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Johnus -> CTD's (6/21/2009 2:40:20 AM)

I have played the game for maybe two or three hours but have had several (four or five) crashes to desktop. These don't seem to happen during play but rather occur while using the game menu, or while alt/tabing to the manual (during which I just lost a game). I think I had the same type of CTD's with the original Prussia's Glory on a different computer.

Frankly, I am disappointed with Matrix. I am an old and loyal customer and have more Matrix games than I can easily count. This is a remake of a game that was published years ago. Unless such a remake is now 100%, perfectly, stable it should not bear the Matrix name.

If Matrix is merely a store, then I will consider that when I decide to purchase its games.

Sertorius1 -> RE: CTD's (6/21/2009 2:13:46 PM)


As a short term solution to this problem make use of the autosave. That feature will restore the scenario.

Erik Rutins -> RE: CTD's (6/21/2009 4:32:05 PM)


I think you're jumping to a few conclusions here. This release was in testing and development for over a year before it was released. I'm not aware of any reports of repeating CTDs from any of the later pre-release builds. If you have a save or a procedure that duplicates a CTD for you, please let us know. This game is supported and I'm sure the development team would be interested in investigating that and resolving it.

A good start is also to post a DxDiag file for us please.

Also, this should go in the Tech Support forum, so I'm moving it there.


- Erik

Tim Coakley -> RE: CTD's (6/21/2009 4:37:38 PM)

can you try replicating the CTD and posting a list of teh exact steps that are leading to the crash?

I will then try to replicate on my three systems.


Magnus -> RE: CTD's (6/21/2009 6:36:35 PM)

Johnnie try to set the game to run in windowedmode and see if the CTD persists.

Tim Coakley -> RE: CTD's (6/21/2009 8:06:22 PM)

I have replicated the CTD from using alt-tab.

Will get with Mike Cooney and find a fix.


Johnus -> RE: CTD's (6/22/2009 4:20:12 AM)

I kind of over reacted; was in a bad mood. I'm glad you have replicated the alt/tab CTD.

I don't want to give the wrong impression. I have NOT had any CTD's during game play. Only while fooling with the menu and ALWAYS when trying to get back to the game after alt tabing to the manual.


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