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Lebatron -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.047 (9/20/2009 1:52:58 AM)

Hello everyone,

Deluxe AWD has just been updated. Here is the new Russian map I've been promising everyone. Enjoy!

Find Deluxe AWD HERE


rjh1971 -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.02 (9/23/2009 10:54:02 PM)

Got it, thank you Jesse!!!

AussieBoMbR -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.02 (9/25/2009 3:43:03 AM)

Awesome work dude!!! [&o]

Torplexed -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.02 (9/26/2009 2:53:32 AM)

Will Deluxe AWD work with the AI? Or do you need a human opponent given all the geographical changes?

Lebatron -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.02 (9/26/2009 3:05:38 PM)

I took pains to make the AI work great. Select either Arsenal of Democracy or Axis Blitz to take advantage of my improvements here. These scenarios will meet your needs.

AussieBoMbR -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.02 (9/27/2009 10:17:05 AM)

Just starting my first PBEM with deluxe...will let you know how it goes...feels like a whole different game again [8D]

One thing I noticed straight away is that there are no 'refineries' in the DEI or trans-jordan like there are in GG 1.040...I thought that this was a nice touch in GG as it showed for one that the middle east and Sth East Asia were full of oil...Is this something you would consider adding to the scenario?

Lebatron -> Deluxe AWD 1.03 (11/11/2009 11:33:58 PM)

Hello everyone,

Deluxe AWD has been updated to version 1.03

New narrows off of Scotland is one of many new additions

Find Deluxe AWD HERE


runyan99 -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.03 (11/18/2009 7:22:56 PM)

I was reading through your PDF. Since the Maginot line faced east, I don't see why it should remain in the game past the fall of France. You are giving the Germans a west facing defensive line that didn't exist in France.

Lebatron -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.03 (11/19/2009 5:06:25 AM)

Yes that is true. The intent here is to give Germany incentive to hold ground in France after the D-day landing. If you want to give it a logical reason for being, then call them the Hedgerows. These gave a good advantage to the Germans. Made progress slow. Did you know that without a fortress in eastern France the typical German response after D-day is to make a total retreat to west Germany. You seem to be arguing for realism. So ask yourself this. Did Germany make a total retreat to the home land as soon as the Allies landed in western France? No they didn't, they held ground in France for quite a while. So if I add something to Deluxe that encourages the Germans to try and hold rather than retreat, would I not be enhancing realism then? Consider this, if Germany always retreats to western Germany because there is no good reason to hold in France, then there is no way for Germany to pull off a successful Battle of the Bulge(Ardennes Offensive), and push the Allies back out to sea. In order for it to even be a pipe dream, the German army needs to be adjacent to western France. Hence, the incentive I added.

If you wish to make further comments please place them in the home thread for Deluxe. It is there suggestions, comments, and gripes;) should be placed so I have a log. Plus others can more easily follow ongoing discussion of Deluxe. Thanks

runyan99 -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.03 (11/19/2009 6:27:00 AM)


ORIGINAL: Lebatron

You seem to be arguing for realism. So ask yourself this. Did Germany make a total retreat to the home land as soon as the Allies landed in western France?

No, they retreated after the fall of Paris. After the breaching of the Normandy front, retreating German units were encircled and annihilated in the battle of Falaise. Those that survived retreated to the Sigfried line in west Germany as fast as possible. There wasn't a line of entrenchments in eastern France to fall back on.

If you're going to fortify part of France, the German entrenchment area should be in Western France, making D-Day and the Normandy breakout tough, not in eastern France. There is just no justification for that.

Lebatron -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.04 (1/17/2010 7:08:48 AM)

Deluxe AWD has been updated to 1.04
See link to thread above for more info.

Timmeh -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.04 (1/29/2010 12:01:24 PM)


Very nice mod Jessie, looking forward to playing this again again after a long time away from it. ( from all games actually, I caused my loved ones to have an intervention of sorts on my behalf... I'm better now [;)]

One question, one of the lures of Global Glory (just checking this mod too) is the supply only factories. Why did you not include this feature in deluxe?

rjh1971 -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.04 (1/29/2010 9:39:22 PM)

Hi Tim long time not seen you, welcome back [:)]

rjh1971 -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.04 (10/23/2010 9:56:12 PM)

Bump, this thread should not get lost [:)]

Lebatron -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.04 (3/10/2011 5:44:10 PM)

The patch to support this has now gone official.

smittyohio90 -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.04 (11/8/2011 12:50:15 PM)

Thanks for all your work on AWD, Labatron. Quick question about how Deluxe AWD plays vs the AI (I'm still learning the game... just never been able to focus on it long enough to have it grab me for good). I noticed in the documentation that you said it encompasses the changes for Global Glory, which states repeatedly that the AI won't play well, and wasn't designed for it. So, I'm unsure if I should be playing vs the AI in Deluxe AWD or not. I know I'd get whipped anyway since I'm learning, but once I get over that curve, will it offer a challenge?

