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rsharp@advancedgamin -> Beta 3.10 now available to the public! (7/8/2009 10:16:25 PM)

Howdy folks,

We're moving to a public beta process for Harpoon ANW version 3.10. This version includes several new features which I will explain in depth on this forum and the AGSI wiki.

First, this beta includes new features which will require a good deal of polishing. As it is not backwards compatible, I recommend those who want to try it out create a separate installation of Harpoon 3 ANW. This can be accomplished by setting the full installer to a different directory, upgrading to 3.9.4, and then dropping in the 3.10 files into the new installation directory.

More to come on each feature.

-edit- Wanted to add that 3.10 includes a number of bug fixes.
-edit- Updated for Beta 25.
-edit- Adding H3Launcher link
-edit- Updated for Beta 26.
-edit- Updated for Beta 27.
-edit- Updated for Beta 28.
-edit- Updated for Beta 29.
Beta 25 Changes
-Fix for VTOL capable aircraft crashing on hover.


rsharp@advancedgamin -> RE: Beta 3.10 now available to the public! (8/1/2009 12:57:43 AM)

Changes in B26:
- 0002820: [Mission] Air patrol missions engaging friendly missiles (Russell)
- 0002819: [UI] Unassign command tries to detach a group from itself (Russell)
- 0002818: [GE] Weapon sensors using wrong angle of attack when attempting detection of target (Russell)
- 0002817: [Mission] Intercepts would not use optimum weapon range when figuring intercept point (Russell)
- 0002816: [UI] Edit Mission dialog is now resizable (Russell)
- 0002815: [Mission] Transit mission formation patrols would launch their aircraft on the transmit mission (Russell)
- 0002814: [GE] Land based units are now excluded from sonar detections (Russell)
- 0002813: [GE] Sonar logging option does not log information unless a detection attempt is made (Russell)
- 0002802: [UI] Western Hemisphere - No Longitude Lines (Russell)
- 0002797: [Mission] Tasking Retards Mission Commencement (Russell)
- 0002811: [Boarding] Strike missions flagged for boarding will not launch aircraft in some cases (Russell)
- 0002810: [UI] Victory Conditions dialog overallocating text buffer (Russell)

-edit: Facility damage is now cumulative. This will not include runways.

Some known bad behavior:
Torpedos not tracking targets properly.

rsharp@advancedgamin -> RE: Beta 3.10 now available to the public! (8/1/2009 10:33:27 PM)

To run the 3.10 beta 26 or later, the following patch from Microsoft will need to be ran on the user's computer once.


rsharp@advancedgamin -> RE: Beta 3.10 now available to the public! (8/11/2009 8:52:33 PM)

Changes in B27:
- 0002682: [UI] Need better fidelity on range rings in the formation editor (Russell)
- 0002828: [Mission] Units within weapon range of a target will attack when on a mission (Russell)
- 0002829: [Database] Damage radius now configurable for nuclear warheads (Russell)
- 0002834: [Simulation] Command line option: Setting process affinity (Russell)
- 0002833: [Database & Scenarios] Scenarios older than 3.9.4 would not load in 3.10 (Russell)
- 0002832: [Mission] Mission profile override feature now working properly (Russell)
- 0002831: [Mission] Base intercept throttle now configurable by mission profile (Russell)
- 0002827: [Simulation] Torpedos will now accelerate once the target's speed and heading are known (Russell)
- 0002826: [Simulation] Missile attacks would miss facility targets (Russell)
- 0002825: [UI] Airgroups could have their maximum speed set to 32000 (Russell)
- 0002824: [UI] Visual sensors jammed (Russell)
- 0002823: [UI] Formation window aspect ratio off when loading a save game (Russell)
- 0002822: [Simulation] Weapons unaccounted for in WeaponStatus (Russell)

rsharp@advancedgamin -> RE: Beta 3.10 now available to the public! (9/9/2009 7:30:31 PM)

