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jreid -> Production to HQs and LandCap/SeaCap (8/15/2008 10:48:36 PM)

I know landcap/seacap in an HQ affects how many units you can transfer/strategic transfer from an HQ.

But if I have production from a city going to an HQ on another island, I've noticed that all of the production doesn't always reach the target HQ. Yet when I've added seacap, say cargo ships, to a different HQ on the mainland in a port, I think I've noticed that more produced units reach the target HQ on the different island.

Does landcap/seacap in HQs affect how much production can be sent to distant HQs on a different island?

Das123 -> RE: Production to HQs and LandCap/SeaCap (8/15/2008 11:30:13 PM)

That shouldn't affect production, from what I understand. If there is a supply line, production delivery to the HQ should be automatic - regardless of transport in the HQs. Perhaps something happened to the supply line that caused the supply to stall for a turn or so

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