Lebatron -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.04 (11/16/2011 8:24:30 PM)

You could increase the standard difficulty level while playing the standard scenario which would certainly give you a challenge, but better yet select one of the 2 extra scenarios I made that are tailor made to be human vs AI. In these two scenarios, I carefully added extra units to the AI's side, plus placed units in the AI nations build cues to help it choose these builds over ones made from scratch. I also tweaked AI tech levels so that each nation goes down a more correct path so that it helps its overall strategy given each nations specific needs. For instance, the US needs to focus its tech on air and navy while the Soviet Union needs to focus on army techs.

For the average player, I believe Axis blitz or Arsenal of Democracy will provide a solid challenge at normal difficulty. If you want a bit more challenge you can custom tweak each nation to give them combat bonuses. For instance, if you find that the balance is fine in Russia then don't give the Soviets a combat bonus, and if you find the US being a bit to timid because it keeps trying out attacks then calling them off because the odds don't look to good for them, then what you can do is give the western Allies a +1 or +2 combat bonus to help out their aggressiveness. It's what I prefer to do.

And for those playing with advanced supply you could also optionally turn that off for the AI nations. The AI will also improve its play under simple supply. It just can't finesse this as well as we can. In any case, I provide these suggestions in the readme for Deluxe, and maybe a few more, I can't remember off the top of my head because I wrote it over 2 years ago.

Edit. I should add that maybe you should wait until you know the game better before trying the extra hard AI scenarios I created, since you mentioned you are just learning the game. You may find it to hard to knock out France in a timely manner if you do not know how to do so under the normal scenario yet. Just play the normal scenario of Deluxe for now and ask questions if you're having trouble. Have fun.

Lebatron -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.04 (12/21/2012 11:39:27 PM)

An update is in the works. In fact it's mostly done, but I don't want to rush it out without a few PBEM test games. I got a couple offers thanks. When I got time for a game I will hit you guys up.

Lebatron -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.04 (3/18/2013 5:04:51 PM)

A few months back I was tinkering again like I stated above and I'll post a pic to show you my planned map change for the US. It's just a small change, but makes the US even cleaner to manage. I had always wanted to do away with the 6 US zones and have only a few. In my previous work, I moved factories to the east and west coast into 2 locations so that the build que would be easier to manage. What was left were a few US zones that had no play value. Well I'm removing them now in my new update. see pic

The other change I have planned will hopefully make play in the Pacific a bit more aggressive sooner rather than latter. The problem I feel is that nobody wants to risk losing a carrier because the current system makes torpedoes to easy to tech up and therefore way to effective at sinking capitals. Like a previous problem I nerfed, ie US carrier air teching to speed 3 and therefore gaining a hugely unrealistic advantage, I'm now nerfing torpedo teching to plug another unrealistic game exploit. So here's what I have done. My latest change makes it cost prohibitive to increase torpedo tech over Japan's initial value. Carrier air can still tech up as normal to become better dog fighters, but the torpedo tech will be more stagnant. There will be no super torpedoes in 1942-43 anymore. This means that air that gets through the air screen will not be sinking capital ships like it should be an automatic thing. Rather you will see more damaged instead of destroyed results when sides are more evenly matched. This I hope will translate into more sea action in 1942-43. I have also found that ship AA research may now payoff as well.


Lebatron -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.045 (3/28/2013 6:27:39 PM)

Update is ready for download. I call it 1.045 beta 1. When all testing is done it will be officially called 1.05. In the mean time, it may be tweaked slightly a few times so I have given myself room to call the updates 1.046, 1.047 etc. For those in current PBEM games, you will find it easy to keep track of what version you are using with opponent.

Bjering -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.045 (3/28/2013 7:36:14 PM)

Reading the changes.txt now, quite a lot of changes, probably a few new strategies to be found with them [:)]

I will do a short testplay of it during the weekend and am ready to start the PBEM on monday, for our game Jesse, what side would you prefere?

Lebatron -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.045 (3/29/2013 2:59:18 AM)

I think I'll take Axis. PM me your email.

