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Panther75 -> West Front audio problems!! (10/19/2009 7:18:01 PM)

I am posting to the forum to help fix a strange problem I am having with West Front. My game was purchased at the end of last year and loaded from the CD. I then updated the patches and started playing.
Now the strange part, I have been playing EastFront and Rising Sun without any problems ( on XP )but when I started playing West Front, the following audio problems arose.
There is no movement sound for infantry and armored vehicles.
Wheeled vehicles make the normal sound.
There is no sound for infantry firing or from armored vehicles firing. It goes through the proper animation without the sound.
However, machine gun sounds are normal.
Outside of the audio issue, the game plays normally but it sucks to play without the sounds.

Thanks in advance.

Warhorse -> RE: West Front audio problems!! (10/20/2009 2:00:27 AM)

Are you sure you have all the sounds installed in the directory? Check in windows explorer to be sure.


Pasha -> RE: West Front audio problems!! (10/23/2009 7:38:58 PM)

i think sound issues are direct x issues..getting the most recent one might work..dx9c is constantly updated..getting one myself a few years ago fixed the repeat sound bug

countblue -> RE: West Front audio problems!! (10/26/2009 8:20:12 PM)

Cant confirm that.
Running the game on an P 2Ghz Dualcore, 2 gig RAM, Terratec Audio and an ATI 4670 PCI-Videocard and XP SP 3.

Checked the audios for simple Infantry platoons and the MG platoon there seems to be treee types of audio files that get randomly played.

First you can hear ricochets.
Second you can hear a scream too.
Third sounds like a "bigger" caliber.


Panther75 -> RE: West Front audio problems!! (10/31/2009 12:46:18 AM)

Looks like the sound files were missing for some reason.
I copied them back in the West Front folder and it seems to be working ok now. How they got deleted I have no I idea.
Thanks for you suggestions.

hammer1 -> RE: West Front audio problems!! (11/2/2009 6:53:00 PM)

If I may add a question to this thread regarding sound.

The one issue with sound I am experiencing, is only in PBEM games. When watching the replay, I am not hearing movement sounds from the opponent. I do hear them when I am playing vs the AI and TCP mode. So not sure what is going on.

Anyone else have this issue?

EDIT : I should add I have Vista, and I normally watch the replay in the 2 D zoom in mode. Even when I switch to 3D in the middle of the replay, I don't hear the opponent movement sound. I can try to set init view to 3D, see if that does anything.

markvacc1 -> RE: West Front audio problems!! (2/5/2010 8:26:49 PM)

I just got the game this week and am having the same problems as Panther's original post. Need help solving this sound problem.

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