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6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/17/2009 12:28:00 AM)

FLASH USS Arizona takes numerous torpedos and sinks - 2/24/42...


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/17/2009 5:45:11 PM)

I can confirm that USS Arizona is sunk. She went down to enemy Torpedo bombers around 500 miles from Pearl Harbour.

Allied HQ has asked an minute of silence to be held around map for those brave sailors.

USS Arizona was participating in operation Wolf. This operation was an high risk from the beginning.

Basically meaning that this was calculated move which didn't go as planned. I did however gather very valuable information with this failed operation.

USS Arizona is the 1st allied Battleship loss.

More detailed report coming at the end of february.

6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/17/2009 10:50:32 PM)

Rabual and Wake Island fall....2/25 and 2/26 respectively.....


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/20/2009 8:40:58 PM)

We have surpassed the february 1942. The game is going on with nice pace.

Here is an short recap on the latest news.

India & South East Asia command

* The Mandalay is under assault by 3 IJA divisions.
* Japanese seize the base at Akyab.
* Singapore still holds and remains to be allied fortress.


* Manila, Clark Field and Southern Luzon bases are controlled by the allies.
* No significant enemy reinforcement convoys are spotted in the area.


* Lanchow and Nanning are under allied assault.
* At Yenen IJA has consentrated 3000 AV points for the offensive. However the city still holds againts these odds.
* IJA bombers have hit resource centers at Changhsa.


* Heavy bombing missions are launched againts Batavia and Soerebaja.
* Japanese continue their assaults around Borneo.

Australia & South Pacific

* Fiji is the main area of enemy offensives. Quite a few enemy units trying to capture Suva.
* IJN continue to capture small bases at Solomons and New Guinea.
* Rabaul falls at the of February 1942. This was an brave fight by those allied troops.

US, North and Central Pacific

* Operation wolf resulted to the destruction os USS Arizona. No other major vessels were lost.
* Allied bombers have struck againts Johnston Island. This is the major enemy airfield near Honolulu.
* Wake Island is overrun by the IJN units.


* It seems that the enemy is preparing for major assault or is trying to reorganize.
* Past few weeks have not been as bloody as expected... as for why... maybe grunt can shed some light into it.
* Overall Allied HQ is concerned about few things but remain very optimistic on the future battles.

6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/21/2009 6:16:49 PM)

Yenen falls to the IJA on 3/3/42.......BANZAI!!!!!!!


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/21/2009 8:07:55 PM)

I can confirm that those pictures from Yenen are authentic. An massive IJA push finally overwhelmed those brave Chinese troops defending the city.

"We are confident on our success. We shall not rest until the Japanese empire is defeated. Our plans are ongoing and are coming along nicely". This statement was announced by FDR Roosevelt.

Here is an picture of ships lost so far...


6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/21/2009 11:08:37 PM)

To: His Most Imperial Majesty

Re: First Quarterly Report on the War in the Pacific

In accordance with Your Highness's instructions, the Imperial General Staff submits this overview report on the progress of the War in its first 90 days.

India-South East Asian Theater:

We are pleased to report that the Army has made great progress on this theater. Rangoon has been overrun and Mandalay is presently under seige by Imperial Forces. Akyab has been taken by the Japanese forces moving along the Burmese coastline.

The entire Malaysian state has been overrun and the seige of Singapore is well under way. Our plans for this theater have progressed as envisioned.

ABDA Theater:

We have seized a great deal of Sumatra. There are a few pockets of resistence along the northern coastline. We anticipate that these pockets will fall once Singapore has been taken. The coastal town of Sabang was seized early on as planned and remains in our possession. Palembang fell within the first few days of opening of hostilities and towns to the eats and west were cleared of all enenmy resistence within a short period of time thereafter.

Java presented its own problems, poor coordination between the Army and Navy lead to near-fatal failure of our initial invasion plans. Dutch air and naval forces initially put up tremendous resistence, but have been largely subdued at this point. The English's "Z" Force was not to be found in Singapore by our air force and created initial havoc in our landing areas of Kragan and Medan. Fortunately, we have since recovered and have regained the initiative in Java.

