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06 Maestro -> Janissaries Forward! PBEM 109 DAR (6/15/2009 1:19:10 AM)

Scenario: 1792
Side: Turkey
Patch: 109-(Current)
Length: 23 Years
Attrition: 15%
Mod: Historic General arrivals-Courtesy of Russian Guard

This DAR will report on the Ottoman Empire's side in the PBEM 109 game. There should be several other DAR's provided by the other players in this game. It will be interesting to compare thoughts on the progress of "history" from differing nations. Interesting, that is, for non "109" player's.[;)][:-]

There will be ample screen shots of the strategic situations and economics. I might include tactical battles, but those will only be an approximate recreation of one that occurs in this game. I will give that a shot. I will explain my goals later-after the other players have had a chance to view my initial posts/screen shots.

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06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/15/2009 1:28:47 AM)

Here is the starting military strategic view. Note that both corps and armies are shown on this map. The larger the block, the larger the force. Some of these forces have been moved already-as Austria and Prussia are at war with France already, it is a safe assumption as to were some of those are heading. No doubt those two countries will be looking for help in fighting France-very soon.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/15/2009 1:33:41 AM)

As of early June 1792 the Sultan and most of his Pashas are checking the news from the west-strange goings on in France. The comfort of the capital province will be easily left behind should duty call.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/15/2009 1:52:55 AM)

The capital province has riches far beyond what the westerners are accustomed too. I will be able to trade some luxury items for gold-never can have too much gold. The amount of luxery items available will make the other nations green with envy.

For those that do not have the game-the luxury production and stocks ticker is the jar at the far right just above the advisers picture.

Edit: At start of this scenario I thought I had a great surplus of luxuries. As it turned out Turkey did not have such an abundance. There was need for a large expansion of production-especially if there were to be exports.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/15/2009 2:09:25 AM)

As the Sultan looks over the most recent economic figures he is both pleased and a little concerned. Even though the draft age was recently reduced to 40 year old men, the total number of available cadre is still over 1.4 million. This is good, as a general war in Europe could turn into a long and costly affair. On a somewhat bitter note, it is noted that cash reserves are very slim to fund a major effort by Turkey. This must be addressed immediately-even at the cost of national moral. Products must be sold abroad for gold. The corrective action has already started.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/15/2009 2:14:46 AM)

The Turkish 1st Army is the most battle ready force available. Leadership has been concentrated in this force temporarily. If any nation thinks it can walk on Turkish interests anywhere-they will be facing a ready force.


ptan54 -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/15/2009 3:09:19 AM)

Let's see you take on the Russian bear and the Austrians!

06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/15/2009 3:17:24 AM)


ORIGINAL: ptan54

Let's see you take on the Russian bear and the Austrians!

A senior Pasha mentioned that in front of a Vizier who retorted, "can't we all just get along!"[;)] He will spend the rest of his days in a mine.

The Austrians are my best of friends, but some of them are crazy-so who knows what will develop.

06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/15/2009 4:17:50 AM)

Now it is time to begin putting together a strategy for Turkey to benefit to a major degree in the brewing upheaval in Europe.

The Sultan begins by asking his advisers just what do we want from any future war? The answer was surprisingly-not everything. The total elimination of Austria would be welcomed by all in our Empire. Russia is also a cronic threat that should be weakened and driven back. France Sweden and Britain are not viewed as a real threat to the Turkish goals. If Spain could be weakened-so much the better.

As the discussion moves into the practical realm, voices lower. There are some real challenges. Turkish armed forces are large, but are not up to the European standards in training or equipment. It will be a very difficult task not to fall further behind-let alone gain a superiority. Its not an impossible task, just quite difficult.

The current European war may allow Turkey some opportunities-so long as France does not surrender to Austria. If Austria can be weakened by a prolonged war with France, then Turkey can join the war as an Ally of France. It is entirely possible that Turkey could capture Vienna as its depleted forces are scattered around the the divergent fronts. For such a program to work, it is essential that France does not crumble from the combined Austrian and Prussian attacks. Therefore, it is decided that all support short of war will be given to France. The following policies will be implemented;
1. Give favorable trades of strategic resources to France.
2. Deny favorable trades of strategic resources to Austria and Prussia.
3. Send privateers to interfere with Adriatic shipping.
4. Move some large elements of the Turkish Army to the Belgrade area to tie down some Austrian Forces.

In addition to these actions the military will be kept on a war footing (full strength) and the new corps system will be implemented. New unit production can be delayed for some months-unless it looks like France may fall. Ideally, the provincial leaders will provide all the necessary units in the feudal levy next spring. Only the new corps HQ will be produced-coming out of Constantinople after the new barracks (training facilities) is completed.

Several divisions from the Egyptian Army will make their way north to reinforce the Balkan area.

06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/17/2009 6:37:28 AM)

Turkey has some significant economic problems. Not only is there a lack of factories and roads, but a legal infrastructure to keep the economy flowing in an orderly and productive manner. The lack of such infrastructure results in waste.

The current "waste" level is 18%. That is an an 18% reduction of all production across the board. No European country, other than Russia, has such difficulties.

