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gts2096 -> Zones (8/11/2009 5:47:18 PM)

in Witp u could turn on or off which zones u wanted to control manually.............i dont see the function in this true?

jjax -> RE: Zones (8/11/2009 5:50:11 PM)

Yep, up to you to do everything...but then again why wouldn't you. It is AE after all!

gts2096 -> RE: Zones (8/11/2009 5:52:05 PM)

lol...thxs....can i leave the russians alone (playing as allies of course)...or should use them....?

gts2096 -> RE: Zones (8/14/2009 2:39:44 AM)


BPRE -> RE: Zones (8/14/2009 6:32:24 PM)

You can't use them but you can prepare them for the eventual war. They will automatically activate on August 1st 1945 and before that if the Japanese crosses the border, attacks or let the garrison fall below a certain amount in Manchukuo. Check the manual, chapter 8.6 for the official description of this.


gts2096 -> RE: Zones (8/14/2009 6:48:41 PM)


cdnice -> RE: Zones (8/19/2009 11:59:09 PM)

Considering the increase in bases, units and things to do I would love to have the zone control feature back. Definately making me do my homework and plan way more. Any chance it might come back in the future?

Fallschirmjager -> RE: Zones (8/20/2009 12:38:00 AM)

The only thing you need to do with the Russians early on is spend about half an hour telling them to train. Both Air groups and LCUs
Then you can forget about them for three and a half years.

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