Boreno is now nearly cleared of all Dutch/English resistence. Resources and oil flow rather freely at this point.

Timor, Kendari and Ambonia fell rather easily. Now with the infusion of substantial reinforcements, we have establish a rather solid defensive position in that area.

Philippines Theater:

Our intial plan of a strategic seige of these islands was sound. With the destruction of the American's Asiatic Fleet in Manila, we were able to land forces on Jolo Island and establish initial air superiority in the region. This was supplemented by the capture of the large island of Mindano shortly after the fall of Jolo Island.

However, air forces from China and ultimately the ABDA area created a situation where land forces needed to be employed earlier than anticipated. At present the allied air forces on the island of Luzon have acquitted themselves quite well, but their days are numbered as additional forces are employed to squeeze the Bataan-Clark Field-Manila triangle.

China Theater:

By far, this has been the most successful of the campaigns to date. We have captured Yenen, China and effectively sealed-off Northern China. We are presently looking to further exploit this success into Central China.

Our air campaign against the Chinese ability to wage war is moving the the proper direction/ The fall of Burma should greatly assist in this effort.

Australia/South Pacific Theater:

All of our plans concerning this area have been successful. We have captured all major bases in the area. This would include Noumea, Rabual, Canton, Pago Pago, Gili Gili, Buna, Lea, Shortlands, Lunga and all the smaller islands therein. The Fiji Islands have presented stiff resistence but the Imperial General Staff is confident that this resistence will be overcome in short order.

The Austrialian Navy, after an initial venture into the Noumea area has appeared to have retreated to the safety of their coastline. They appear to present no immediate threat to Noumea nor our "mop-up" operations in and around Rabual.

We anticipate this theater to settle into an exchange of air raids from Lea and Port Morseby and in the future, Rabual.

Eastern Pacific:

This theater presents the most interesting options to date. The Imperial Navy, supporting the Imperial Army, have seized all anticipated targets in our goal of the greatest prize in the area - Pearl Harbor. The Americans, to their credit, have fought hard to keep us out of the Hawaiian Islands.

However, with the loss of two [2] of their main carriers in the "Midway Ambush" and the crippling of the USS Saratoga shortly thereafter, they only have one fully effective carrier in this part of the Pacific - the USS Yorktown. She is presently being hunted by our Navy and Air Forces. The American appear to be determined to hold Pearl Harbor and have concentrated their meger naval and air forces in and around these islands.

At present we hold, Midway Island, Johnston Island, Palmyra Island, Wake Island and Christmas Island. Any movement out of Pearl Harbor can be seen and countered by our Naval Air and Surface Forces presently in the area. Offensive operations for the AMericans, under their presentl circumstance may be problematic.

General Overview:

We have sustained higher than anticipated air losses and a review of our tactics is presently underway. We have not suffered the carrier losses that the American have to date [we have lost no carriers and yet have operated openly and actively since the opening fo the war]. Essentially, we still have the dominate carrier fleet in the Pacific.

In the next 90 to 180 days, the Imperial General Staff anticipated the submission of the Dutch East Indies and the Philippine Islands. We also anticipate the occupation of Burma and Singapore - our follow-up plans will then be finalized.

Further offensive operations in China may well be moved-up given the success of the Yenen campaign.

The Imperial General Staff is presently looking at options concerning the American Navy in and around the Hawaiian Islands.

With this report, I take my leave to Osaka.

Your Humble and Obedient Servant,



aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/22/2009 3:47:34 PM)

To: Winston Churchill & FDR

Re: First Quarterly Report on the War in the Pacific

This is the quarterly report by C.Nimitz.

India-South East Asian Theater:

We decieded with withdrew from Rangoon in good order. The Burmese capital would have ended as an death trap for British troops occupying the country. Our defensive perimeter at the moment is at Mandalay where we have been joined by Chinese reinforcements.

The initial situation at Malaya peninsula was a mayhem. Luckily the enemy did not land strong enough army on the initial offensive. Since then we have withdrawn into Singapore which stands as last bastion. The base is isolated and currently under heavy air and ground assaults. It is hard to say how long we can hold onto that base.

