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aztez -> aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/3/2009 6:40:43 PM)


It has been longtime since I posted on this sub forum. Well, time to get back....

This is stock scenario 15 with 2 day turns.

We have very few houserules since common sense serves as an guide here.

I wohn't be revealing any future operations or plans. Also I don't reveal the overall strategy

Instead this is just an short summary of things that have already happened.

grunt6971 is more than welcome here to participate.

Current game date is mid January 1942.This is short summary of the battles. It has been bloody as ever.

India & South East Asia command

* Japanese struck againts Singapore on turn one.
* Force Z managed to escape the initial onslaught.
* Japanese are about to enter Singapore now.
* Mandalay is under Japanese ground assault.


* There has been NO Japanese landings in the Philippines. Instead grunt opted to bypass it completely.
* Manila harbour was hit hard on turn 1.


* There has been land battles raging at Yenen and Canton.


* This was the target for the main assault. Allies still hold Batavia, Soerebaja and about an dozen other bases in the region. Timor is also seized by Japanese.
* A lot of surface combats in this region.Force Z along with ABDA surface fleet intercepted and engaged several transport and surface combat TF.
* ABDA airforce has been very active and sunken several enemy transport ships.
* BC Repulse and BB Kongo were sunk in action.

Australia & South Pacific

* Japanese troops have seized Noumea and surrounding bases. Allied surface caused enemy some harm and sunk few vessels.
* Rabaul, Suva and few other bases are under enemy assault.
* Mini KB is near Northern coast of Australia.

US, North and Central Pacific

* Japanese have seized Midway, Johnston Island, Palmyra, Canton and 2 other minor bases just outside of Pearl Harbour.
* At Midway US Carriers engaged the KB. The result was that CV Enteprise and CV Lexington went down. Two Japanese carriers were hit.
* Allied surface fleet caused damage to Midway invasion force along with the coastal batteries. Midway was an costly and brave affair.
* GM Nell bombers have hit Pearl Harbour from Johnston Island.
* KB struck againts Pearl Harbour on January 15th. Allied LBA fighters and AA units caused +100 planes to be shot down. Counterstrike with LBA bombers hit 2 enemy carriers if combat reports are to be believed.


This has been very aggressive beginning for both sides. Allied have lost already +150 ships and Japanese have lost + 130 vessels in just 1 month.

There seems to be a lot of things in motion for both sides but as said I'am going to talking about future operations nor strategies. This is just an short summary of that have happened.

I will post few screenshots from the losses so far later on.

6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/4/2009 11:32:49 PM)

Bloody indeed, picture of the CV Enterprise after the "Midway Ambush"


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/5/2009 4:25:49 PM)

Yeah, that is an sad picture indeed!

I can promise though that you will see IJN carriers burning like an torch sooner than later.

Random thoughts

I must admit that I need to thank my previous PBEM opponets for enjoyable moments and lessons learned.

Nemo (What can I say... he one hell of an opponent. Actually I'am using his strategy guidelines on this PBEM.)
Erstad (Very skilled and tough opponent. A lot of painful lessons learned on this game)
ctangus (This was my only Japanese game and thought me how organized and determined allied can be)
Vorsteher/FDR (The 1st PBEM I played. A lot of mistakes and very learnful and enjoyable game)

As for this PBEM. It has been totally diffrent from those above. I'am still building up player "profile" on grunt6971. All I can say that he seems very determined on his plans/operations. Time will tell whether he will prevail. As said earlier the Nemo's gaming philisophy is used here on my part.

I will post screenies when we hit end of January. There will also be an summary of ships sunk so far in the game.

6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/5/2009 8:00:11 PM)

Hopefully, Jap carrier burning will occur later than sooner......has anyone seen this man?


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/5/2009 9:35:02 PM)

Oh, that "guy"! He was somewhat angry and sleepy to be awaken by those damn air raid sirens last turn.

However it kind of brought smile to his face when he started counting up those IJN aircraft wrecks on his backyard.

No need to worry though he is just fine and happy! [;)]

You really are pushing hard aren't you? [:D]

6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/5/2009 9:48:39 PM)

Could be too hard.............Hero of Japan.....RAdm. Tanaka...


aztez -> Bloody days continue around the Pacific... (6/6/2009 8:22:32 PM)

We have reached 23rd January 1942.

