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Wrathchild -> Pure Slugger Award (9/24/2009 4:50:16 PM)

What's the requirement to win this award?

Orcin -> RE: Pure Slugger Award (9/24/2009 6:40:48 PM)

Best offensive stats at the position? Maybe someone will weigh in and tell us how the game calculates that.

CrashDavis -> RE: Pure Slugger Award (9/26/2009 8:35:55 PM)


What's the requirement to win this award?

The requirements are: player must first meet the PA threshold for the season AND played most of his games AT that position. IF he meets those
two requirements then he is CONSIDERED for the award. To actually win the award he'll have to have the best SLUG+RBI+AVG.

I think some might overlook the obvious here: just because a player is listed as 2b on his playercard...that don't always mean he has played
his most games as a 2b. [;)]

rjolley -> RE: Pure Slugger Award (9/26/2009 8:56:32 PM)

I always thought it relied upon the primary position that was listed, not the position the player played.

I've seen pure sluggers who played LF for me but were listed as RF/LF win as a RF.

Maybe that was an older version, maybe it was my imagination...

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