Royal Navy managed to sneak out Force Z which did put up an brave fight around Java. If this TF would have caught up our Dutch friends would have been overrun quite quickly.

ABDA Theater:

Dutch have put up an one hell of an fight. It was an shock when enemy started landing troops around this area in December 1941. The fortifications were not ready nor was there enough surface combat ships.

We were left with no option but to aggressively counter the enemy offensives here. Dutch and RN ambushed several enemy transport TF's in the area.

There was also few major naval combats in which 1 IJN Battleship and several other ships were damaged. The loss of BC Repulse was acceptable in terms of time gained.

RAF and Dutch Airforce also hit several dozens of enemy AK's and AP's sailing these waters. Thus helping out in general war effort.

Current situation is not good. We have Batavia and Soerabaja still at our control. These cities will be our Alamo here.

Philippines Theater:

Despite our intelligence reports we did not see any landings from the enemy at Luzon. Instead the Philippines were bypassed in order to seize ABDA region swiftly. In terms of operations we did cause this plan to fail.

We could not resist enemy taking Mindanado and Jolo. There were not enough aircraft nor naval assets.

At the moment enemy is pushing towards Manila but it will an hard journey for them. Our HQ view is that enemy made an mistake by not assaulting Luzon immediately. On the other hand had DEI fallen in december 1941 or early january 1942 we propably would not hold these bases here.

We are very thankful for general McArthur for his efforts in this region.

IJA bombers caused a lot of damage to the asiatic submarine fleet. However it could have been much worse than this. Since than we have reorganized submarine doctrines and are looking for offensive actions.

China Theater:

Japanese nearly pulled off an successive offensive in northern China. We had no knowledge of enemy troops nearing Lanchow area.

Yenen has now fallen but the battle served it's purpose. We have won time thus meaning our defensives around this huge country will stiffen signficantly.

Chinese troops are almost ready to stop the enemy juggernaught. This battlefield will consume a lot of war materials if the IJA wishes to advance any further into China.

Australia & South Pacific

This has been an secondary operational theatre so far.

We are glad to report that Japanese have been halted in several key bases. Allthough these bases are now seized these brave allied soldiers bought us a lot of time.

Eventhough enemy controls a lot of areas here we are happy to report that our defensives are now stable.

Eastern Pacific:

The was no carrier strikes made on december 7th. At the hindsight this was good news for us. Had the Japanese bombed our ships and aircraft stationed at Pearl Harbour things would not look good at all.

Instead enemy carriers hit few days later and US fighters managed make these raids an draw. It was an even battle and almost broke out our backbone.

We had to commit our carriers into battle. There were 4 reasons for this action:  a) there were several key transport TF entering Pearl Harbour area without any aircover. These ships made it to port safely. b) We knew where the enemy carriers were at Midway. Eventhough we did not sunk any carriers we managed to damage a few. c) KB had fought againts LBA fighters earlier on. This resulted to the fact that we wanted to kill as many top pilots as we can early on. This was achieved. d) Had we not fought I doubt the Hawajian islands would be in our control. Instead we managed to recapture 2 key bases in the area already.

General Overview:

The initial onslaught will dimish sooner than later. Our factories are producing better and better aircraft. We already have shot down 2200 enemy planes with our obsolete airforce. Things are going to be even worse for the enemy.

India & Australia are becoming stronger and stronger. These areas were vulnerable for offensives early on but now are becoming major strongholds.

Japanese control large areas around the Pacific which looks much worse than actually is. Now IJN/IJA needs to commit forces to guard these bases. This will be look into in our future operations.

Overall things are now much more stable. The initial shock of these cowardly assaults have been washed away. It will be time take the battle to enemy for good.

Yours truly,


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/25/2009 9:35:20 PM)

The game is nearing mid march 1942. Things have heaten up quite a lot.

India & South East Asia command

* The Burmese front is stalemate at Mandalay. Either side just making bombardment assaults.
* Few allied transports were hit at Malaya strait. These key vessels brought in supplies for Singapore.
* IJA have launched a couple of assaults againts the commonwealth troops at Singapore. These offensives were repulsed.


* 2 Japanese divisions have entered Clark Field. These units have been unable to seize the base though.
* IJN landed couple brigades in southern Luzon. The enemy transports were heavily mauled and 10-20 ships have been sunk.


