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abj9562 -> micromanagement (11/7/2008 6:22:52 PM)

I would like to know how much micro management is needed in this game. With casualties to the single ship, squad, aircraft; this sounds overwhelming to me. Also could someone tell me the pros and cons in this game and the Admirals edition of this same game?

m10bob -> RE: micromanagement (11/7/2008 6:25:39 PM)

Not much really, but the the more you play, the more you will want to..

Oldguard1970 -> RE: micromanagement (11/7/2008 6:38:10 PM)

Hello ABJ,

There is plenty of micro-managment.  We tend to like it. 

I think WITP is great, and I have enjoyed spending massive amounts of time playing it.  It is fun, exciting, and unpredictable.  That said, a team of hot shot players has been working for months and months to give us an even better version, the Admirals' Edition, (AE).  You will need WITP in order to play AE, so, if a massive game like this interests you, there is no reason to hold back.

This forum is rich.  Snoop about in it.  Read the AARs.  Ask questions.  You should be able to tell if you will become as devoted to this game as so many of us are.

AndrewKurtz -> RE: micromanagement (11/7/2008 6:56:12 PM)


ORIGINAL: abj9562

I would like to know how much micro management is needed in this game. With casualties to the single ship, squad, aircraft; this sounds overwhelming to me. Also could someone tell me the pros and cons in this game and the Admirals edition of this same game?

As much or as little as you want. You can put everything into Computer Controlled mode, you can control everything or lots of options in between.

But that said, it isn't a "just jump in a dive". This is an operational level game of the entire Pacific War. So expect that you have decisions to make if you really want to play.

Nice thing though...keep taking control at your own pace.

AirGriff -> RE: micromanagement (11/7/2008 10:06:35 PM)

Great game. You definitely need to be dedicated to detail, especially if you are playing a human opponent. The game offers some AI management of your forces if you select it, but most folks I think feel it is rather inadequate.

The first game month requires a lot of time to organize forces and get things running smoothly. After that, a "normal" day's turn I need about 45 minutes to watch replay and do orders. I can do a rapid fire turn in less than 30 minutes, but I don't dare do that more than 2 turns in a row--things can sneak up on you in this game. That's if nothing much is happening. At least every other turn I need an hour or so to really take a hard look at all my task forces/squadrons/bases etc... Of course, if I have the time, I could spend a good couple of hours on a turn as I make my diabolical plans.

Then there's the note taking, which I probably don't do well enough. I'm sure others do a far better job than I keeping track of all the stats and intel on the going's on in the game. I've kept refining how I log data over the years and I still tinker with it, but it's a big part of playing the game well. There's a WitP tracker utility out there people rave about. I should probably get it.

AirGriff -> RE: micromanagement (11/7/2008 10:10:52 PM)

Admirals Edition isn't out yet, but we are all waiting with baited breath. It's going to have a lot of additional features and gobs of details to manage. Can't wait.

I remember someone posting a suggestion to new players to set several theatres on computer control and you play one theatre, like India/Burma. You can watch the AI run it's orders and do its thing, which I guess it does at least an adequate job at. Try that for a while if it seems too daunting.

Gem35 -> RE: micromanagement (11/8/2008 12:53:38 AM)

To a man, the game is of course overwhelming at first glance.
But penny for penny to a man I doubt you will find anyone who would not agree this is a great value.
Take you time, grab some good beverage, lock your computer room door, roll up the sleeves and have at it.
Good luck to you and above all have fun.
As was stated earlier the forum is an encyclopedia of knowledge and gameplay hints.

niceguy2005 -> RE: micromanagement (11/8/2008 1:20:15 AM)

Saw this thread and thought maybe my boss posted it. [:D]

Nomad -> RE: micromanagement (11/8/2008 1:36:25 AM)

I preferr to referr to my playing style as mircomismanagement. [:D]

John 3rd -> RE: micromanagement (11/8/2008 2:11:04 AM)

As already stated, the game is ADDICTIVE.  You will be scared and overwelmed by the magnitude of it all to start with but will rapidly come to understand it.  Make sure you play on the Allied side to start with.  It has a lot of work but not nearly as much as the Japanese!

Ask questions, read the AARs, and post onto the Forum.  This has already been said but it needs to be reinforced.

morganbj -> RE: micromanagement (11/8/2008 4:43:58 AM)

Well, you can get by with much less micromanagement than you think from reading these forums, especially if you play the Allies.  To me it is closer to "manage to the level you like."  What I mean is that you can manage to the level of worrying about who commands each unit, to which ships should be in a task force.  There is SOME ability to just ignore things and still have a great time playing the game.

BUT, that said, you'll find that as you get into the game, you'll want to control more, and you'll have that option.   As far as I'm concerned, it's the best game on the market, period. (And I have a hundred or more games.)  I absolutley love it, and all the flavors of it out there.  Sure, it's a tad spendy, but what you get is much, much more valuable than what you spend.  It's the best money I ever spent.  AE will only make the investment more valuable.

I love this relationship destroyer!!!  (Actually, my wife doesn't complain, so it's cool.  We're both near 60, so she likes I'm at home groaning when the KB shows up to cream one of my invasion forces.)

abj9562, take the plunge.  You'll love it.  I promise.  Trust me.

Oh, and thanks, 2 by 3 and Matrix, and all the myriad others involved in the WITP and AE.  You're doing God's work.

I love this game.

Stavka_lite -> RE: micromanagement (11/8/2008 5:02:42 AM)

Just buy the damn thing but be prepared to lose your wife, job, kids, pets, self-esteem, However you will gain a few things in return such as weight, a beer belly, course language and a mild case of OCD.[X(][;)]

Grotius -> RE: micromanagement (11/8/2008 6:24:20 AM)

There can be a lot of micromanagement, but the worst is on turn 1. I've been playing WITP for years, and turn 1 still takes me hours and hours. Once you've gotten through that, the rest of the game moves much faster -- subsequent turns take me half an hour tops, normally.

Dili -> RE: micromanagement (11/8/2008 12:53:25 PM)

Yeah half an hour each turn overall.

Crimguy -> RE: micromanagement (11/8/2008 8:12:17 PM)

It takes me 1/2 hour to remember all the things I did on the last 5 turns.  Either a turn takes 10 minutes for me 'cause I cant think of what to do, or it takes me an hour to tweak everything.

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