Changes in B28:
- 0002847: [GE] Crash on unit creation for planes (Russell)
- 0002846: [Mission] Added base intercept throttle mission parameter (Russell)
- 0002845: [MultiPlayer] Secondary missions now effective in MP (Russell)
- 0002844: [MultiPlayer] Mission profiles now working under MP (Russell)
- 0002843: [UI] Game engine will now give an OS error message box when there is no UI (Russell)
- 0002842: [UI] UI will refresh when loading the database in MP (Russell)
- 0002841: [MultiPlayer] Network connections will now fail gracefully on disconnect (Russell)
- 0002840: [MultiPlayer] Server now rests unless there is a client logged in (Russell)
- 0002839: [Simulation] Weapons sometimes using proper navigation type (Russell)
- 0002838: [MultiPlayer] UnRep would not actually transfer items in MP (Russell)
- 0002837: [UI] Multiple throttle settings shown as select in Speed/Alt dialog (Russell)
- 0002835: [MultiPlayer] Weapons may not be retargeted (Russell)

rsharp@advancedgamin -> RE: Beta 3.10 now available to the public! (9/24/2009 8:24:24 PM)

Changes in B29
- 0002859: [Mission] Ships and subs within range of land targets would not attack )
- 0002858: [Mission] Chained transit missions would fail to navigate their craft )
- 0002852: [GE] Air-to-surface visual sighting ranges dramatically reduced )
- 0002857: [Mission] Recon missions now bound by patrol boundary )
- 0002853: [Mission] Recon Ship Mission A/C Not Interested in Ships )
- 0002855: [Mission] Reengage times for contacts using the wrong values )
- 0002807: [GE] During order creation, have to ALT-TAB out of and then back into the game to select check boxes )
- 0002851: [UI] Crash when closing waypoint orders dialog )
- 0002850: [UnRep] Ships in formation could not execute UnRep )
- 0002849: [Mission] Formations will no longer use unassigned aircraft unless Formation Air Patrols is set )
- 0002782: [UI] Aircraft Logistics Malfunctions when viewing AC in Group Mode )
- 0002836: [Simulation] Air Groups Always Show Passive Emcon )

rsharp@advancedgamin -> RE: Beta 3.10 now available to the public! (11/2/2009 12:15:20 AM)

H3 ANW - H3Cx - 3.10 B33
- 0002893: [ScenEdit] Warship fires BOL....missiles come back to attack it....and more weirdness (Russell)
- 0002899: [GE] Targets designated as Hostle by Player are not engaged until Identified by Computer (Russell)
- 0002900: [Mission] Completed missions would break up assigned groups (Russell)

H3 ANW - H3Cx - 3.10 B32
- 0002889: [ScenEdit] Inconsistencies between Rebuild All Units and Batch Rebuild (Russell)
- 0002883: [ScenEdit] Scenario Editor Freeze (Russell)
- 0002879: [GE] Contacts never classified by name when within visual range (Russell)

rsharp@advancedgamin -> RE: Beta 3.10 now available to the public! (11/25/2009 7:53:06 PM)

H3 ANW - H3Cx - 3.10 Release Candidate 1
- 0002917: [GE] Formation Air Patrols Do Not Replenish From Available A/C (Russell)
- 0002918: [Simulation] Side allied to each other are not sharing comms/information in Full Realism Mode (Russell)
- 0002921: [Mission] Transit missions could have craft stuck at reference points at higher TC (Russell)
- 0002920: [GE] On changing altitudes craft could change throttles (Russell)

rsharp@advancedgamin -> RE: Beta 3.10 now available to the public! (12/1/2009 5:02:16 PM)

RC1 expired today. I replaced the download and extended the expiration date. The link remains the same. Sorry for any inconvenience.


rsharp@advancedgamin -> RE: Beta 3.10 now available to the public! (2/1/2010 5:43:36 PM)

RC4 is now available for your consumption. This release fixes issues with sonar detection being too sensitive and CZs not taking depth into consideration.


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