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SierraJuliet -> The Battle Under: Japan looks to the South (4/5/2009 11:23:28 AM)

Welcome to the Japanese AAR of the game between tocaff and I - two guys slugging it out in the southern hemisphere[8D]. There are minimal house rules and we are playing scenario 15 stock.

Harbour Attack

The attack on Pearl Harbour was postponed at the last moment.


Sea: In a series of attacks against task forces supporting the beachhead at Kuantan 1 Hudson, 2 Vildebeest, 1 Swordfish & 1 Blenheim were claimed as kills. A coordinated attack comprising 6 Swordfish, 12 Blenheim and 3 Hudson escorted by 24 Buffalo launched an attack on the covering surface action task force. 1 torpedo smashed into Haruna causing her to limp away with 22 09 12 damage. In return flack knocked down 1 Swordfish and 1 Blenheim from the attacking force. In another attack MSW W.6 was hit by 1 bomb causing 62 45 35 damage. Haruna and W.6 have been ordered to Saigon, however, little hope is held out for the survival of W.6.

Bombardment at Kuantan results in 137 casualties, 3 guns and 1 vehicle lost with 4 airbase hits, 5 airbase supply hits and 23 runway hits.

Air: Raids were launched against airfields at Singapore, Alor Star, Khota Bharu and Kuantan. For the loss of no Japanese planes 4 Buffalo, 1 Blenheim and 1 Vildebeest were claimed as destroyed.

Land: Troops landed at Kuantan and set about securing the beachhead.

China (Hong Kong)

Air: Raids launched against a number of ground units resulting in 114 casualties and 1 gun lost for loss of no Japanese planes. Raid on Hong Kong causes 22 casualties and 2 guns lost.

Land: Units have starting moving to take up position protecting roads and railways. A number of units are moving towards Yenen. Shock attack to clear Chinese units in Nanchang results in Chinese forces retreating suffering 96 casualties and 5 guns lost whilst Japan suffered 384 casualties and 10 guns lost.

Southeast Pacific

Land: Makin is invaded without opposition.

Central Pacific

Sea: Coastal gun battery fire at Wake Island inflicts following hits on ships assigned to invasion force –
CL Tenryu, Shell hits 3
DD Mochizuki, Shell hits 8, on fire
DD Yayoi, Shell hits 4
CL Tatsuta, Shell hits 4

Only significant damage is to DD Mochizuki with 45 23 37.

Land: Shock attack on Wake Island results in 239 Japanese casualties and 6 guns lost for 121 Allied casualties and 2 guns and 1 vehicle lost. Fort level reduced from 1 to 0.


Air: Raids were launched against airfields at Clark Field and Laoag. For the loss of 1 Betty 7 P-26A, 5 P-35A, 4 P-40B Tomakhawk, 5 P-40E Warhawk & 2 B-17 were claimed as destroyed.


I-122 v MSW Maryborough. 1 torpedo results in its loss. I-122 received 2 hits for 10 10 00 damage.
1-124 v AO Trinity. 1 Shell hit + 2 torpedoes – heavy damage.
I-124 v AO Trinity follows up with 2nd attack scoring hits with 3 torpedoes.

Naval Losses for the Day

MSW Maryborough, AO Trinity


The failure of KB to launch a strike against Pearl Harbour was something of a mystery. I used the same settings in my game against Ambassador and in this game the strike took to the air. Just have to put this down as one of those things that happen… wonder if I can get a reputation bonus for not putting the American battle line to the sword and galvanising public opinion behind the slogan of ‘Remember Pearl Harbour’.

The attack on Wake Island was something of a shock as this was meant to happen some days later… in any event Japanese forces have knocked down the forts and there is a prospect of an early victory. The CD guns did not wreak their usual havoc with only Mochizuki suffering major damage – not enough to sink her so she should fight another day.

In general I’m not planning anything radical for the time being at least as I’m still getting used to this monster.

We’ve have already got through about 6 turns since we started so I give a brief overview of where we are at.


Kuantan fell and allied forces have retreated. There is a small fighter presence on the airfield until the damage is repaired and a more substantial air presence can be built up.

Further north; Alor Star has also fallen.


Land forces have been making their way towards Tavoy and should be there within a day or two.

China (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong is being a difficult nut to crack and for the time being I am keeping up a steady bombardment attack supplemented by aerial assault on the ground forces.

I have decided to make my first thrust at the town of Yenen. Assaults so far have reduced the forts from 2 to 0. Forces are waiting a few days to bring down disruption levels and bring in some further combat forces.
In a worthwhile move Chinese forces launched an attack on Nanning. Given the small size of the Japanese forces present here I was happy to see the soldiers of the rising sun hold their ground.

Southeast Pacific

Makin Island has fallen and an invasion force is on the way to Tarawa. Forces at Truk are preparing for an assault on Rabaul.

Central Pacific

Wake Island fell relatively easily. The KB is returning from the abortive Pearl Harbour raid. From my posts with tocaff I think he had lost all contact with KB until the last turn when KB found and dispatched Penguin (almost made a successful escape from Guam).


Successful landings at Vigan, Laoag and Lingayen have been consolidated with air combat units beginning to take up residence at Laoag. Naga also has a beachhead. The allied forces have made a deliberate attack on the Japanese units here (obtaining a 3-1 result) but the Japanese assault forces held their ground and should only consolidate their ground from this point on. The next day of combat should see a landing a Legaspi in support of the Naga operation. Recon picked up a report of a surface combat group containing at least one CA near the beach head. Mini KB is in the area and 2 surface combat forces have been vectored to the Naga area to force action there.

The next day or two should also see a landing a Davao.

Since the commencement of hostilities the IJN has enforced a close blockade of Manila and this has been rather successful with a number allied vessels being sunk. A PT attack on the beachhead at Legaspi saw 3 PT boats destroyed.


Brunei has just fallen and forces are now poised to attack Miri.


The early focus has been around the American west coast port at San Francisco. A number of successful attacks along with floatplane flying over the city have caused mass hysteria amongst the populace. The only major damage has been I-155 after hitting a mine a Singapore – I expect her to be a loss next turn.

Industrial notes

I have just got WitPTracker operating so I am looking forward to the advantages it will bring to my war effort.

Naval Losses to Date

Japan: MSW W.6, AP Huso Maru

Allied: PG Asheville, Tulsa

AS Canopus, Otus

AO Cuyama, Trinity, Platte, Pecos

TK Mindanao, Montebello, Gertrude Kellogg

AP President Madison

PT PT 34, PT 35, PT 41

AK Sagoland, Dos Hermanos, Anakan, Taurus[/code]

MSW Mayborough, Finch, Penguin

Capt. Harlock -> RE: The Battle Under: Japan looks to the South (4/5/2009 6:55:43 PM)

If I'm reading this aright, nobody's lost anything as big as a DD so far in terms of warships. There may be some massive surface combats down the road . . .

SierraJuliet -> The battle that almost was (4/6/2009 1:31:59 PM)

Yes that is correct nothing much at all in the warship department.  I was expecting something to happen this turn.... it almost did and in the end I'm relieved that it didn't - read on and find out about the battle that almost was.

13 December 1941


Sea:  An aerial attack on a surface task force covering Kuantan by 3 Blenheim and 2 swordfish escorted by Buffalo fighters manages to land 1 torpedo into CL Oi causing 13 00 05 damage.  1 Swordfish and 1 Buffalo are claimed by CAP and flak.  I think tocaff will expect more damage than this.

Land: Troops landed at Kuantan and set about securing the beachhead.  Resources at Alor Star are found to be (19) x 31.


Land: In the beginnings of the land campaign in Burma the 108 RAAF Base Force, which appears to be making a run for it from Victoria Point, was set upon by swarm of Japanese assault troops who achieved odds of 668-1 and forced a retreat into Tavoy and suffering 135 casualties, 5 lost guns and 1 vehicle lost in their desperate flight.


Sea and Air:  Off Brunei submarine and air attacks are made on shipping involved with the Brunei operation.  In a series of small raids 1 Zero is lost in exchange for the downing of 4 Martin 139.  Two bombs landed on CL Kashii causing 12 09 00 damage whilst 1 bomb fell on CA Chokai causing 01 00 00 damage.  SS KXV also got in on the act by hitting AK Awazisan Maru with 1 shell and 1 torpedo causing 51 55 39 damage.  She has gone straight into Brunei harbour to see what can be done about the flooding.

Japanese forces land at Morotai.

Land:  An inspection of facilities around the newly acquired base at Brunei reveals oil (0) x 300, resources (0) x 10 and Manpower (1) x 1.  Hopes are high that similar undamaged facilities can be seized in forthcoming operations.

China (Hong Kong)

Air: Raids launched against a number of ground units result in the following casualties.  62nd Chinese Corps – 55 casualties and 1 gun.  80th Chinese Corps – 2 casualties.  27th Chinese Corps - 51 causalities and 1 gun. 

Land: Bombardment attacks are exchanged at Hong Kong, Naning and Yenen.

Southeast Pacific

Land: Preparations are underway for the invasion of Rabaul.

Central Pacific

Sea: No activity.


