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simmer -> Safety (6/24/2008 11:47:44 PM)

I noticed that when playing amateur rules and a safety occurs, the team does a kickoff. I believe that team should punt? I know that the NFL rules apply to a punt after a safety.

David Winter -> RE: Safety (6/25/2008 3:03:24 AM)

"After a safety, the team that gave up the points kicks off to the other team from its own 20-yard line (in American football) or 35-yard line (in Canadian football.) This is termed a free kick: the kicking team has the option of employing a punt, a drop kick, or a place kick from a teammate's hold. Unlike the kickoff, a kicking tee may not be used. A punt is the most commonly chosen option, whereas a drop kick is virtually unheard-of in modern football."

For sake of simplicity (and really doesn't detriment the game play), Maximum-Football puts the ball on a tee and just processes the standard kick off.


therhino -> RE: Safety (6/25/2008 3:09:40 AM)

That makes sense. I know I have seen the ball kicked off the tee before in the NCAA I think. Anyway thanks for the explanation.

simmer -> RE: Safety (6/25/2008 5:07:14 AM)

I understand I just needed clarification, thanks

OB Potter -> RE: Safety (6/25/2008 6:59:08 AM)

Drop Kick. We need to have drop kicking in Maximum football.

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