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jackx -> List of minor issues/oversights (7/10/2009 4:21:46 PM)

Exactly what the title says - a by no means complete list, to which everyone is free to contribute, and to which I'll probably keep adding as I play and discover more.

I don't think any of this needs an official fix, as so far, it can all be easily done int he editor, but then, a bit of extra polish won't hurt the game either, I guess...

  • "Chotusitz is burning" and "Storming the village" appear to be the same scenario. Moreover, the map preview for the 2nd one is that for the full battle

  • Zieten is not represented by his special icon in the Kolin scenarios, presumably in other scenarios also

  • The position and formation of the Fiorenza grenadiers in "Advance Guard" at Kolin doesn't match their position in the full scenario. In "Advance Guard", they're adjacent to, not at the Oak Wood objective, and deployed in column, not in line

  • Inconsistent (mis)spelling of Zieten/Zeiten. At Kolin, Zieten is commanding the Zeiten Hussars, for instance. There are other spelling issues as well (mostly with the Umlauts), but this one stands out...

PrinzHenrich -> RE: List of minor issues/oversights (7/11/2009 11:05:02 AM)

Ohhh now if i upload there scenarios that sugessts will more over 500 [:(]

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