Land:  The invasion force at Legaspi find the place undefended.  The capture of Legaspi turns out to be fortuitous as the 16th Division which had landed at nearby Naga is driven back in disarray in a deliberate attack by Philippine forces.  Hopefully the forces already present in Legaspi will strengthen the resolve of these shaken troops and they will stand firm against any attack the allies try to mount on Legaspi.

Japanese forces are also ashore at Davao.

Sea: One of my small blockading forces narrowly avoids a battle at 37,59 against what must be the entire allied naval force in the area.  CL Sendai and DDs Fubuki, Shinonome, Usugumo and Shirakumo exchange fire at distance with CA Houston, CLs Java, De Ruyter, Tromp, Marblehead and Boise and DDs John D. Edwards, Paul Jones, Parrott, Peary, Evertsen, Kortenaer, Piet Hein and Van Ghent.  Only Sendai receives any hits (2) without causing any damage.  I expect tocaff will be furious when he sees my small out gunned force evading his numerically superior force.

An ASW TF locates S-41 and lands 3 hits on her and fires are reported.


No attacks report from my subs today.  Aerial recon over San Francisco reveals reports of no less than six CV [sm=00000117.gif] in the harbour!

Naval Losses for the Day

Nil today.


In the previous turn recon indicated the presence of a CA in the vicinity of the invasion task force off of Legaspi.  I’m not sure if it was the same surface force as encountered by in the abortive night time duel but if it was I’m sure it could have caused quite some damage to the invasion fleet as my assets for defending the invasion fleet are thin on the ground here.  Maybe the mini KB scared them off.  In any event I was expecting some sort of surface action and in the end considered the escape of my surface force to be a bonus.  If the allied force could have forced an engagement I expect that superior numbers and firepower would have won the day in the end.

So far I have been reasonably happy with the blockade of the Philippines… so much so that Todd in his last post made comment on how difficult it was for him to slip ships out of the Philippines due to the ‘noose being so tight’.  For a new player to PBEM that is mighty pleasing.  It remains to be seen what I can do about neutralizing the fighting forces on the loose in the Philippines.

SierraJuliet -> RE: The battle that almost was (4/7/2009 2:25:30 PM)

14 December 1941


Sea:  An aerial attack on the invasion fleet at Kuantan lands 1 bomb on AP Nissen Maru causing 18 09 08 damage.  1 Swordfish is claimed to have been shot down.

Land: Consolidation continues.  Reinforcements via the land route are on the way and currently are passing by Victoria Point.  The 22nd Indian Brigade is bombed near Kuantan causing 3 casualties and the loss of 1 gun.


Land: Preparations are underway for an attack on Tavoy.


Sea and Air:  Off Brunei air attacks continue against shipping standing off Brunei.  The CAP is proving to be more effective and this time no hits are scored on the ships and Zeros claim 3 Martin 139 as kills. 

Japanese forces capture Morotai and Japanese forces come ashore at Wasile.

China (Hong Kong)

Air: Raids launched against a number of ground units result in the following casualties.  66th Chinese Corps – 39 casualties and 2 guns.  5th Chinese Cavalry Corps – 37 casualties.  Air raid on Hong Kong causes 7 casualties. 

Land: Bombardment attacks are exchanged at Hong Kong, Naning and Yenen.


Land:  Bombardment attack is made at Davao whilst further forces and supplies are landed.

Sea: Things have gone quiet here.  There are a number of small task forces (most likely cargo ships) which are being tracked but so far Japanese warships have not been able to intercept.  The large surface task force located on the previous day has now gone to ground.

Air: Raid on Clark Field resulted in 1 P-35A destroyed, 79 casualties, 4 guns and 1 vehicle lost.


A fruitless day for IJN subs.  SS 1-24 is located off shore from San Francisco and with 5 reported hits ends the day on 09 37 00 damage.  SS I-18 is also located and attacked a number of times and escapes with only 04 00 00 damage. 

SS S-39 is located by Japanese ships with 1 hit being reported.

Naval Losses for the Day

Nil today.


On the whole this was a reasonably quiet day of activity.  Lots of activity, though, going on around San Francisco with a number of merchant and naval task force reported in the harbour and on the move outside the harbour.  I’m not sure if tocaff is actively hunting my subs with ASW task forces or that a couple of subs have simply stumbled onto task forces well protected with destroyer assets.   For the first time, though, the allies have not lost shipping off the West Coast and my submarines have been on the receiving end.  After a week of unchallenged submarine activity this sudden offensive action may well see a change of tactics from the submarine arm of the IJN.

The attacks on Brunei have all been small groupings of 2 to 3 planes from different airfields so it appears that tocaff has decided to spread his Dutch planes around to make it difficult to defeat them in any numbers.  The Zero CAP at Brunei has been effect though and over the last 2 days has claimed 7 Martin 139 in attacks on Brunei. 

Attacks have been ordered for tomorrow at Hong Kong, Yenen and Davao with the intent being to knock down forts at the first two and capture Davao.

SierraJuliet -> RE: The battle that almost was (4/9/2009 12:30:36 PM)

15 December 1941


Sea:  Air attacks on Japanese naval forces off Malaya result in 1 bomb hit on AP Kasui Maru with 39 13 23 damage, 2 bombs into AK Saiko Maru causing 98 38 30 damage, 40 casualties and 2 vehicles lost and 1 torpedo hit on AP Koryu Maru for 03 09 08 damage and 53 casualties reported.
Air: Japanese air craft hit a number of air bases and cause some nuisance damage.  An air raid on Singapore by 61 Nell results in the loss of 1 Nell for the destruction of 2 Vildebeest IV and 1 Catalina and 60 casualties, 1 gun lost, 4 hits on the air base, 2 air base resupply hits and 29 run way hits – this might slow things down a little here as tocaff has been staging some large flights of Buffalo fighters out of Singapore.


Land: The assault on Tavoy is still some days off.


Sea and Air:  Allied air attacks result in 1 Martin 139 destroyed.  The CAP appears to have protected the shipping here on this turn.

Land:  Japanese forces seize an undefended Wasile.

China (Hong Kong)

Air: Aerial assaults result in 34 casualties taken by 83rd Chinese Corps and 26 casualties taken by 2nd Chinese Cavalry Corps
Land: Shock attack by the considerable Japanese land forces at Hong Kong sees the forts fall from 5 to 1.  Japanese forces report 612 casualties, 14 guns and 1 vehicle lost.  It is believed that allied forces lost 247 casualties and 8 guns.  The reduction of the forts should see future attacks in the next few days more likely to meet with success.

The Japanese land forces gathered at Yenen were ordered to shock attack after several days of bombardment.  Ground losses amounted to 1357 casualties, 35 guns and 2 vehicles lost with the Chinese forces believed to have lost 590 casualties and 23 guns before quitting the city in disorder.  A review of the industrial prizes captured revealed that Yenen has manpower (0) x 2, heavy industry (11) x 78 and resources (24) x 156.  At the present time I do not plan to spend resources to repair this damage.

Tocaff must really want to take Naning as the Chinese forces here are ordered to make a deliberate attack.  The Chinese are reported to have lost 422 casualties and 17 guns lost.  The defending Japanese forces reported 29 casualties and 1 gun lost.  Importantly for tocaff the Chinese engineers managed to reduce the fortifications by 1 leaving Naning with a fort level of 2.  I have ordered the 16th Naval Guard currently in Pakhoi to Naning to assist with the defense.  As a further precaution I have ordered the 23rd Engineer Regiment and the Yokosuka 4th SNLF at Taan to be dispatched to shore up the defense of Naning – there is far too much supply etc to loose this city cheaply!

Land:  Troops are ashore on Dadjangas.  There appears to be no base force here so tomorrow should see this base fall to the Japanese.

Shock attack at Davao sees the defending forces retreat (126 casualties) and Davao captured by Japan (276 casualties).

Air: Air attack on Clark Field destroys 1 P-35A with reports of 6 casualties, 1 gun lost, 1 air base hit and 10 runway hits.


SS KXIII locates and puts 1 torpedo into AP Koan Maru for 36 40 13 damage. 

I have a group of submarines approaching Brisbane to see what prizes present in what High Command hopes the allies see as little more than a back water not deserving of much in the way of protection.  A further group of submarines are sitting off Rabaul awaiting a not to distant invasion.

Naval Losses for the Day

Nil today.


It certainly appears that the Chinese theatre has started off with a bang.  tocaff has made his intentions clear in the Naning sector and I will be most displeased with myself if my forces can’t hang onto this city.  On the other hand the early capture of Yenen was a very pleasing result.  As I have adopted a HR of maintaining forces on occupied Chinese road/rail hexes I do not propose to continue this axis of attack and will now focus on a different Chinese city to attack.

The naval action has dropped off with not a single ship on either side sinking for two days now.  The damage being inflicted on my shipping however is starting to become a concern and a steady stream of shipping (mainly merchant at the moment) is heading back to the repair yard.

There is some prospect of naval action in the coming day.  I have a task force of 2 BB, 1 CA and 5 DD in the Celebes Sea attempting to hunt down ships fleeing from the Philippines.  At present there are 3 task forces in hexes immediately adjacent to the hex with my task force in.  Recon report a AP in 1 and a CA in another……. If my task force can react in the desired way some surface action may be forthcoming. 

To the north of Morotai I have 2 task forces (3 DD and 4 DD) attempting to hunt down another allied task force which is believed to contain more merchant shipping fleeing the Philippines.