There is a solution to this chronic problem; the improvement of the legal infrastructure by building "courts". The process has only just begun. It will take a few years at least. Any building comes at a price-including a further depression of the current production figures.

Turkey must balance resources between the urgent need for economic improvements, and preparation for a possible war.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/27/2009 7:27:27 AM)

In what seems to be a quickening of historic events, the Sultan has pressed for drastic actions to upgrade the Army and to correct some glaring deficiencies in the Empires economy. The loss due to inefficiency of nearly 20% is crippling. After much consideration it has been decided to move forward with a balanced 4 year plan.

The initial overall priority is to build an adequate number of courts to eliminate the waste. It will take 9 provinces building to a level 5 system. This will involve 1 province building only 1 improvement, 2 will need to build two and 7 will build three. Although there is a desire to launch major improvements all through the EMpire-it is just not possible. There will soon be 18 of the 39 Provinces undergoing improvements-that is all that can be sustained even under good conditions-which may not last.

Farm production will be increased in several provinces, along with factories in at least 3 more provinces. New barracks construction will start off with the highest priority in Istanbul, followed by others spread throughout the Empire. The initial goal of the barracks construction is to be able to build Corps Hq's for the Army. This is viewed as critical in any possible conflict with Austria or Russia.

The following Provinces have all initiated their building projects. Times to completion for the first batch of improvements are taking anywhere from 5 to 42 months to complete.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/27/2009 7:32:47 AM)

The sacrifices of the Empire start in the capital-no other major city has had such drastic cuts ion food and luxury production. It is viewed as necessary as the need for the new barracks overshadows all other needs.

It is still being debated as to the wisdom of hurting national moral for military prepreation. The Sultan insists on security before all else. The barbaric attacks on Poland by Russia and Austria have shown Turkey's neighbors true colors.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/27/2009 7:35:23 AM)

We have had some good intelligence on Russian forces in Poland. The Crimean Army is wintering just north of Besserabia. As they look somewhat under strength, there is no danger to Turkey at this time.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/27/2009 7:55:48 AM)

Turkey is having some problems with Spanish Privateers interfering with trade in the Aegean Sea. The Turkish Navy is Not quite up to European standards-we have high hopes though. At the present time it is prudent just to stay in port. Some day they will pay a price for their insolence.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/27/2009 7:56:47 AM)

And just to show what those thieves are sitting on....


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (6/27/2009 8:10:12 AM)

The latest from the Strategic Situation Room; December 1792

Austria is still at war with France-but are not fighting them. They are apparently going for what was supposed to be an easy conquest of Poland-it has not worked out that way-the fighting goes on.

Prussia is still at war with France, but has withdrawn into friendly territory. It is assumed that the French Army was just too much for the Prussians to handle alone.

The British are apparently gaining influence in the North German States. They are not involved in any wars at this time. Great Britain has huge economic power, but they cannot conquer the world without some allies.

Russia has declared war on Poland also. For some reason, they have not seemed to have made too much headway. Perhaps they realized a little late that the Russian Empire is already too big. What are they going to do with Poland??[:D] Build Courts??[:D][:D]

It appears that Spain has moved a very large army into North Africa. This, coupled with Spain's aggressive behavior in Turkish waters is causing the Sultan to make some long term decisions about Spain. If they want a desert war, they shall get it.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (7/24/2009 2:20:26 AM)

It has been nearly two years of ongoing development. Much progress has been made in getting the O.E. on a stable economic path. The Ottoman Empire resisted any attempts to drag it into the Franco and Austrian/Prussian conflict-which finally came to an inconclusive end.

In this economic report you can see that there have been some major improvements. Some significant trade has been ongoing; raising some much needed funds. With a minor reduction in waste, production has increased everywhere in all categories. Most notably in luxuries and iron.

What seems to be a reasonable draft system has been implemented. The Army is at full strength and there should be some free units from the Feudal Levy. A 3.5 skill level for replacements may be lower than the European powers, but it is still an improvement, and there are large reserves.

A significant amount of gold is stockpiled to fund a major war-surpassed only by England's.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (7/24/2009 2:35:24 AM)

May 1794

The capital province has completed 2 developments; 1 barracks and 1 court in that order. Currently, there is a long term factory development to enable the building of new artillery. The pace of development has been slowed so that more luxury items and food can be produced. This is viewed as more important than being able to build new arty-which will take nearly 3 years anyway.

If you compare the Constantinople report with the last one from June '92 you will notice some rather large increases in production. This is due to the slightly lower waste level and to a higher priority on production rather than development.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (7/24/2009 2:42:04 AM)

This is the total economic production report for May '94. If there is no war this year-an iffy proposition, these numbers will rapidly rise.

