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Arnhem44 -> Looking for Japanese opponent for Grand Campaign [CLOSED] (10/15/2009 7:36:24 AM)

Greetings and salutations,

I hail from the sunny isle of Singapore, I have a day job which is erratic in it's demands on my time, in addition to that I have 2, soon to be 3, kids that I absolutely adore and will never hesitate to spend time with.

I've been fiddling with WitP since it first came out way back when but have never tried my hand at playing the Japanese (I never tried to figure out production) or PBEM, my only PBEM experience is with HPS Simulation's Panzer/Modern Campaigns, a series I love to bits. I loved the experience of playing a real life opponent and writing AARs was just icing on the cake so I'm hoping I can find something similar here with AE.

Preferred Scenarios: 1 or 2 (with the quiet China options if opponent so prefers)
Realism Options: Everything ON except for the following,
Historical First Turn: Fine either way
Reliable USN torps: OFF
No unit withdrawals: OFF
Reinforcements: Either fixed or +/- 15 days
Turn cycle: 1

What I offer
An absolutely clueless newbie when it comes to AE. Hence the crutch that is the Allied side.

It's about the journey, not the destination. Considering the scale and scope of this game I'd be real happy to play an absolute cracker of a game filled with "what-ifs" and what not, I'm more worried about some of the bugs in the game mechanics that I've been reading about to be honest. Japan can invade mainland US all it wants, just don't stand behind a thousand tube arty group and pulverize mah poor bloody infantry in 2 turns, know what I mean?

I'll take all comers, beginners or vets as long as you can put up with my feeble attempts at humour.

I'm looking for someone...
who understands that there will be times when my day job will call me away for extended times (2 weeks, maybe 3) at time which I'll try to sneak in a turn or two but will probably put the game on ice till I fulfill my responsibilities and bring in the bread.

that it's just a game. Apart from work, family, friends, holidays and real life can and will call me away during certain times of the year. Time frames will probably range from a day or two to a week at most.

who will stick it out to the bitter end with me, failing that, have a load of giggles while it lasted.

Reply to the thread or drop me a PM, we'll hook up on MSN/Yahoo chat and shoot the breeze a little, if there's chemistry let's knock out some house rules and take it from there!

Hyphara -> RE: My first PBEM - Looking for Japanese opponent for Grand Campaign (10/15/2009 1:12:38 PM)

pm sent

Arnhem44 -> RE: My first PBEM - Looking for Japanese opponent for Grand Campaign (10/16/2009 11:11:20 PM)

Opponent found

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