Off the west coast of the US submarines have spotted a task force which appears to have at least 3 CA in it.

SierraJuliet -> Nanning is a battlefield (4/10/2009 9:03:13 AM)

16 December 1941


Air: Aerial attacks on allied forces in Malaya result in 4 casualties in 3rd ISF Base Force and 7 casualties in 22nd Indian Brigade,
Air attack on Khota Bharu results in 3 casualties and 1 gun lost and 2 airbase hits, 1 airbase supply hit and 12 runway hits for the loss of 1 Sally.
Air attack on Kuala Lumpur by 9 Nell escorted by 3 Oscar results in 1 airbase hit, 1 airbase supply hit and 5 runway hits.
Air attack on Singapore by 41 Nell escorted by 3 Zero and opposed by CAP of 9 Buffalo results in 1 Buffalo destroyed, 1 airbase hit, 1 airbase supply hit and 2 runway hits for the loss of 1 Nell.
Land:  The Imperial Guards are at hand and are not far away from making their presence felt.


Land: Forces continue to move towards Tavoy.

Land:  Galeia is occupied without resistance.

China (Hong Kong)

Air: Aerial attacks in a number of locations result in 22 casualties and 1 gun lost in 62nd Chinese Corps, 5 casualties in 2nd Chinese Cavalry Corps, 20 casualties in 90th Chinese Corps
Land: Opposing forces in Hong Kong exchange bombardment attacks with the allies losing 98 casualties and 7 guns lost.
The fighting at Nanning continues.  Japanese forces are ordered to consolidate after the last attack on the city.  A bombardment attack on the Chinese forces results in 9 casualties and 1 gun lost.  Tocaff has ordered the Chinese troops to force the city and another deliberate attack ensues.  With the attacking and defending forces reported as being virtually equal (13953 troops v 13871 troops and the Japanese having a 2-1 advantage in guns) the allied attack falters and achieves assault odds of 0 to 1.  The Japanese forces entrenched in the city report 25 casualties and 1 gun lost in comparison to 165 casualties and 4 guns lost by the Chinese.  Reinforcements are rushing to the city and work is underway to bring the fort level back up to 3.


Land:  Dadjangas is indeed free of allied forces and the town is occupied without resistance.  Forces in Davao are ordered to march on Cagayan which has been identified as a B-17 bomber base.
Air: Air raid on Clark Field by 35 Betty escorted by 23 Zero achieves destruction of 1 P-35A and 1 Tomahawk, 30 casualties and 1 gun and 1 vehicle lost as well as 3 airbase hits and 8 runway hits.
Air raid on Clark Field by 23 Nell escorted by 18 Zero results in 6 casualties, 1 airbase hit and 2 runway hits.


SS 1-3 southwest of Pearl is located and attacked by DM Ramsay and Breese and receives 03 00 00 damage.

Japanese ASW task force near Takao locates SS Seadragon and reports 1 hit.
Japanese destroyers off Kuantan depth charge a contact believed to be KXIII without any apparent damage being inflicted.
Japanese destroyers off Leagspi attack a contact believed to be S-39 without result.  Further attacks by PC Gamitsu Maru # 1, and PGs Saiko Maru and Edo Maru on S-39 result in reports that the submarine is on fire and suffered 5 hits.

Naval Losses for the Day

Nil today.

Damaged Ships Status

AK Saiko Maru has diabolical system damage (99).  Her flotation over the last day has increased from 48 to 58… this doesn’t look promising.
AK Awazisan Maru snug in harbour at Brunei has seen flotation stabilized over the last three days at 65, 63 and now 61...... this appears to be promising. 
SS I-155 currently at Kuantan after stumbling into a mine at Singapore as recorded the following flotation levels – 74, 67, 68, 69…… again not promising.  She is too far away to attempt to sail anywhere so here she stays to see what her crew can do for her.  It appears that the ocean is winning the battle bit by bit each day.
SS I-24 withdrawing from the west coast has the crew doing a great job of containing and reducing the flooding - 37, 28, 18.  She should make a sage passage to harbour and repair – system damage is only at 10.  

Well tocaff has continued his attacks on Nanning.  This sector will occupy my mind for the immediate short term.  Unless he brings in more forces I am confident that the reinforcements on the way should see the city hold. 

Apart from sub activity little naval action this turn.  My BB task force in Celebes Sea did not manage to intercept and shipping, however, my destroyer task hunting south of Palau is nearing shipping and now only has to effect the intercept. 

A small group of subs has gathered off Brisbane so I shall see what activity is coming in and out of this port.  Shipping is again on the move around San Francisco and some sub intercepts are hoped for.

  Tocaff will be off line for a couple of days so I have some time to take a breather and review where I’m at.

SierraJuliet -> Surrender Hong Kong (4/15/2009 9:22:10 AM)

Hi all.  After our short break tocaff and I are back at it.  Read on for the latest developments.

17 December 1941
Air: Attacks aimed at softening up land forces in Malaya cause 41 casualties on 22nd Indian Brigade.  At Khota Bharu the airbase is hit 3 times and the runway takes 15 hits whilst ground personnel lose 8 casualties and 1 gun lost.  The airbase at Kuala Lumpur is hit 4 times, the airbase 3 times and the runway takes 6 hits.  In the skies over Singapore 1 Nell is lost for the destruction of 1 Vildebeest and 1 Blenheim, 27 casualties are inflicted and the airbase is hit 5 times, the airbase supply twice and the runway is hit 11 times.
My Oscar CAP at Kuantan protects the fleet from attack and downs 1 Hudson.
Land: The rather speedy 15th Army HQ has outpaced the 55th Division and is within sight of Tavoy.  Early reports suggest that the town has been abandoned by the hastily retreating British forces.
No reports.
China (Hong Kong)
Air: Continued air attacks result in 35 casualties from 66th Chinese Corps and 27 casualties to 90th Chinese Corps
Land: All forces at Hong Kong are ordered to shock attack and after the last vestiges of the fortifications have been pounded the city is stormed and the garrison surrenders.  Japanese forces reported 635 casualties and 11 guns lost to the British 12934 casualties, 31 guns and 1 vehicle lost.  Amazingly no damage is caused to the infrastructure here.  My forces have picked up Manpower (0) x 2, Heavy Industry (0) x 151, Resources (0) x 30 and Repair Shipyard (0) x 26.
Sea: Tocaff sends in the PTs to try and cause some havoc at Lingayen where they run into CL Naka and DDs Natsugumo, Minegumo, Asagumo, Murasame, Harusame, Yudachi and SamidarePT-32 and PT-33 are blown out of the water and PT-31  beats a hasty retreat.
Land:  Forces are moving in on Cagayan.
Air: Clark air field is hit without loss to the attackers and 8 runway hits scored.
My group of submarines off the coast of Brisbane managed to locate AK Lillian Luckenbach but couldn’t manage to get a torpedo on target.  Oh well it should still be a bit of a surprise to tocaff.  I’ve also found out just how short the legs are on the RO class and they are now moving back to Truk.  I’ll see if I can get them to cruise off the Queensland coast and see what they pick up.
Naval Losses for the Day
PT-32 and PT-33
Damaged Ships Status
AK Saiko Maru has flotation now at 78.  She is off loading as much supply as she can.  She is certain to be lost.
AK Awazisan Maru still snug in harbour at Brunei and flotation is still stabilize.
SS I-155 currently at Kuantan – the sea water is still seeping in.
SS I-24 withdrawing from the west coast has flooding well under control.
BC Haruna with 26 damage from a torpedo strike makes a snappy change of direction and is headed to Hong Kong to fix that damage.
The fall of Hong Kong is welcome.  Stacks of supply etc. and the bulk of the forces here will now trek back to Canton to assist in the developing attack of Changsha.
In the Philippines forces have been sent to Apparri to remove the enemy forces stationed there.  I have also sent forces to Tuguegarao to cut these forces off should they attempt to flee.
Mini KB is moving towards Amboina in support of a surface combat force also heading in that direction.  Reports indicate that shipping has been using this port as a gathering point.  There is even a report of a cruiser here… maybe this is where tocaffs Philippine naval assets are holed up.
An invasion force containing the South Seas Detachment is on the way to Rabaul.  This fleet is supported by a force of cruisers and the KB on the way to Truk.
In Russia the 8th Mongolian Cavalry has crossed the border so tocaff should now be free to move his forces around.  In any event I’m not planning on a push here in the foreseeable future.

SierraJuliet -> Tourists in Mongolia (4/15/2009 12:09:30 PM)

Something may be in the wind.  Seems in my enthusiasm to take on 2 PBEM my left hand has forgotten to talk to my right hand.  I’d got to thinking that in both games I’d declared that I would advance a unit into Russia to allow my opponent the opportunity to arrange forces as he wishes.  Seems I only did this in one game and the game with tocaff isn’t the one. 

