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aga2008 -> takeover of a game 03/42 - closed (3/27/2009 4:42:12 PM)

I am looking for a replacement player for the allies for Stock, Scenario 15:.

We're currently at 03/03/42. Japan holds every important base in the SRA but Manila,Bataan and Soerabaja. The New Hebrides were taken last week, Port Moresby and the Solomons have fallen long ago.
In the Burma/India theater of Operations the Japanese hold a line from Akyab to Ledo Imphal, Kohima and Jorhat are under allied control.

Victory points are standing at 2,8:1 currently

My current opponent thinks that his only option now is to pull back to ConUS and wait for 1943 and until that Japan would easily achieve automatic victory. Therefore he lost interest in the game and we've agreed that I'll look for a new opponent.

options: sub doctrines OFF, advanced weather ON, Allied damage control ON, PDU on, FOW ON

Barb -> RE: takeover of a game 03/42 (3/27/2009 4:59:42 PM)

I had similar thing happen, but this time to my Jap opponent. Unfortunately he vanished without a word.[8|]
I will wait until AE is out to play another long term PBEM. So I am not interested, just moaning [:D]

Yamato hugger -> RE: takeover of a game 03/42 (3/27/2009 5:28:24 PM)

I'll do it. Allies can come back from just about anything.

aga2008 -> RE: takeover of a game 03/42 (3/27/2009 6:35:51 PM)

thx to all - a new opponent has been found

John 3rd -> RE: takeover of a game 03/42 (3/28/2009 12:43:04 AM)

By the number of your posts, welcome to the Forum!  Ask my opponent in Forlorn Hopes as to how far down you can be before coming back to win!  ANYONE can come back as the Allies!

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