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SeanD -> How to get DMP Files and Saves (1/7/2009 6:36:50 PM)

When you report a bug or crash it is extremely helpful if you could provide us with a DMP file and a save game that can reproduce the problem reliably. A DMP file is a "Dump" file that is made when the game crashes. This will often contain clues as to why the game crashed. A save game is also very helpful for the same reason for not only crashes but bugs as well.

To get a DMP file go to the Hired Guns file directory (For instance: C:\Program Files\Matrix Games\Hired Guns - Jagged Edge).

Then click the "Logs" folder and then the "FATAL" folder. You should see files that are titled like this "FATAL_2008_12_07_12.39.37.dmp" - these are your DMP files.

To get a save game file go to the Hired Guns file directory like instructed above.

Then click the "profiles" folder. In this folder there should be a nonsensical folder name like "{e8def91d-a366-4312-9752-afb54df70cfc}" - open this folder. In the folder you should see a series of folders named as sequential numbers (if you have multiple saves). For example if you have ten saved game files you should see 10 folders that are named "0" through "9".

Additionally, each folder should have a corresponding .sav file to go with it. The sav files are named by the same numbering system.

When sending a sav game file please include but the folder and the sav file of the same number. (For instance don't just send 15.sav without the folder named "15" as well.

pad152 -> RE: How to get DMP Files and Saves (3/14/2009 6:55:06 PM)

An where do you want these files sent?

SeanD -> RE: How to get DMP Files and Saves (3/16/2009 6:18:53 PM)

Please private message me and I will give you my email address.

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