Anyway it appears that one Joe Stalin has got word of a Japanese border incursion in Mongolia of all places.  Tocaff and I are playing in a gentlemanly way so I have left the final decision in his hands…..  the war might be about to take a rather unexpected change…. If, however, the status quo remains the same I’m going to promote my ambassador (the one that managed to talk Molotov around). Maybe to a nice quite spot in the sun…….hmmm Brazil sounds nice.  [:D][:D][:D]

SierraJuliet -> RE: Tourists in Mongolia (4/15/2009 2:18:58 PM)

Stalin has let it be known that he would like Port Arthur to be handed back to the Russian peoples.  In exchange, I expect, for eternal peace between the Empire of Japan and the Communist State of it possible to trust Stalin wonders Tojo.  After some more thinking he realises the absurdity of it all..... the idea of Japan relinquishing control of Port Arthur.... simply preposterous!!!!!! 

SierraJuliet -> Air Attacks on Russia!!!! (4/19/2009 3:22:46 AM)

18 December 1941
Air: Air strike on 48th Lt. AA Regiment causes 26 casualties.  An allied air strike by 21 Buffalo and 3 Blenheim meets CAP of 14 Oscar.  1 Buffalo is shot down and no ships are damaged.
Air:  Strike on No. 108 RAF Base Force causes 19 casualties.
Air:  Strike from mini KB locates and lands 7 bomb hits on AK Governor Wright.  She is reported to be on fire and appears to have suffered heavy damage.  17 Kates from mini KB locate TK Manatawny and report 6 torpedo hits.  Whilst in the area mini KB also launches a raid on Amboina causing 3 airbase hits and 5 runway hits. 
Land: Bombardment attack by Japanese forces at Nanning causes them to lose 5 casualties and 1 gun lost.
Air: Strikes on 83rd Chinese Corps causes 29 casualties, on 6th Chinese Cavalry Corps 13 casualties and on 27th Chinese Corps 45 casualties and 1 gun lost
Land:  Aparri is assaulted and the base is captured.  The defeated allied forces retreat after losing 33 casualties.
Air: A strike of 38 Betty on Clark Field causes 26 casualties, 2 guns lost, 2 air base hits, 1 airbase supply hit and 16 runway hits.  A follow up strike destroys 2 Tomahawk and 1 B-17.  19 casualties and 2 guns are reported lost along with 1 airbase hit and 14 runway hits.
Air:  And now for something different air strikes on Russian territory.  [&:]
11 Sally attack Borzya for 1 runway hit.
16 Sonia attack Khabarovsk and lose 6 of their number to achieve 1 runway hit.

Off shore from Kuantan DDs Arashi and Hibiki [&o]score 2 hits on KXIII.
Escorts for a task force in Philippines locate and score 1 hit on SS Swordfish.
SS KXV scores 1 torpedo hit on TK Jinei sailing into Brunei.  KXV follows up on the surface and scores 3 shell hits and another torpedo on Jinei resuling in her loss.
Naval Losses for the Day
TK Jinei
TK Manatawny
The air attack on Russian bases was a lesson in what happens after the Russians are activated and local commanders are left to their own devices.  I’d hardly say the results were in any way impressive.  In response Russian troops moved over the border and took control of the unoccupied town of Sunwu.  As this was the only aggressive Russian move I’m wondering if it was a move by tocaff to see what reaction would come from it.  I have advised tocaff that the Japanese attacks were not authorised but in any event the decision is his and he now has more cause to use those Russian troops if he desires.

n01487477 -> RE: Air Attacks on Russia!!!! (4/19/2009 3:30:46 AM)

IF Stalin or one of his cronies decide to go to war after your border incursions then have a look at GordoNZ's thread, he is playing Stock and is doing a fine job of cleaning up the weak Russians in this mod IIRC. I think that I'd not go to war if I was Stalin, but it will be an interesting development if it does occur and real training in encirclement and destruction of Lcu's. Better stand down your forces in the meantime, even look at the Home Islands and check there too ...


SierraJuliet -> Russia goes cold again (4/19/2009 4:04:10 AM)

Hey Damian.... seems that tocaff is happy to leave the status quo be for the time being but I am on notice that Stalin may change his mind an any time.  Will look at GordonNZs for some tips.  I'm more wary of the north and the home islands now.

19 December 1941
Air: Strike at Singapore by 49 Nell causes 1 Buffalo destroyed, 20 casualties, 6 airbase hits and 9 runway hits for the loss of 1 Nell.
A strike by 3 Blenheim escorted by 12 Buffalo on surface task force off Kuantan meets CAP of 3 Zero and 9 Oscar and 4 Buffalo are shot down.
Land:  Forces at Tavoy capture the abandoned town. 
Land: I chance my hand at Changsa and order shock attack with forces presently on hand.  With a fort level of 3 the Chinese repulse the attack and inflict 3514 casualties, 76 guns lost and 6 vehicles lost on the Japanese whilst taking 1230 casualties and 46 guns lost on their side.
Air: 16th Chinese Corps is attacked and sustains 6 casualties.
Air: 29 Nell attack Clark Field and cause 1 P-35A destroyed, 40 casualties, 1 vehicle lost and 14 run way hits.
Thankfully no action reported.
South East Pacific
Air:  The invasion fleet bound for Rabaul is attacked by 3 Hudson and AP Daijukyo Maru is hit by 2 bombs causing 71 21 21 damage and 30 casualties to troops on board and 1 gun lost.
Somewhere off the coast of south east Queensland RO67 encounters AK Sipirok and put 1 shell and 1 torpedo into her.
Naval Losses for the Day
SS KXIII from damage caused by Hibiki and Arashi
AP Saiko Maru from damage caused by aerial bomb 4 days previous
All Japanese units near Russia have been stood down and a cease fire is in effect.  Stalin has indicated a willingness to leave things be for the time being at least.

John 3rd -> RE: Russia goes cold again (4/20/2009 1:58:03 AM)

You guys don't have very many ships sunk.  What did you bag of the Thundering Herd fleeing Manila?

I love your footer with the Shattered Sword quote!

SierraJuliet -> RE: Russia goes cold again (4/20/2009 10:11:42 AM)

John you are right about the number of ships sunk so far.  My Intel reports have recorded 4 Japanese ships to 26 allied ships.
Of that total 15 have been ships making a run from the Philippines.  Break up is MSW x 1, PG x 2, AS x 2, AO x 2, TK x 3, AP x 1 and AK x 4.  I’m not sure if this is to be regarded as good, bad or indifferent from the Japanese point of view.  Tocaff has made some comments though about how hard it has been to break the blockade.  Some of these ships got as far as Taliabu in the DEI and far off shore from Catanduanes in the Philippines before they were hunted down by mini KB.  In the last couple of turns mini KB tracked a number of ships fleeing towards Darwin.  I gave some serious thought to sending mini KB after them but thought better of it as I didn’t want to be embarrassed by running out of fuel.
I didn’t approach this game with too much in the way of detailed plans of attack.  It was more a case of having some general ideas of where I wanted to go.  One of them happened to be a close blockade of the Philippines using a number of small destroyer task forces… my inspiration for this was the destroyer hunter group hunting a long way from home that was such a spectacular success in and around Narvik during the war (yes I know a certain Warspite had a big helping hand in proceedings but you have to admire the pluck of those Brit destroyers).  The other thing I have noted over the years is a number of allied players mentioning the success they have achieved in taking their ships on the northern route…. I’m guessing John that you have taken that piece of Intel on board judging from the success of your thundering herd.
As for the otherwise lack of warship type naval actions… I’m not sure what is going on there.  There was of course the almost battle in the Philippines where my little fleet of destroyers was in serious jeopardy but they managed to keep themselves out of harms way.  As for Force Z I got one fleeting sight of Repulse early on and then nothing.  Still early days though with only 2 weeks gone and my subs have also picked up a few good results off the US west coast.
Thanks for the footer praise John.  I have been a fan of the Japanese fleet since primary school when I read a Readers Digest version of someone’s novel about Midway (Possibly Prange but it is a long distant memory now).  Not sure of the reason why but since then Kaga has been one of my favourite ships.  The reference to Yamaguchi making comment on the state of Kaga’s response to the dive bombers was too good to pass up.

SierraJuliet -> Kuala Lumpur falls (4/20/2009 2:12:59 PM)

