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Treelor -> Starshatter 3.9.4 Demo Server up 24/7 (8/5/2008 5:35:54 AM)

I just got a friend to host a Starshatter demo server. It works, and although the multiplayer is still quirky and crash-prone, it's still fun as all hell to play. We're using the demo because I'm poor and unemployed and 16 so I can't really do anything else until I get my Goozex account some points and get The Gathering Storm from there.

It's running a custom one-sector wargames mission designed by myself (Though at the time of writing, it needs to be updated), currently in the persistant mode though by tomorrow it should switch out of that to just a regular public 24/7 server.

I'm still attempting to collect a playerbase, so I can't garuntee that there'll be people in there all the time. I'll try to be in there when I'm at home from school, which is 4pm GMT -7 (Mountain Time). I've got a couple of people from my steam account that play with me from time to time too.

We've just got the server started, so go redownload that demo and join us! [:D]

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