* Chinese troops have assaulted Nanking. However these offensives have been unsuccesfull.
* Japanese army is pushing towards Sian. The Norhern army retreating from Yenen have been badly mauled.
* At Changhsa the combined allied effort caused heavy air losses to enemy.
* Allied bombers have closed down the airfield at Wuhan.


* IJA / IJN is gaining upperhand in this area. There is only so much one can do.
* Borneo is almost completely at Japanese control.

Australia & South Pacific

* A part of the KB and heavy BB TF is nearing Port Moresby. You don't need to be genius to figure out what the enemy is up to.
* Australian airforce have hit several transport ships around Solomons.

US, North and Central Pacific

* The airstrikes from Johnston Island have seized. I guess Japanese is regrouping here.
* Enemy carriers raid allied troop convoy north of Hawajian Islands. In a way this was to be expected. Luckily the carriers did not sunk the whole convoy. (at lest not yet)
* Central pacific has strong enemy presence lurking in the shadows.


* As said allied HQ have issued new orders in China. We are almost ready to stop the enemy juggernaught.
* I would love to have some long range fighters. Patience is not my virtue.

6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/25/2009 9:52:35 PM)

Imperial Forces land at Port Morseby and French Frigate Shoals.....


aztez -> The batlle of Hawaji continues... (6/26/2009 4:32:23 PM)

03/15/42 & 03/16/42

This is the 2nd carrier clash between US and Japanese navy. This time around IJN got the worse end of the stick.

We can confirm that following ships were lost: CVL Zuiho, CL Abukuma, CL Oi and CL Kitakami. Also couple enemy destroyers were hit as were CS Nisshin. These ships will sunk since the damage levels were high.

This engagement occured few hundred miles north from Honolulu.

The IJN did land troops into French Frigate Shoals. The initial landings were unsuccesfull.

Japan has also started the invasion of Port Moresby. This operation has heavy carrier cover. Australian airforce has been overwhelmed. There seems to be quite a battleships supporting this operation too.

aztez -> RE: The batlle of Hawaji continues... (6/26/2009 4:33:09 PM)

Confirmed enemy ships sunk:


6971usmc -> RE: The batlle of Hawaji continues... (6/27/2009 2:28:17 PM)

French Frigate Shoals falls to the IJA - Port Morseby soon to follow....USN stretching it's neck out to see if we cut if off.....


aztez -> RE: The batlle of Hawaji continues... (6/27/2009 7:30:05 PM)

03/21/42 & 03/22/42

It will be a long neck to cut.

Past two days has brought more naval victories for the US navy. The enemy is fleeing like rabbits in tale light.

US carriers managed to hit DD Natsushio, DD Amatsukaze, DD Hayashio, DD Kisaragi, DD Kuroshio and few other ships near Johnston Island.

We got contact with enemy carrier TF trying to flee towards Marshall Islands. IJN managed to launch 2 strikes againts our carriers. These offensives were easily repulsed. Now it is our time.. I have an feeling we will see an 3rd carrier vs carrier combat within the next two days.. and If so I'am quite confident that Japanese HQ is not going to be pleased. If our intel is correct CV Akagi along with some big BB's is in trouble. (Hopefully so)... US fleet has orders to hit and sunk this TF.

Johnston Island was hammered by our LBA bombers in order to close down the airfield there.

In China enemy is pushing towards Homan and Sian. We are happy to reveal that we are ready for the battle.

At Port Moresby however things are not looking as good. IJN landed large amount of infantry there. This operation is supported by large carrier TF and at least 5-6 battleships.

Stay tuned for more... ( I can guarantee that)

aztez -> RE: The batlle of Hawaji continues... (6/27/2009 8:34:57 PM)

..clearer picture on how the ships losses have developed.


6971usmc -> RE: The batlle of Hawaji continues... (6/27/2009 11:09:52 PM)

Some examples of Allied losses to date.....the deeper they come the harder it is to get out...burn fuel, burn fuel...........