20 December 1941
Air: An allied sortie by 3 Blenheim escorted by 13 Buffalo locates the surface fleet protecting Kuantan.  They also meet a CAP of 5 Zero and 23 Oscar.  The skies are contested for a while and in the end 7 Buffalo have been claimed as destroyed and no hits are scored on the fleet.
A strike against Singapore by 23 unescorted Nell meets a CAP of 6 Buffalo.  1 Nell is downed and in return 1 Blenheim and 1 Vildebeest are destroyed along with 10 casualties, 2 airbase hits, 1 airbase supply hit and 18 runway hits.
Land: Recon reported that Kuala Lumpur had been left undefended and as the road ahead was open elements of the Imperial Guards raced on ahead to secure this important town.  On the same day that these troops moved in the bulk of 1st Parachute Regiment dropped onto Kuala Lumpur and secured all major infrastructures.  The initial survey found manpower at (0) x 2 and resources at (0) x 600 and 10018 supplies stored in the town.  2 Vildebeest left at the air port were also destroyed.
Land: Bombardment attacks continue at Changsha, hex 48,37(96 allied casualties and 4 guns lost) and Nanning
Air: The usual strikes on ground targets nets 21 casualties in 16th Chinese Corps and 15 casualties and 1 gun lost in 89th Chinese Corps,
Land:  Troops are ashore at Tuguegarao.  The undeveloped base at Mazbate Island was occupied by Japan.
Air: Strikes on Clark Field cause 35 casualties and 1 gun lost, 2 airbase hits, 12 runway hits and destroy 1 B-17
A strike on 71st PA Division at Clark Field causes 91 casualties and 3 guns lost.  1 P-26A is lost to the Zeros escorting the Betty bombers.
South East Pacific
Sea: Cruiser task force bombards Rabaul and destroys 1 Hudson and 1 Wirraway, causes 92 casualties and destroys 2 vehicles and hits the airbase 4 times, gains 3 hits on the airbase supply and hits the runway 12 times and scores 1 hit on the port.
Air:  5 Wirraway from Rabaul locate the incoming invasion task force and one of the pilots lands a bomb onboard AP Kunimitsu Maru causing 3 casualties and 1 gun lost.
Land:  Troops are ashore at Kavieng.  This was unplanned and came about due to the damage caused to AP Daijukyo Maru on the previous day.  This sole transport was detached from the Rabaul invasion fleet and ordered to have the troops aboard her storm the base at Kavieng.
Troops are also ashore at Rabaul and the resulting allied bombardment attack results in both sides losing 3 casualties and 1 gun lost each.
SS Trusty lurking around Kuantan locates AP Koan Maru and scores 3 torpedo hits sending her to the bottom in short time.
Naval Losses for the Day
AP Koan Maru
My major achievement for the day was the capture of Kuala Lumpur.  My forces have now cut off a sizeable number of troops that should not be able to make their way back to Singapore.  Within days elements of the Imperial Guard will have moved in on Georgetown and should deal with the forces stationed there.  The rest of the Imperial Guard are at Taiping and have been ordered to seize this town.  Recon reports 18 760 troops with 117 guns holed up on Khota Bharu.  I’m hoping tocaff hasn’t got wind of it but come the 21st another fleet of transports will start landing the 4th Division at Khota Bharu.  At the same time the 5th Division at Alor Star will move in and this should deal with the allied troops stationed here.  Inland from Kuantan the 18th division and supporting troops have almost finished slogging their way inland and will soon resume the advance on towards Singapore.  Since the beginning of the game I had been moving 1st Parachute Regiment to Camranh Bay in the hope that an opportunity might present itself to use them.  Well it did and by massing 129 transport planes the bulk of this regiment was flown to KL.  The next day will see the rest of the regiment ferried south.
In yet another day of quite action on the seas only 1 ship is reported sunk.  In the Philippine though a few more fleets of ships have been sighted making a southern run to safety.  I’ve sent in more task forces around Tawi Tawi to see if any further ships can be claimed before they reach safer southern ports.  I am wondering though if tocaff isn’t setting up a trap here somewhere to see if he can catch one of my small surface action groups and get a victory in.

SierraJuliet -> Sink the cargo ships (4/21/2009 2:05:33 PM)

21 December 1941
Air: 3 Blenheim escorted by 10 Buffalo seek out the surface task force off Kuantan and again have to take on a strong CAP.  Today 5 Zero and 23 Oscar take to the air and without loss bring down 3 Buffalo and break up the attack on the fleet.  A follow up attack by 3 Hudson meets a CAP of 12 Oscar and all 3 Hudson are destroyed.
Sea: CAs Kumano, Suzuya, Mikuma and Mogami soften up the defenses at Khota Bharu and cause 508 casualties, 10 guns lost, 2 airbase hits and 29 runway hits, 8 port hits, 2 port fuel hits and 7 port supply hits.
Land: Taiping is undefended and is captured by elements of the Imperial Guard.
Land: Bombardment attack at Changsa causes 321 casualties and 10 guns lost by the Chinese forces in the city.
Air: Aerial attacks result in 12 casualties to 27th Chinese Corps.
Land:  Tuguegarao is assaulted and captured with allied forces retreating after suffering 15 casualties.  Catanduanes is occupied.
Air: 18 Nell recent arrivals at Davao locate an allied task force near Jolo and score 2 torpedo hits on MSW Lark.  1 torpedo was more than enough to disable the tiny ship and the second hit shattered the ship causing her to plummet down into the depths within minutes of the second hit.
Sea: AK Capillo making a run out of the Philippines has the bad luck to run into a surface task force containing CA Chokai and CL Isuzu escorted by 5 DD.  The Japanese night fighting skills shine again and Capillo is soon hit by 2 torpedoes and sinks.
South East Pacific
Sea: Bombardment of Rabaul by CAs Kako, Furutaka, Kinugasa and Aoba causes the destruction of 1 Wirraway, 40 casualties, 1 runway hit and 3 port hits.
Land:  Kavieng is captured.
SS RO-64 returning to Truk via the Coral Sea locates AK Kanlaon II.  The sub captain opts for some surface action experience and is soon rewarded with 5 confirmed shell hits.  For good measure 3 torpedoes slam into the stricken ships and she soon slips beneath the waves becoming the most southerly located ship lost to the Japanese.
SS I-159 operating near Tawi Tawi locates AK Bisayas and also gets in some surface gunnery hitting this ship with 3 shells and following up with 3 torpedo hits.
Naval Losses for the Day
MSW Lark, AKs Bisayas, Capillo, Governor Wright, Kanlaon II
The land action in Malaya is developing.  The 4th Division has gained a beach head at Khota Bharu but will wait until the arrival of 5th Division which is moving in from Alor Star.  Recon also reports 6 allied units at Malacca.  I’m expecting tocaff will attempt to bog my forces down at this point or perhaps even use them to force an action in a place of his own choosing.  I’m not planning on moving on Malacca until the troops based at Khota Bharu have been dealt with and I can then move all my forces in for the attack on Malacca.
Following on from the recent post regarding shipping lost attempting to escape from the Philippine this turn sees another 4 ships (1 MSW and 3 AK) lost as they attempt to flee.  Encouraging signs from my sub fleet, too, as they rack up two kills this turn.  More worrying though is tocaffs last email where he intimated that he doesn’t expect to loose anything more substantial than an AV throughout 1942.  It appears that he has pulled his naval assets back beyond my reach and is content to let the fight come to him while he gathers his forces in relative safety.

SierraJuliet -> Manila Harbour (4/22/2009 1:32:26 PM)

22 December 1941
No notable actions in this theatre.
Land: Bombardment attack at Changsa records 185 casualities.
Air: Attacks on 27th Chinese Corps result in 38 casualties reported.
Land: Ground troops arrive at Cagayan and not being sure of the size of allied forces in the area a bombardment attack is ordered.  It appears to be only a small force and an all out attack is ordered for tomorrow.
Air: For a couple of turns I have had a feeling that the harbour at Manila actually contains some shipping.  All available bombers at Laoag were ordered to port attack and a force of 30 Nell and 70 Betty escorted by 37 Zero swooped on Manila Harbour.  I was surprised to find shipping still sheltering in the harbour some 2 weeks after the commencement of hostilities.  The following damage reports were received from the returning bombers.
SS Skipjack, Bomb hits 2,  on fire,  heavy damage
SS Sargo, Torpedo hits 1,  on fire
AK Corregidor, Bomb hits 1,  on fire
SS S-41, Bomb hits 2,  on fire,  heavy damage
SS Permit, Bomb hits 1
SS Seal, Bomb hits 2,  on fire,  heavy damage
The port was hit 4 times and 286 casualties were reported along with 7 guns lost.  At the end of the turn Skipjack, Sargo and S-41 were reported as sunk.  Not a single Japanese plane was lost in the attack.
Sea: Nell bombers stationed at Davao locate AK Don Jose and 4 torpedoes are reported to have hit the ship.  No report yet received of her having sunk but this ship should soon join the list of ships lost while attempting to make a run for it.
South East Pacific
Land:  The South Seas Detachment is ordered to shock attack at Rabaul but the forts at level 3 hold strong and the attackers lose 152 casualties and 3 guns lost to only 7 allied casualties.  Further reinforcements are on the way from Truk to assist in the battle to take Rabual.
Sea: toaff’s Philippine fleet made up of CA Houston, CLs Boise, Marblehead and De Ruyter and supported by DDs Pope, Pillsbury, John D. Ford, Peary, Parrott, Paul Jones and John D. Edwards turns up out of the blue at Morotai and proceeds to bombard the base and destroys 1 Mavis and causes 7 airbase hits, 3 airbase supply hits, 38 runway hits, 1 port hit and 10 port supply hits.  Amazingly I had only just removed the ground unit and a few APs from Morotai and sent them on their way to seize Menado.  One turn earlier and he would surely have cleaned up the 3 AP that had been lingering at this port.  I have flown in a number of Nell bombers to Davao to see if some air power can deal some blows to this fleet.  Other naval forces are also closing in on the area including mini KB.  If things work out well this fleet should be located and subjected to aerial assault before my surface ships have to deal with them.  If one of my surface fleets catches up with it first though it could be a tough contest as tocaff has put together an impressive force and one not to be dallied with lightly.
Over the last few days a submarine was located tracking southerly to the west of Kwajalien.  With plenty of small ships on hand a few ASW task forces were created and placed on the likely route of the sub.  APD-31 reported that she had located SS Sailfish and launched a successful attack with 6 reported hits.
AK Sipirok hit by torpedoes a day or 2 ago by one of my RO submarines just of the coast of Brisbane is reported as sunk.  She is now the most southerly located ship lost to the Japanese.
Naval Losses for the Day
SS Skipjack, SS Sargo, SS S-41, AK Sipirok
The reappearance of Houston and Boise plus their supporters is ominous.  More so since I have lost contact with them and they could turn up anywhere.  So far I have been lucky against this force and I’m not expecting that luck to hold indefinitely.
The harbour attack on Manila appears to have paid off well with 3 subs confirmed sunk and a couple of others surely on the injured list.  Not bad after my day one disappointments.

