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aztez -> Soviet Union in the AE (9/22/2009 6:14:02 PM)

First let me just say that this game is awesome masterpiece. I cannot imagine how much effort was made to get this product out but it must have been a lot.

I have been playing this one daily from the release.


Is it an impossible to make an chance for the allied player to activate this part of the map in the future patches or such?

It simply could be tied into PP and could work something like this.

At start the PP amount needed would be huge but the total PP should decrease step by step with the following stipulations.

When the japanese withdraw forces out of Manchuko than the amount of PP needed would decrease. The more you withdraw the less PP you need to do this.

What I gather there are some +4000av extra troops at the start. Lets just say you take out 500 av points than that does not drop PP needed much. Than again if you take out +3500 av worth of troops than amount PP would drop drastically. This would work as kind of an ladder.

This "option" would bring whole new aspect to the game. You would need to be ready for anything.

The activation would be set on the fixed date though. This would just give everyone option to do it earlier if wanted. If implemented correctly than the fixed date is reality. Than again as said if you take a lot of troops out than you really would need worry about his front.

This kind of setup has been in my mind since witp. Just read seydlitz AAR in the proper forums and you can see it has been fantastic game so far.

Just my 2cents though and I haven't read anyone proposing this.

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