HerzKaraya -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.045 (3/29/2013 11:38:20 AM)

Where can I download the update? Thanks!

rjh1971 -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.045 (3/29/2013 12:30:23 PM)

Here:� which takes you to:

Lebatron -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.046 (4/24/2013 7:57:29 PM)

A new beta has been uploaded called 1.046

The Med has received lots of great changes this time around. This update introduces more straits to the Med so that aircraft can find shortcuts to the Islands. We also see the introduction of tanks to the Med. The Desert Rats are now present in Egypt with some Italian armor in Tobruk to face off against. I think I got the balance right to be able to introduce starting tanks in Africa without throwing off the balance.


Lebatron -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.047 (5/26/2013 9:03:24 PM)

Beta3 is now ready for download. This will be the last testing beta. After this I will release the official next version of Deluxe. In this update the final map graphics are now in place and some tweaks have been made to the solo scenarios. See this thread for main discussion. Deluxe main thread

MrLongleg -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.047 (6/9/2013 6:30:50 PM)

I just now play Deluxe for the first time in a PBEM and here are my two cents:

- I think giving the French a bunch if armor and the ability to deny the Germans the combined arms bonus will usually mean much higher losses for the Germans to take France. Historically they won this war with relatively low casualties die to their combined arms bonus.

- In China it is now harder for the Japanese to do meaningful economic damage early, except maybe bombing the rail lines. The Japanese figthers cannot reach the Chinese fighter anymore.

I like the suppression rules, but I think at least the Chinese Anti Air guns are overpowered.

Overall I am glad that I got back into this fabulous game - it is great fun. Thanks for the great work.

MrLongleg -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.047 (6/19/2013 5:42:10 PM)

Found a problem with events: I took Gibraltar and later Cairo and Spain is still only "Axis Leaning". The event descriptor says there is a 100% chance for Spain to go Pro Axis.

I also couldn't see the Greece jons the Allies event in the list - but it still fired and caused some trouble in my rear.

Cohen -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.047 (8/8/2013 7:15:42 PM)

Hmm, downloaded the new patch and looking at it.
Not talking of the AI, but against a human opponent overall.

Meanwhile I do appreciate the Italy changes I feel them a bit ... iffy. The "tank" having -2 makes it extremely weak overall and pratically useless for its cost. I'd set Italian Tank to a -1 only, and so their Anti-Air. Overall it is already "poor" to build anything with a malus as it works worse; and ultimately turns harder the research.
I got the vibe overall Axis is quite weak - and I would add to Finland and Bulgaria 1 Factory each. (Helps at the beginning with supplies) Germany production is simply dwarfed by the UK + Russia alone already.
Turn Axis Militia and Japan Militia to 5 Attack Power. Why? Helps at the very beginning to avoid odd attacks and such, but on the long run Militias will be hindered due to lack of upgrades and having only "one" hit.

Japan. Not sure if the dreaded -1 to the Light Fleet is still there. I remember it somewhere in Uncommon Valor or so, and I edited it out as it made Japan useless. (USA was producing subs and in 1 year the Jap shipping and production was crippled.).

France. Far too many tanks. Far too many. Germany taking France is a bloodshed which cripples the game at the moment; and if Germany can't get to Barbarossa decently (and pratically cannot already in most of the games.) they're dead very soon.

A non faction related needed change - for how I fear it is hardcoded.
Veteran and Elite and Sig-Int are rather abysmal modifiers.
A 1/2/4 modifier is rather "meh" in the end of the day when in '42 or so you end up rolling more dices overall. The more dices your units roll, the less significant a static bonus is. The impact a +2 has on 5-6 dices is not the same when you roll 7-8. There should be a formula where Veteran unit has a 1/2 modifier per dice; and Elite units have a 1 modifier per dice. (So a Veteran 6 attack Infantry has a +3 in attack, not a +2; and an Elite one a +6).
Presently I feel those minor modifiers very ... unsignificant, especially as how rare the unit promotions are, and how easy is to lose them in battle.

Allies - Transport "Shipping" should not start at 5. Admittedly to start with 3 for the Allies would be the best. Why? Because at the beginning it is far too easy, with their naval supremacy, to land virtually undisturbed anywhere on the Axis shores. Especially once Barbarossa triggers. Sure if someone wants a "game over" quickly otherwise ...

philturco -> RE: Deluxe AWD 1.047 (9/29/2013 11:23:11 PM)

Im unable to download this update. The download doesn't seem to work. Any help out there ?

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