SierraJuliet -> Houston and Boise Strike (4/25/2009 12:03:34 PM)

23 December 1941  

I forgot to keep a copy of the combat report for this day so will only be able to give a brief review of the day touching on some of the events mentioned in my last post of the previous day.   

Cagayan falls after the smaller allied force at this base retreats.  

AK Don Jose is reported as being lost as a result of the attack on it the previous day.  

Houston and company track south and locate my 3 x AP invasion fleet offshore at Menado.  In an overnight target practice session AP Koshin Maru sinks and AP Kidokawa Maru suffers extremely serious damage.  1 AP, in a relatively unscathed state, manages to escape with Kidokawa Maru.  The SNLF on board was spread amongst the 3 ships so at the moment it stands a chance of being saved.  Tocaff is, understandably, unimpressed with the lack of success of this powerful combination of ships…… a result of 3 out of 3 would have been the expected result here.  Despite my surface ships in the area and numerous planes assigned to naval search duties Houston and friends disappear once again.  

Naval losses for the day

AP Koshin Maru  
AK Don Jose

SierraJuliet -> Christmas Eve 1941 (4/26/2009 1:27:43 AM)

24 December 1941

Land: After trekking south from Kuantan Japanese forces initiate a deliberate attack on the allied forces previously defeated at Kuantan. Japanese forces report 75 casualties, 2 guns and 1 vehicle lost for 146 casualties and 3 guns lost on the allied side. Again the allied force retreats.
At Khota Bharu the besieged allied forces rally with a bombardment attack and cause the Japanese 6 casualties and 1 gun lost.
At Georgetown Imperial Guards/C Division attacks the garrison. The Guards lose 67 casualties and 7 guns and inflict 36 casualites and 3 lost guns on the defenders. The fortifications are reduced by 1 to a level 4.
8th Indian Brigade at Khota Bhura is attacked by 21 Sally and for the loss of 43 casualties and 1 gun.

Air: North of Rangoon 2nd Burma Brigade is attacked by 19 Sally for the loss of 8 casualties and 1 gun lost.

Land: Bombardment attack by Japanese forces results in 255 allied casualties and 5 guns lost.
Air: At Changsa 89th Chinese Corps is attacked by 8 Ann for the loss of 3 casualties.

Air: At Clark Field 19 Betty bomb 105th USAAF Base Force causing 24 casualties and 1 gun lost. 9 Betty bomb 71st PA Division and cause 25 casualties and 1 gun lost with 1 Betty being destroyed.

South East Pacific
Land: At Rabual the garrison launches a bombardment attack and loss 14 casualties and 1 gun from their number.

Land: The remnants of the SNLF embarked on the APs mauled by Houston are put down at Menado. The local Dutch garrison responds with a bombardment attack and inflict 3 casualties on the demoralized Japanese.

Only fleeting glimpses with no reported damage on either side.

Naval Losses for the Day

Nil reported.

Not too much action going on today. Action on the Malayan peninsula is on the move again with forces at Kuantan breaking out and now in a position to threat Malacca. The reduction of Georgetown has commenced and with the successful attacks on the forts the prospects of a quick victory have increased.

SierraJuliet -> RE: Christmas 1941 (4/26/2009 5:35:19 AM)

25 December 1941
Land: Japanese bombardment at Khota Bharu causes 45 casualties and 1 gun lost to the defending allied force.  Retaliation by the defenders causes 4 Japanese casualties and 2 allied casualties and 1 gun lost.
The assault of Georgetown continues with another deliberate Japanese attack resulting in 98 Japanese casualties and 3 guns lost to 37 allied casualties and 2 guns lost.  The forts are once again successfully assaulted and drop 1 more point to now stand at 3.
Air: A sweep of Singapore by 21 Zero is met by 6 Buffalo with 2 being claimed as kills by the Japanese pilots.
Air: North of Rangoon 2nd Burma Brigade is attacked by 9 Sally without loss.
Land: The bombardment of Changsa continues 408 allied casualties and 15 guns being reported lost by the defending troops.
Air: 13 Nell locates AK Princess of Negros and scores 3 torpedo hits.

South East Pacific
Sea: KB makes turns up in support of the landing at Rabual.  AK Mauban is located by 17 Val and 22 Kate and is hit by 1 bomb and 2 torpedoes.  The ship must be carrying troops as 55 casualties and 1 gun lost is reported.  About 100 miles away AK Magallanes is located by 20 Val and 22 Kate and suffers 7 bomb hits and 1 torpedo hit with 140 casualties, 2 guns and 1 vehicle reported lost.
Land:  Japanese troops are ashore on Nauru Island and the undefended speck is captured.
Troops are also ashore on Tarawa.
The defenders at Rabaul launch a bombardment attack and manage to cause themselves 8 casualties and 1 gun lost.
AVD Heron locates SS RO-63 in the Coral Sea and reports 1 hit.
SS O20 operating off Brunei locates TK Kyokuyo Maru on her approach to the harbour.  Despite being escorted by 4 MSW O20 manages to register 2 torpedo hits.  The tanker docks but is suffering serious flooding likely to result in her loss.
Naval Losses for the Day
AK Princess of Negros, AK Magallanes, AK Mauban

The round up of ships fleeing the Philippines continues.  KB finally makes a belated appearance.  The assault at Georgetown continues to go well.

SierraJuliet -> How to smash a parachute regiment (4/26/2009 12:36:32 PM)

26 December 1941
Land: The vacant base at Victoria Point is captured by Japanese forces.
The allied forces at Khota Bharu launch a bombardment attack and lose 17 casualties and 4 guns lost.
At Georgetown the Japanese assault continues with the Japanese losing 36 casualties and 3 guns lost while the allies report 57 casualties and 3 guns lost.  Forts again lose a point and are now rated at level 2.
Sit back now and review some unexpected lunacy from the Japanese Supreme Commander (Me).  Deciding that recon was an overrated luxury commanders at a number of levels decide that a parachute drop on Johore Bahru would surprise the allies and set up a trap from which a substantial number of allied forces currently at Malacca would be unable to escape from.  Well that was the plan; however, the 1st Parachute Regiment was dropped into a nest of 6 allied units.  Not only that but the flak was astounding and the transport planes started suffering some unexpectedly heavy loses.  Once on the ground, though, the banzai spirit took over and those troops who had managed to safely make landfall regrouped and launched a shock attack on the level 5 fortifications.  163 casualties and 4 guns lost were reported with no noticeable impact on the defenders.  By the end of the day the remnants were reported to be surrounded and no more has been heard from the pawns in this misadventure.  Fortunately the remaining portion of this regiment was scheduled for a drop on the following day.  Suffice it to say that this drop has been cancelled and the regiment is now in rebuilding mode.
Air: 20 Zero fly sweep over Singapore and take on 6 Buffalo flying CAP.  3 Buffalo are claimed destroyed. 
At Khota Bhura FMSV Brigade is attacked by 19 Sally and reports are intercepted indicating 13 casualties.
At Johore Bahru 6th Indian Brigade is attacked by 12 Nell and reports 9 casualties.
Allied forces put together a strike of 3 Blenheim and 3 Swordfish escorted by 6 Buffalo.  A CAP of 12 Zero turns up to protect the fleet and claims 1 Buffalo and 1 Blenheim destroyed.  No ships are hit.
Another allied force of 3 Blenheim escorted by 5 Buffalo take on a transport force off Kuantan.  The CAP of 7 Zero destroys 1 Buffalo but this time the bombers get through and land 1 bomb on AP Ryugi Maru causing 16 08 12 damage.
Air: North of Rangoon 1st Burma Brigade is subjected to attack by 9 Sally and reports 25 casualties and 1 gun lost.
Land: The garrison at Menado keeps up the shelling of the SNLF survivors.  In something of a rebuff the attackers lose 8 casualties and 1 gun lost to 2 casualties and 1 gun lost by the Japanese.  A ship is on the way to rescue the survivors and take this remnant back home for rebuilding.
Air: Mini KB has her planes set to AF attack in secondary mode.  8 Vals pay a visit to Menado and for no result lose 1 of their number.

Land: The bombardment of Changsa continues with the Chinese forces suffering 300 casualties and 7 guns lost.
Air: The 62nd Chinese Corps south of Canton is attacked by 21 Sonia and suffers 22 casualties.
Air: The 71st PA Division at Clark Field is subjected bombing from 37 Betty and loses 35 casualties and 3 guns lost.
Sea East Pacific
Land: The garrison at Rabaul launches a bombardment on the attackers and loses 10 casualties and 2 guns lost in the process.

