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Grizzly -> Where can I see the speed I set at a waypoint? (10/3/2008 5:25:36 PM)


I'm new to Harpoon 3. I'm just doing the tutorial which, I must admit, is very good written.
But I have a problem with 'Lesson II'.
They write in the Manual:
Select Waypoint 1 and click the Speed/Altitude/depth toolbar button.
Select full to give the Puller a speed change at Waypoint 1 as we did earlier in this lesson. (...)
Watch either the speed setting on the Unit Status Window or the unit data block as the Puller approaches Waypoint 1;
when the Puller reaches it, its speed will change to Full.
I switched the speed to full at Waypoint 1. But as soon as I push the Speed/Altitude/depth toolbar button on Waypoint 1 again the 'cruise' speed is selected again. But as soon as the ship arrived Waypoint 1 it switched to full speed. So the new speed is stored somewhere in the waypoint. But how can I readout the speed I choosed for this waypoint? Because it seems that I only can see the current speed of the ship when I click the Speed/Altitude/depth toolbar button on a waypoint.

Best Regards

hermanhum -> Harpoon (10/3/2008 6:11:46 PM)

Welcome aboard, shipmate. [8D]

You can see the orders at each waypoint by:

1) Selecting the Waypoint
2) Pull down menu 'Settings'
3) Edit Way Point Orders to see the orders at that point

You will encounter problems with Tutorial #3, 4, and 6. I recommend that you Install and run the tutorials that have been re-built for the PlayersDB. We've tried to fix as many problems as we could find.

Harpoon ANW users can get the:
Complete Harpoon ANW Library


Grizzly -> RE: Harpoon (10/3/2008 8:19:35 PM)

Thanks for the fast answer.
I've found it. That was to easy. [;)]

I also downloaded Library. But when I go on 'Load File' and try to load 'Lesson2.SCN' within 'PlayersDB\Scenarios\Tutorials' I get an error message.

WARNING! Scenario database
signature does not match
current database! Aborting
What's wrong? I already installed patch 3.9.3.

hermanhum -> Harpoon (10/3/2008 11:43:15 PM)

I've tested the file and there does not seem to be a problem with it. I know what causes that error message, so I think that you are using the game and launcher in a different manner. I'll try to walk you through the process and see if we can't get you functional. [:)]

Open up your ANW installation folder. If you used the default path, it should be at C:\Matrix Games\Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare

You should find a folder named, "Databases". If you correctly executed the installation instructions for the Complete_ANW_Library.exe file, there should be a sub-folder in there named, "PlayersDB". If that sub-folder does not appear in the Databases folder, then you may have installed the PlayersDB to an improper path.

Let's assume that you have successfully installed the PlayersDB to your ANW path. Start up the Configuration launcher and you should be able to select the PlayersDB like in the attached image.


hermanhum -> Harpoon (10/3/2008 11:54:45 PM)

Select the "Original Tutorial" battleset from the Battleset window.

Then select "Lesson II" from the Scenario Name window.

When you click on the "Lesson II" name, the message at the bottom of the window should read, "Scenario Database signature matches current database".

Hit OK and your Lesson II should load properly.

When you try to use a scenario written for the PlayersDB with a different database (i.e. ANWDb, Original DB,...), that error message will appear to indicate that you have a mis-match. I hope that this resolves the problem for you.


Grizzly -> RE: Harpoon (10/4/2008 12:32:23 AM)

Thanks again for your help!

The problem was I didn't set the 'Players Database' in the 'Database Manager'.
Now everything is fine.

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