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cdnice -> Noob Question (5/27/2009 6:31:46 PM)

Okay, I am in July 42 and the Dutch after getting their buts kicked out have the air units reforming in Sydney but I can not move them with ships and their range is too short to fly them north. I was able to save some base forces and garrisons who are rebuilding I was hoping to use them to help the British and Indian forces but can't get them there. I tried changing their commands to Sountheast Asia as I know the ABDA is one of the restricted commands. HELP!!

RUPD3658 -> RE: Noob Question (5/27/2009 8:49:46 PM)

Change them to a non-restricted HQ and use your patrol AC (Catalinas, ect) to pull them out using the "Pick up troops" option under the troop transport mission. They have a much greater range.

Focus mainly on the base forces. You need AV support more than you need Dutch combat units that take forever to rebuildid.

Edit: Just reread your question. If you are talking about moving AC within Austrailia you can move the AC by rail. Pick a base within about 40-50 hexes and it should move them there. Brisbane is a good 1st stop then Darwin.

If you want to get them to India you can load them on AKs and send them by ship to India.

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