SS I-173 hits MSW Goulburn with 1 torpedo near Port Moresby.
SS KXVII hits AK Kansai Maru with 1 torpedo causing 54 53 49 damage.
Naval Losses for the Day
Nil reported.
The Georgetown assault goes well albeit at a slow pace.  My handling of the parachute regiment was demonstrably inept and hopefully I won’t be doing a repeat of this for some time.  Just to show that sometimes the Japanese flyers do make a return this report came up during the turn - LT Ikura B. of T1/25th Chutai bails out WOUNDED and is RESCUED – might have lost his plane but he lives to fly another day.

SierraJuliet -> Khota Bharu captured (4/26/2009 1:29:51 PM)

27 December 1941

Air: 17 Zero fly a sweep of Singapore and down 1 of the 4 Buffalo CAP.
At Khota Bharu 8th Indian Brigade loses 40 casualties and 1 gun lost in an attack by 19 Sally.
An allied attack by 3 Martin 139 meets a CAP of 10 Oscar and lose 1 of their number for no hits on the targeted task force.
Land: The 4th Division which has been ashore at Khota Bharu for several days is ordered to make a deliberate attack.  The forts at level 3 are easily breached and the base is captured.  For the loss of 163 casualties and 2 guns the Japanese capture 11 285 prisoners and 64 guns. 
The continuing attack at Georgetown costs the Imperial Guards 100 casualties and 2 guns for 10 allied casualties.  The forts are again reduced by 1 and are now rated at level 1.
Air: North of Rangoon 1st Burma Brigade is attacked by 12 Sally and loses 3 casualties.
Land: Troops are ashore at Jesselton.
The garrison at Menado launches a deliberate attack and after achieving odds of 20 – 1 on the remnant SNLF unit only manages to inflict 2 casualties.  This unit should be evacuated next turn.
Land: Bombardment at Changsa causes allied loses of 191 casualties and 2 guns lost.
Air: South of Canton 83rd Chinese Corps loses 46 casualties in an attack by 21 Sonia.
The 57th Chinese Corps at Changsa loses 2 casualties and 1 gun lost in an attack by 10 Sonia.  Also a Changsa the 89th Chinese Corps loses 23 casualties in an attack by 8 Ann.
Air: At Clark Field the 71st PA Division reports 32 casualties after an attack by 13 Betty.  A further attack by 26 Betty on 57th Regimental Combat Team results in 7 casualties and 2 Betty are lost in the attack.
AK Compagnia Filipinas is located south of Manila.  13 Nell sent out to deal with her report 4 torpedo hits.
Sea East Pacific
Land: Allied bombardment attack at Rabaul causes 16 Japanese casualties.
SS Snapper takes on a 4 PC ASW task force and gets 1 torpedo hit on PC Ch 2 resulting in her loss.  In return 2 hits are recorded on Snapper.
Naval Losses for the Day
PC Ch 2
AK Compagnia Filipinas
The fall of Khota Bharu has released a number of divisions to continue moving down the Malayan peninsula to take the attack to Singapore.  Standing in their way is units at Malacca and Johore Bahru.  I’m expecting Todd to put up resistance in these towns as long as he can.  Georgetown is also not far from falling and this will see the Imperial Guards reunited for the assault.

SierraJuliet -> Jesselton falls. (4/27/2009 12:13:07 PM)

28 December 1941
Air: Over Mersing 20 Oscar take on 1 Buffalo and destroy it.
Over Singapore 20 Zero take on 6 Buffalo and destroy 2 Buffalo.
Land: The Imperial Guards keep up the pressure at Georgetown and inflict 141 casualties and 2 guns lost on the defenders whilst losing 95 casualties and 1 gun lost.  The fortifications have now been reduced to 0.
Air: North of Burma 12 Sally bomb 1st Burma Brigade and cause 47 casualties and 2 guns lost.
Land: Troops are ashore at Kuching.
Jesselton is captured without a fight.
Sea: Naval bombardment at Kuching results in 405 casualties, 6 guns and 1 vehicle lost and 1 airbase hit, 1 airbase supply hit, 18 runway hits and 1 port hit.  Kongo, Atago and Takao lead this force.  Further day time bombardment causes 139 casualties and 2 guns lost as well as 1 airbase supply hit, 6 runway hits, 3 port hits, 3 port fuel hits and 2 port supply hits.
Air: 6 Nell bomb No. 107 RN Base Force at Kuching and cause 6 casualties.
Land: Japanese bombardment of Changsa causes 238 allied casualties and 5 guns lost.
Japanese bombardment at Nanning results in 5 Japanese casualties and 1 gun lost.
Air: South of Canton 24 Sonia hit 62nd Chinese Corps and cause 49 casualties. 
At Changsa 10 Sonia hit 44th Chinese Corps and cause 25 casualties.  Later in the day 6 Sally attack 57th Chinese Corps, also at Changsa, and cause 22 casualties.
Air: Recon suggests there are still ships in harbour at Manila.  38 Betty set out and land 2 bombs on SS Seal as well as causing 74 casualties, 2 guns lost and 1 port hit.
13 Nell flying out of Davao locate AK Ethel Edwards near Tawi Tawi and score 2 torpedo hits.
Land: Tagbalarin is occupied.
Sea East Pacific
Land: A shock attack by forces invading Rabaul causes 621 Japanese casualties and 17 guns lost to 44 allied casualties and 1 gun lost.  Fortifications are reduced from level 3 to level 0.
SS KXIV gets amongst the action at Kuching and slots 1 torpedo and 4 shells into AK Tetsuzan Maru for 64 30 29 damage.
Naval Losses for the Day
SS Seal
Georgetown is close to capture.  The invasion of Kuching is under way.  The assault of Rabaul now looks to be gathering pace.

SierraJuliet -> Georgetown captured (4/27/2009 2:19:30 PM)

29 December 1941
Air: A sweep by 2 Oscar over Mersing bags 1 Wirraway out the 1 Wirraway and 7 Buffalo that went up as CAP.
After seeing reports of a concentration of aircraft at Singapore I couldn’t resist the temptation to use my Zeros in an airfield strike role….. Silly move I know and the flak made me pay for it.  27 Zero attack and lose 5 of their number for a paltry return of 1 Buffalo and 1 Blenheim destroyed and 1 airbase and 12 runway hits.  20 more Zero drone on in and also lose 5 of their number and in return cause 11 casualties, 2 airbase hits, 1 airbase supply hit and 7 runway hits…… I know I can hear you thinking it now… What an extravagant waste of good pilots.
Land: The final chapter at Georgetown is played out with the Imperial Guards launching another deliberate attack which obtains assault odds of 5 – 1.  The Guards lose 60 casualties and 1 gun and force the surrender of 2712 troops who made up the garrison along with 9 guns.
Air: North of Rangoon 22 Sally bomb 1st Burma Brigade and cause 23 casualties and 1 gun lost.
Land: An undefended Moulmein is occupied by the advancing Japanese army.
Land: The daily bombardment of Changsa results in 108 allied casualties and 4 guns lost.
At Nanning the Japanese continue to bombard and again suffer loses.  This time 4 casualties and 2 guns are lost.  It is time to let up for a while and let the Chinese come at the town and batter themselves against the forts which are on the rise.
Air: South of Canton 24 Sonia hit 63rd Chinese Corps and cause 27 casualties and 1 gun lost.
At Changsa 9 Sonia hit 51st Chinese Corps and cause 11 casualties.  This time around the Chinese have put up a CAP of 6 I-16c and the escort of 9 Nate claims one I-16c during the raid.  One group of Nate will be upgraded to Oscar next turn so in a few turns they should be able to deal more effectively with any further I-16c interference.
Air: At Clark Field 37 Betty target 71st PA Division and cause 111 casualties and 5 guns lost.
Sea: After taking 2 torpedoes last turn AK Ethel Edwards is located still afloat.  6 Nell fly in low and hit her with another torpedo and send her to her doom.
Land: An undefended San Marcelino falls to the Japanese.
Sea East Pacific
Land: After the success of the previous day at Rabaul the attacking Japanese forces opt for a deliberate attack and are rebuffed losing 238 casualties and 5 guns to the allied 95 casualties and 1 gun lost.  Stubborn Australians!
PCs Ch 3, Ch 1 and Shonan Maru # 1 pound away at SS Snapper without success.  Later in the day MSW s W.20, W.12 and W.11 also have a go at Snapper and are rewarded with 2 hits to go along with the 2 hits she took a couple of days ago.  Later in the day the first three ships in this round are targeted by Snapper but avoid her attack.
Naval Losses for the Day
AK Ethel Edwards
TK Kyokuyo Maru (Kill to SS O20 which hit this ship on 25 December off Brunei)
Georgetown has fallen and Imperial Guards can now get back together and can reform for the upcoming assault on Malacca.  Rabaul did not fall as easily as hoped for.  SS Snapper continues to be an irritant off the coast of Batan Island.  Hopes are high that Kuching will fall before the end of the year.

John 3rd -> RE: Georgetown captured (4/27/2009 3:01:29 PM)

SJ--I do like how you are doing your combat reports.  They read well and I like the colorusage.

SierraJuliet -> RE: Georgetown captured (4/28/2009 2:49:08 PM)


ORIGINAL: John 3rd

SJ--I do like how you are doing your combat reports.  They read well and I like the colorusage.