India & South East Asia

* No new major developments here.


* The invasion of Luzon has begun 22rd January. Japanese landings at San Marcelino, Aparri and Vigan.


* Japanese have conquered 2 cities at North. The main battle at the moment is being fought at Yenen.


* Japanese have landed reinforcements into Java. Allied still hold on at Batavia, Soerebaja and few other bases.

Australia & South Pacific

* Nothing major to report.

Central Pacific

* KB is near Hawaijian islands. CV Saratoga engaged the enemy last turn.
* Allied LBA fighters and bombers have fought bravely againts KB and IJA aircraft in this region. Combat reports indicated 2-3 futher enemy carriers hit in past few days.
* Johnston Island and Midway are the main 2 bases for IJN.


Summary of ships lost so far. These ships are confirmed sunk. A lot more are hit and damaged around the map.


1 x CS, 1 x BB, 1 x CA, 18 x DD, 2 x APD, 19 x MSW, 17 x PC, 11 x PG, 4 x SS, 52 x AP and 16 x AK.


2 x CV, 1 x BC, 45 x DD, 6 x CA, 7 x CL, 20 x AK, 6 x AP, 2 x AS, 1 x AV, 2 x AVD, 6 x DM, 10 x DMS, 2 x ML, 14 x MSW, 2 x PC, 1 x PG, 1 x TK, 20 x SS and 15 x PT.

Both players sticking to their gameplan and strategy. Intresing days ahead.

aztez -> RE: Bloody days continue around the Pacific... (6/6/2009 8:24:23 PM)

Allied capital ships confirmed sunk......


aztez -> RE: Bloody days continue around the Pacific... (6/6/2009 8:25:14 PM)

...and same for the Japanese side.


6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/6/2009 11:49:16 PM)

It's been a heavy weight fight......IJN believes USS Saratoga recently took four [4] torps.....


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/7/2009 11:39:11 AM)

.... Witp Tracker screen1...


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/7/2009 11:39:55 AM)

...Witp Tracker screen2...


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/8/2009 4:59:00 PM)

Allied pilot kills....


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/8/2009 5:58:20 PM)

We have reached the end January 1942.

India & South East Asia

* At least 2 enemy divisions have entered Mandalay. We expect the battle of Burma to begin.


* The maint thrust of 2 divisions have entered San Marcelino. The initial assault was repulsed.
* Some enemy transports were hit near Luzon including a torpedo hit on enemy CA.


* This theatre is quite peaceful. The siege of Yenen continues and some air to air combats are reported.


* The enemy have landed reinforcements into Java.
* RAF Vilderbeest hit enemy BB Kongo covering these landings. The report indicates 3 torpedo hits.
* Batavia and Soerebaja are still on allied control.

Australia & South Pacific

* IJN has landed reinforcements onto Rabaul and Pago Pago. Allied troops have so far repulsed the assaults.

US & Central Pacific

* KB has withdrawn towards Johnston Island. Whether this is permanent retreat remains to be seen. At least those CV's need to replenish their aigroups.
* No enemy Carriers are reported sunk as of yet. The damage done to 3-4 carriers is uncertain.
* B17 bombers hit Johnston Island airfield. IJN Zero's and Claude's are providing CAP.
* ASW efforts have been harsh on both sides. Several Submarines are reported hit and few sunk.


* The past few turns have been a bit less bloody affaris. This is definately no suprise due to the slaughter suffered so far.
* There are many question marks regarding the situation. I can only assume that initial plans for the enemy have been ruined by brave allied fightback.

aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/8/2009 8:12:36 PM)

As promised here is an summary how the casualties have mounted so far in terms on Victory Points...


6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/8/2009 8:24:24 PM)

No one told him about flamethrowers....


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/8/2009 8:35:15 PM)

Oh.. didn't they teach in Japan NOT to PLAY with fire!!! [:D]

That picture kind of reminds this PBEM. It has been pure fire for the first few weeks and I do not see things changing in the near future!

The lesson learned so far could be... "be prepared for the unexpected". I did not expect this kind of an opening so flexibility remains the key here.

It has been very enjoyable beginning of PBEM with very few "quiet" moments.