6971usmc -> RE: The batlle of Hawaji continues... (6/27/2009 11:11:59 PM)

As Port Morseby fell on 3/23/42, the last rush of Japanese troops that overwhelmed its garrison....


6971usmc -> RE: The batlle of Hawaji continues... (6/28/2009 1:04:21 PM)

3/23/42: FLASH - Port Morseby and Suva fall, STOP over 20,000 prisoners taken STOP


6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/28/2009 9:07:15 PM)

Captured photograph of the opening bombardment of Port Morseby.........


6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (7/1/2009 4:52:06 PM)

FLASH On 3/31/42, fierce hand-to-hand fighting was reported on French Frigate Shoals. IJA Brigade of the 56th Infantry Division, and its support units, stubbornly defend the island against units of the USA 32nd Infantry Division.


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (7/3/2009 6:29:28 PM)

It is now beginning of may 1942.

India & South East Asia command

* A occasional ground offensives at Mandalay. These have been easily defended.
* Daily airstrikes againts Singapore. Not much I can do here at the moment. The city is still firmly at allied hands.


* IJA advancce has been halted at Clark Field and Naga. We are waiting for enemy reinforcements.


* Japanese troops are pushing in several fronts here. Currently Ichang, Sian, Changhsa and Homan are under ground offensives. Chinese troops have halted the enemy at these cities.


* Batavia and Soerebaja are still under allied control. Rest of the ABDA region has been seized by the enemy.

Australia & South Pacific

* Port Moresby was overwhelmed by massive enemy invasion. I was hoping that it could hold out longer but...! Otherwise nothing significant to report.

US, North and Central Pacific

* Allied LBA bombers have shutdown the enemy airfield at Johnston Island.
* US carriers sunk several ships south of Hawaji. These losses will pile up in longterm.
* The allied counterstrike againts French Frigate Shoals is underway. I think the enemy will be annihiliated swiftly.
* US submarines have hit quite a few transport ships trying to supply the Japanese frontline.


* Japanese have started nightime bombing runs around the map. In response allied commanders have targeted enemy industrial complexes.
* I have an feeling we will see KB in action sooner than later. Allthough some of the carriers are propably dire need of repairs and refitting.

aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (7/3/2009 8:09:10 PM)

..air losses so far.


6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (7/4/2009 5:29:40 PM)

Japanese forces have overrun the garrison on Upolu Island in the South Pacific - thus completing the seizure of the entire South Pacific.......


6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (7/4/2009 5:41:28 PM)

FLASH - On April 6, 1942, after a week of heavy fighting, some 7,000 Imperial Japanese soldiers on French Frigate Shoal were eliminated to the last man by a vastly superior force of USA and USMC units.

Allied Headquarters has been rather subdued about the victory realizing the loss of 3,000 to 4,000 men to capture an island a mile-and-a-half wide and two miles long. The American public was shocked at the shear size loss of life on both sides. Especially troubling to the American press was the apparent willingness of the Japanese to fight to the last man - this bodes ill for projected allied losses in any future operations of particularly if the Japanese are willing to continue to fight with such fury.


6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (7/4/2009 5:45:59 PM)

French Frigate Shoal's valued airstrip - taken by USA and USMC forces after 7 days of fighting.


6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (7/8/2009 3:57:36 PM)

The bombing of Japanese-controlled Chinese cities has been hazardous for allied bomber crews........


6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (7/8/2009 9:23:53 PM)

FLASH - 4/18/42, Kuala, Sumatra falls to Imperial Marines................


flaggelant -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (7/8/2009 11:39:16 PM)

that's one hell of a gun they captured there!

keep it goin' i love the propaganda like AAR you guys are producing!

Rob Brennan UK -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (7/13/2009 3:20:22 PM)

Hi Aztez ! long time no see [8D]

I'll be keping my beady eyes on both your progress in the coming weeks, good luck to both of you.

6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (7/28/2009 8:36:01 PM)

FLASH: 14th Army Headquaters in the Phillippines, reported on 4/25/42, that the Japanese 4th Armored Regiment, in a bold move, conducted a surprise attack from San Marcelino capturing Bataan and the fortress covering the harbor. The majority of the Allied forces on Luzon are now confined to Clark Filed and Manlia.


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