Thanks John. Glad you like it. You should give yourself a pat on the back… I have rather shamelessly used your AAR format as the basis of my writing.

Glad you like the colouring. I wanted to do something to make the ships stand out as they and their crews are the stars for me.


SierraJuliet -> Nagato in action (4/28/2009 2:53:09 PM)

On board the battleship Nagato tension was mounting.  The fleet anchorage at Kuantan was not far off.  Sunset, too, was not far off and this was the time that the British torpedo bombers usually made their attacks.  In the short time since the beginning of this war Nagato had not ventured this far south and had seen no action at all.  The apprehension of the crew was fueled by the common knowledge around the fleet that this sea way had established a reputation as a bomb and torpedo alley.  Kuantan, with its limited port infrastructure, had nonetheless become the main source of supplies for the troops fighting their way inland.  Come this way the ships of Japan must do.
The CAP of Oscar fighters, whilst comforting, did little to allay the sailor’s anxiety.  With twilight fast approaching a cry went out from the lookout in the topmost structure of the battleship.  Soon all could see the specks on the horizon fast approaching and not long after they were close enough to make out the antiquated biplanes with rather large projectiles slung underneath.  AA fire suddenly lit up the sky and black clouds burst in and around the approaching formation.  The fighters could be seen tangling and soon a British Buffalo fell from the sky.  The attack planes were soon close enough to make out their type – 9 Swordfish and 3 Blenheim.  Nagato had picked up speed and had started evasive manoeuvres to throw off the aim of the bombers which had split up to create the best attacking angles.  The flack was very effective and soon 4 of the Swordfish had been smashed out of the sky.  The rest bore on though and soon torpedoes were in the water.  Nagato was jigging as best a ship of her size could but it was not enough to avoid one arrow straight trail in the water aimed square amidships.  An almighty explosion and a mountain of water which gathered height before collapsing over her port side announced a hit on the hull of the battleship.
The damage reports weren’t long in coming in.  Captain Yano was relieved to hear the report from the senior officer of the damage control party report that no damage had been caused and the ship was in fighting condition.  With the surviving attackers departing the scene Captain Yano took time to reflect on the remarks of the damage control officer….. ‘Just pecking on the surface; that is all the imperialists were able to do to our mighty ship’.

SierraJuliet -> Kuching captured (4/29/2009 1:31:59 PM)

30 December 1941
Air: At Malacca 6 Sally bomb SSVF Brigade causing 3 casualties and 1 gun lost.
Sea: As reported in my previous post the British launched an aerial assault on a surface task force containing 3 battleships.  9 Swordfish and 3 Blenheim escorted by 9 Buffalo meet a CAP of 9 Oscar.  By the end of the fight 4 Swordfish and 1 Buffalo had been destroyed (mainly by flak) and 1 torpedo hit Nagato.  As recounted no damage was caused to Nagato.  When I had a look at her after the round I found she was registering 00 00 00 in damage.  This was a very pleasant surprise as I had already written her off for a few months to undergo repair.  Now she remains available to me and Todd should think he has caused at least some damage to this major combatant.
In a follow up raid by on the same task force 3 Blenheim meet 9 Oscar and 1 Blenheim is destroyed.  No damage is caused to the ships of the fleet.
Land: Forces continue to move towards Malacca.
Air: North of Rangoon 9 Sally launch a strike on 1st Burma Brigade causing 20 casualties.
Land: At Changsa bombardment causes 203 casualties and 5 guns lost.
Air: At Changsha 15 Sally cause 1 airbase supply hit, 17 runway hits, 9 casualties and destroy 1 I-16c.
South of Canton 24 Sonia hit 63rd Chinese Corps and cause 2 casualties.
Air: At Clark Field 38 Betty bomb 71st PA Division causing 27 casualties and 1 gun lost.
Land: Troops are ashore at Lamon Bay.
Land: A deliberate attack at Kuching secures the base with the loss of 32 casualties and 1 gun for the Japanese and 1615 casualties allied casualties reported.  Some of the allied units surrender out right and one unit beats a hasty retreat to the south.
PCs Ch 9, Ch 8 and Ch 7 locate SS Truant and report 1 hit.
Naval Losses for the Day
MSW Golburn sinks off shore from Cairns after suffering torpedo damage from I-173 near Port Moresby on 26 December.
Securing Kuching ushers in a new phase of assaults intended to capture the towns on this major island and open up the route to Java.

SierraJuliet -> December '41 analysis (4/29/2009 2:29:53 PM)

I still have the final day of December '41 to write up but in the mean time I thought that some analysis of what I achieved during this month might make for some interesting reading.

Review of my first month of my first PBEM vs tocaff
December 1941 is now history in this game.  After much anticipation of sending KB off to raid Pearl Harbour absolutely nothing happened.  KB then fell into a hole and nothing was heard of them until the last week of December when the fleet turned up in the South East Pacific and bagged 2 AK which had steamed quite some distance in a futile attempt to quit the Philippines via a route north of New Guinea. 
My main strategy around the Philippines was to split my destroyers into small surface task forces and cover the choke points and clean up as much shipping coming out of these islands as possible.  The mini KB was employed to cover shipping attempting to flee via the northern route.  Over the course of the month a steady stream of ships kept moving out and in the main were intercepted and sunk.  Here is a break down of what happened to the ships stationed in the Philippines on 7 December 1941.  This doesn’t include major warships such as Houston and Boise.
At Manila
AK           11            8 sunk
TK            2              2 sunk
AO           2              2 sunk
AP           1              1 sunk
AS           3              2 sunk
SS           27            4 sunk
AV           1              0 sunk
AVD        1              0 sunk
MSW        6              2 sunk
PG           3              2 sunk
PT            6              5 sunk
At Naga
AK           7              3 sunk
TK            1              1 sunk
At Cagayan
AK           2              1 sunk
At Davao
AK           2              1 sunk
AVD        1              0 sunk
At Dadjangas
AK           2              0 sunk
AVD        1              0 sunk
Of the shipping referred to above 78 vessels commenced the war.  By the end of December 34 had been listed as sunk.  If the elusive submarines are removed from the list the result is 30 vessels sunk out of a total of 51 that started out in the various locations around the Philippines.  AK and TK seemed to suffer the worst with 13 out of 24 AK sunk and 3 out 3 TK sunk.  PTs also faired badly with 5 out the 6 starters being destroyed.
In the final analysis I’m happy with the results.  By choosing not to hit Manila with the port attack in the first round I knew that claiming submarines would be nigh on impossible – getting the 4 I did sink was more than I expected.  As for the rest I think the figures speak for themselves.  Manila seemed to be particularly difficult to escape from as 24 out of 35 surface vessels that started in Manila harbour on 7 December did not make it past the end of December.
More to follow soon.

SierraJuliet -> Fall of Lamon Bay and Tarawa (4/30/2009 12:38:23 PM)

31 December 1941
Air: 20 Zero conduct a sweep over Singapore and destroy 1 Buffalo from the 4 Buffalo sent aloft to defend the city.
At Malacca SSVF Brigade is bombed by 14 Nell and loses 25 casualties and 1 gun lost.  Another attack by 12 Nell, also on SSVF Brigade causes 16 casualties and 1 gun lost.  Not to be outdone 12 Sally bore in for the attack at Malacca and also picks out SSVF Brigade which this time loses 10 casualties.
Land: Land bombardment of forces at Malacca commences with the allied forces losing 6 casualties.
Land: Bombardment attack at Changsa causes allied loses of 205 casualties and 5 guns lost.
Air: 17 Sally bomb Changsa and cause 2 airbase hits and 3 runway hits.
South of Canton 66th Chinese Corps is bombed by 21 Sonia and suffers 26 casualties.
Air: At Clark Field 71st PA Division is bombed by 41 Betty and suffers 31 casualties and 1 gun lost.
Land: Lamon Bay, undefended, is assaulted and captured by Japan.
South East Pacific
Air: At Rabaul 101 RAAF Base Force is bombed by 21 Nell flying out of Truk and suffers 76 casualties.
Land: Tarawa base is stormed and is captured.
Quite some way north of Pearl Harbour SS I-8 is located by a surface force containing DDs Maury, Conyngham, Phelps, Balch and Flusser along with DMS Hovey.  She sneaks away after suffering 1 hit.
SS I-3, also to the north of Pearl Harbour, locates an incoming task force and lands one torpedo on AS Fulton.  In return she is absolutely pummelled by the escorts made up of DDs Humphreys, Brooks, Kilty, Crane, Kennison and Crosby.  She sustains 10 hits and is lost to the depths of the Pacific.
Not far away SS I-168 is located by the task force that attacked I-8 and again 1 hit is registered on the submarine before she slips away from her attackers. 
Naval Losses for the Day
SS I-3

Masses of ships are homing on Pearl Harbour from the north.  I have a number of subs still in this area and they have been ordered to queue up along the mostly likely path of advance and see if I-3 can’t be avenged.
Action at Malacca is about to commence with a couple of days bombardment before any serious attempt is made to dislodge the defenders of this location.
Next turn should also see another attempt to dislodge the forces at Rabaul.  An invasion force is not far off landing troops at Lae.
1941 is at a close.  The coming year, 1942, (the year of reckoning) beckons for Japan.

Here is a link to a screen shot of the developing sub action north of Pearl Harbour.


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