6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/8/2009 10:28:05 PM)

Just before we landed paratroopers in Lihue, Hawai'i


Japan -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/9/2009 2:29:43 AM)


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/9/2009 8:52:02 PM)

An update regarding actions around the Pacific on early February 1942

India & South East Asia

* Mandalay is the main area of operations in Burma. IJA has entered the battlefield with 2 divisions.
* Singapore holds with british and commonwealth troops trenched there.


* Japanese invasion has stalled at San Marcelino. Two enemy divisions are on the beach trying to push towards Clark Field.
* Allied bombers have hit around 10 enemy transports in the region.


* IJA forces are assaulting Yenen. The fortifications are down to 0 but so far enemy have been unable to conquer the city.
* Allied bombers hit 2 IJN CA's docked at Hong Kong. None of these are sunk.
* Chinese ground forces push the enemy out of Kungchang. The city is liberated.
* The Chinese ground offensive continues at Nanning. Forfications are reduced to 1.


* The damaged IJN BB Haruna is confirmed sunk at Palempang harbour.
* Soerebaja and Batavia are still held by the allies.
* RAF Vilderbeest damage couple of enemy transport AK's and AP's.

Australia & South Pacific

* IJN surface combat TF visits Cooktown and slaughters several allied AK's. Allied HQ is unable to stop this from happening.
* Allied bombers damage few enemy transports near Lae.
* Japanese have landed reinforcements into Rabaul. The brave allied troops still control the base.

US & Central Pacific

* Heavy ASW efforts continue around the Hawajian Islands.
* Recon indicates heavy presence of IJA/IJN units around the Pearl Harbour area.
* The 1st allied amphibitous invasion was launched. Lihu is conquered and the enemy troops wiped out.


Definately was good to see BB Haruna confirmed sunk. She put up an brave fight but those 3 torpedo hits were too much for the IJN crew. This is the 2nd enemy BB sunk in ABDA region.

Otherwise the situation is very tense. I can only imagine the same feeling is shared on the Japanese side.

6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/10/2009 7:54:46 PM)

Makin Island and Tarawa Atoll fall to IJ Marines.........


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/11/2009 8:32:43 PM)

.. a quick look on ship losses so far.


6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/11/2009 9:38:24 PM)

Moving to meet the USS Enterprise.............


6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/13/2009 11:36:10 PM)

Pago Pago falls to NLF....


6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/14/2009 5:04:21 PM)

Minor "setback" at Upolu Island....that will be "corrected".....


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/14/2009 6:12:24 PM)

This is mid February recap of the war events.

India & South East Asia

* Two enemy divisions clashed with Allied ground forces at Mandalay. The result is stalemate.
* British Jewel (Singapore) holds. There have been no serious ground assaults againts this bastion in last two weeks.


* Allied troops have firm foothold at Bataan, Manila, Clark Field and Naga.
* The IJN supply and transport ships have been bombed around Luzon.


* Allied troops are assaulting Nanning and Lanchow.
* IJA continue to push hard againts Yenen. So far the Chinese army have been able repel these offensives.


* Some enemy reinforcements have entered Java.
* Allied still have control of Batavia, Soerebaja and few other bases.

Australia & South Pacific

* Few enemy transports have been hit around New Guinea.
* Rabaul still holds. IJN/IJA continue to seize bases around the Solomons.

Central Pacific & US

* GM Nells have assaulted few allied tranport TF from Johnston Island. The damage have been moderate.
* Allied invasion of Moloaki have begun. Allied HQ have given orders to recapture this base immediately.


* Things have toned down somewhat. Either the losses are starting to take effect OR my opponent is regrouping before a big push.
* Allied HQ have a), b) and c) plans approved. The strategy will be picked upon next few months events. I need to start looking forward already.

6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/14/2009 11:37:24 PM)

Tongatapu Island falls to IJ NLF - 2/19/42........


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/15/2009 7:06:57 PM)

..some stats regarding air to air war.


6971usmc -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/15/2009 7:24:29 PM)

Despite losses, we remain confident - our men die as samuri the new poster is Tokyo indicates our resolve...


aztez -> RE: aztez (allies) vs grunt6971 (japan) (6/16/2009 5:33:34 PM)

..summary between end of january into late february 1942.


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