponent wanted (11/7/2009 6:14:02 PM)

I will give you a game Jesse.
I will take the allies.
I have deluxe 103beta.

I have one deluxe game going and I really like what you have done.
Your suppression system really gives the bombing campain the right feel.
The new sea zones seem to be making things more interesting also.
The extra pop point in Canada was a good idea.

The only little 'bug' I have noticed is that the Iceland resource is not produceing every turn. It seems to be produceing about once a year, on the fall turn I think but I am only into the game as far as winter42 so I am not sure on that.

My only suggestion so far would be to see India able to build a little more than Mil.
Inf/art/flak would be good with the -1national modifier.

Send your turn to MrQuiet67 at

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