The one weak point for consuption is in wine. The O.E. is a rather cosmopolitan society-and wine is in high demand. The Europeans don't seem to have any available for trade-drunkards.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (7/24/2009 2:48:53 AM)

Provincial building improvements have been ongoing. As war looms ever closer, the priority is shifting to barracks construction. The O.E. desperately needs new training facilities to try to catch up to the enormous expenditures of the European Powers.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (7/24/2009 2:52:59 AM)

In this Training Report the O.E. Army's special skills are shown. This list is not very impressive-yet. As experience climbs, so will the skill. The Sultan is aware that much, if not most, of the new "experience" will have to come from actually fighting battles-battles that can be won-or must be won.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (7/24/2009 3:00:20 AM)

The Ottoman Empire is not entirely unprepared for war. The corps system has been introduced-with some decent commanders assigned. The total force is the largest among the Great Powers. There are weaknesses such as the old artillery. There is also the problem of possible multiple fronts. This results in some dispersion of the Army.

Even though there is an Alliance with Spain the danger from them cannot be ignored. They have pushed across North Africa to the borders of Egypt. Lower Egypt is the second only to Istanbul in importance to the Empire-it cannot be left undefended.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (7/24/2009 3:10:09 AM)

The Strategic Report does not appear much different from 2 years ago. However, the situation has changed. The Austrians have conquered Poland and gave some of that land to Russia and Prussia in return for Alliances. Austria's moral has also improved dramatically making them more prone (in the Sultans view) to start some military adventure. The forces that have been assembled are much larger also.

The European nations have apparently concentrated their forces into large army's which means they are paying for depots to support their forces. This is something that is too expensive for the O.E. to engage in. The O.E. army's appear rather small, but there are units in the immediate vicinities to bring them up to strength when the need arises. It is hoped that this appearance of weakness will cause some over confidence in some possible adversaries.


ShaiHulud -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (7/24/2009 5:36:22 AM)

Glad you've posted. Was worried that you and Sweden might have dropped out. Interested in a deal with Austria, dividing up Veneto for her and the rest for you? Admittedly, neither is a prize province, but, it all adds up. Also, that'd put Austria (via Veneto) in the path of both French and Spanish aspirations, before they can get to your holding in the Baltic.

Of course, Austria might just be greedy and want it all. That'd give you good cause to deal with others in carving a bite from her holdings.

06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (7/24/2009 7:41:44 AM)



Glad you've posted. Was worried that you and Sweden might have dropped out.

I fully intended on continuing. I was having some monitor problems which made the AAR effort more than it should be. I just received my new LCD today-so its time to roll.


Of course, Austria might just be greedy and want it all. That'd give you good cause to deal with others in carving a bite from her holdings.

Oh, I have little doubt that Austria is eyeballing Ottoman territory. The alliances that have come together are not very comforting for the Sultan.

Venice is indeed a grand prize. No doubt there are several empires drooling over it. At this time my goal is to survive the coming war without surrendering. It is hoped that the military will increase its experience, and one or two previous Ottoman provinces will be brought back in to the Empire. After such events have occurred, the political landscape of Europe will look quite a bit different I assume. Long term plans will have to be adjusted.

pvthudson01 -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (8/2/2009 1:09:45 AM)

What is wine used for (in game, trust I know in real life [:D] )

06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (8/2/2009 6:18:26 AM)


ORIGINAL: pvthudson01

What is wine used for (in game, trust I know in real life [:D] )

Wine is one of the items that will keep your people happy. It is consumed at set rates depending on your total population. A large amount of wine available helps in raising national moral. National moral has an affect on military moral and on economic production.

there are other items such as textiles, spices and luxery goods that also add to national moral. The more you have, the less production needs to be dedicated to luxery goods. Its a nice thing to have an abundance of.

In this particular scenario, Turkey can easily offset the lack of wine by some very impressive textile production. However, I would rather trade the textiles for money and have wine for consumption. Turkey is cronically short of wine.

06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (8/20/2009 4:44:01 AM)

July 1795

In the Sultan's War Room the great map; is displayed. It has most of the current info as to the where abouts of the major formations, but not their strength. Occasionally, a spy can get some good intel, but generally it is a guessing game.

At first glance this may look similar to the previous years situation map, but it is not. Spanish forces have grown in Italy and for the first time the Austrians are sending large formations to the south-towards the Holy land.

The Staff must remain calm as this can hardly be considered a crisis. However, even though the O.E. has a long term treaty with Spain, we do not trust them. It is entirely possible they have a secret agreement with Austria-who knows what the Austrians promised them. One thing for certain; the Austrians have been in a tight strategic situation. They sense that they cannot go on another conquering spree with an ever increasingly powerful Turkey on their large southern border. Somehow they must weaken us before they are free to march in central Europe. We know this. Just how they will attempt to implement such an operation is not known yet. The O.E. shall remain vigilant-and focused. We can count on one solid ally, England. If Spain plans to do Austria's bidding, they shall pay a heavy price indeed.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (8/20/2009 4:48:09 AM)

The Ottoman Empire's army has grown slightly, but the units are more modern with higher moral. The upkeep cost are slightly higher to to some concentration resulting in the need of a depot. Costs should not increase significantly until there is war.


06 Maestro -> RE: Janissaries Forward! (8/20/2009 5:01:15 AM)

July '95
Comparative Strength

The most important to the Sultan in this report is the rapid increase in Spain's military. The other item of some interest-and impact on current events was the rapid fall of Prussian Army numbers. This was due to an insurrection in Bavaria. Agents of the O.E. were, shall we say, instrumental in causing this important event.


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