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bwheatley -> WAW S_Beta_ Weather Mod (9/29/2009 4:53:29 AM)

I'm playtesting the new waw scen i've been working on with these changes

Waw S_Beta Weather


Rule Changes Event had freexp set to 50 & 60 both in 1941. Going to make 60 free XP take effect in 1943.
Players were able to build "maginot line" fortresses so i made them unbuildable. they were no different then fortresses

Added Accelerate Ship production.
This will increase the random chance of you getting a hull built (Defaults before doubling are CA 13%,CV 11%,BB 9%)

Added Available Manpower to score page as well as made some modifications to make it easier to read
When each batch of US cities joins the allies another 1500 manpower will come into allied pools
Added a new card for WA in 1943 to add 800 manpower to the pool. At a cost of 500PP and a lose of 10% morale to the troops.
Added a new card for Germany in 1944 to add 800 manpower to the pool. At a cost of 300PP and a lose of 10% morale to the troops.
Dropped soviet partisans from 8 to 5 but gave them more supply to be able to function for longer periods of time.
Carriers aircarry limit changed to this (CV1-4) 2,4,6,10 from 2,7,10,14
Adding winter prep research (level 1,2,3 give you 25%,50%,75% reduction in winter penalties.) Germany does not start with the ability to build winter prep until after 1941 winter.
Russia starts with winter prep already.

Changing Azores to join western allies.
added a 10 per turn cap for partisans
flak 4 is nerfed compared to immobile flak 2. Increasing range to 4
flak 3 range being increased to 3
flak was nerfed against carrier air and i have fixed it to fall in line with attacks again fighters

upped the supply cost of artillery to show that you need to have plenty of supplies to keep arty firing all the time
going to increase the cost of aircraft by 50% to help cut down uberstacks
dropping cost of INF GUN & AT GUN so they are used more less ignored
changed 88's to guns 3 required but upping them to be as effective as Tank Destroyer 3 vs armor and Flak 3. But vulnerable to inf
finns fight 25% better aganist soviets
gave subs more defense aganist air to avoid gamey sinking of subs with no defense.
changed japans counters to orange to be more traditional

reworking the area code and slot system so that we can implement a weather system regionally
increased the malta starting garrison a tad to make it harder to capture at first

Slot 9

Area 1 - England
Area 2 - Northern Parts of Europe
Area 3 - Norway and finland
Area 4 - Spain, most of italy, most of the balkins
Area 5 - Northern Soviet Union
Area 6 - Southern Soviet Union
Area 7 - China and Manchuria
Area 8 - Japan
Area 9 - Indian, Burma, Java
Area 10 - Pakistan Area
Area 11 - Africa & Middle East
Area 12 - SRA
Area 13 - Australia and south pacific islands
Area 14 - Rest of south pacific islands
Area 15 - North North America
Area 16 - South North America
Area 17 - South America

changed chinese partisans to not kill everything in a hex rather it will be a fight a fair fight

bwheatley -> RE: WAW S_Beta_ Weather Mod (9/29/2009 5:02:59 AM)

Here is the weather report.


bwheatley -> RE: WAW S_Beta_ Weather Mod (9/29/2009 5:06:05 AM)

Here is an example of spain that has mud. Right now we're playing testing for balance but mud causes travel to only be on roads. Also causes a 10% loss of readiness. Right now the winter stuff is not completely reworked so winter season will still be using the old system. I wanted to play test the concept of mud before i went into reworking winter prep and such. Btw winter prep is pretty sweet since it really will give countries like the soviets and whoever invests in it the ability to do some winter attacks. The way it is now winter really screws both countries. but now if you have winter prep you take a reduction in the winter penalty 25/50/75% depending on winter prep level 1-3.


bwheatley -> RE: WAW S_Beta_ Weather Mod (9/29/2009 5:10:10 AM)

In my first turn as the axis i got good weather and we proceeded to pound poland and she will fall next turn if weather permits.

The way weather works now is that in fall and spring months you have a higher chance for mud. And yes some chance for snow but thats mostly reserved for winter.

In summer its going to be mostly clear but it might have some fluke rain storms. One of our other playtest games we had fun testing out FLAK 88's they are finally much more useful and effective. They are still expensive but now 2-5 flak 88 is a pretty nice air umbrella for a 3 hex radius. Also we used them in combat to pull into battle with tanks and they did a great job of really taking out enemy tanks. Finally the axis has something nice to call its own.

bwheatley -> RE: WAW S_Beta_ Weather Mod (9/29/2009 6:01:42 AM)

next turn same standard i took out poland now im moving army group south towards the south so i can strike aganist greece and yugoslavia in the coming months.

british exil -> RE: WAW S_Beta_ Weather Mod (9/29/2009 7:11:52 PM)

Sounds interesting.

Weather is random? Can hit any area at any time? Or is it turn based?

Keep us informed, please.

bwheatley -> RE: WAW S_Beta_ Weather Mod (9/29/2009 10:50:42 PM)

its turn based and area based. Like in spring & fall regions have a higher chance of mud/rain that slow movement to a crawl. So those 17 regions all have random weather per turn.

bwheatley -> RE: WAW S_Beta_ Weather Mod (10/2/2009 4:03:56 PM)

we hit a bug and had to start over :) well not a bug so much as i needed to tweak the way weather was. it was a tad too harsh on supply

bwheatley -> RE: WAW S_Beta_ Weather Mod (9/9/2012 10:58:42 PM)

Looks like i'm going to use this system in War In Europe just tweak it for ATG using stringlists.

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