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MemoryLeak -> Barges (6/9/2008 11:59:11 PM)

Disclaimer- Manual- Nothing in Table of Contents. Search- No hit on barge. I'm just trying to keep my head intact before asking a question. RTFM, I know and I printed it out a long time ago. I still can't find anywhere in the manual that tells how to select an enemy unit and find out what hexes can view the selected hex. This would be very useful so I would know where to move my unit to fire on that hex. Now I have to drive all over the place trying to find a hex that can see the selected hex from a distance. But that is just another agravation. My biggest is after 15 years still trying to figure out artillery. I've never had a plane enter or exit the way I instructed it to. Anyway...

I have the latest patch and Enhanced DVRN stuff. I think the name of the campaign I'm into is DAS RIEICH but as far as I can tell I there no way to confirm that. I am on a July 1941 scenario I don't know the name of it, where I am required to use barges to cross a river. I can't get anything to load onto a barge to save my life. Can anyone outline how to do this?


FlashfyreSP -> RE: Barges (6/10/2008 3:54:00 AM)

Barges - With barge in the water, and ground unit adjacent, select the barge unit, hit "Load", then select the ground unit. Bareg MUST be facing the unit to be loaded; loading will only occur through the barge's front face hexside.

As for the rest of it, sorry, can't help there...[;)]

Oh, and BTW....
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MemoryLeak -> RE: Barges (6/10/2008 8:40:42 PM)

Thank you for the info on barges. It worked.
As for the one about what any given hex can view or be viewed, I know about F7 key but that doesn't seem to work so I assume there is a trick to it and simply selecting a hex and pressing F7 to determine what can be seen from that hex doesn't work as advertised.

thanks again

planner 3 -> RE: Barges (6/11/2008 1:03:28 AM)

Memory Leak:

You cannot see the view area from enemies point of view, since you cannot select his units for view. You can select your viewing srea by 'select unit, right click, view'./ This only works for your units. You can't br in two places at the same time.


Planner 3 (aka chief)

MemoryLeak -> RE: Barges (6/11/2008 1:14:57 AM)

Okay, that makes sense but I thought I remembered from a few years ago that you could do that. Of course I can't always remember how to get to work so I may have flushed those brain cells.[:D]

Thanks for the reply.

planner 3 -> RE: Barges (6/11/2008 6:25:44 AM)

Memory Leak:

I cannot say the game never had that ability, since I have only played it since version and I never saw it. Maybe in one of its previous versions it may have been possible. Maybe someone will come up with a better explanation, particularly if it was possible in pre version ??????

Happy Hunting

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Stvitus2002 -> RE: Barges (6/12/2008 7:01:40 PM)

Barges? Can i get my tanks across a river with these things? Does vehicle weight matter?

WO 0/0

V22 Osprey -> RE: Barges (6/12/2008 9:06:56 PM)

Planes never seen to enter and exit the way I tell them to niether.

planner 3 -> RE: Barges (6/13/2008 2:51:08 AM)

V22: I use barges all the time to carry tanks across rivers and I have not run into any problems except loading locations (I prefer destroyed bridges and docks over shore loading areas), in rivers, some river banks will not allow the barge and tank to get close enough to load) That for the aircraft entry and departure points, the best system I use is to: 1. click on the aircraft of choice in the bombard screen.
2. Open view screen. (bottom of bombard selector)
3. Select flight path, verify you have a green arrow in entry and departure points.
4. Now select target(s).
This works for me ~95% of time, any frailure I figure is "FOG OF WAR" and a dumb AI

Alby -> RE: Barges (6/13/2008 3:02:08 AM)


ORIGINAL: V22 Osprey

Planes never seen to enter and exit the way I tell them to niether.

set the mission, then choose direction, then exit the bombardment menu, I think is the only way i can get it to work right

V22 Osprey -> RE: Barges (6/13/2008 4:52:01 AM)

I shoud try that.I always select the target first.

DROregon -> RE: Barges (6/13/2008 7:27:24 AM)

I think I set the direction, select the unit, set the target.

Major Destruction -> RE: Barges (6/20/2008 12:59:12 AM)



I think I set the direction, select the unit, set the target.

That's what works for me, almost always.

Nighthawk12 -> RE: Barges (6/25/2008 12:14:10 AM)

One of the funniest things that I found with barges, is that the Barge carrier(using enhanced), couldn't carry the barge . .. . :(

My opponent and i set it up where i had to assault across a river, and I could only initally deploy in the first 3 Hex rows.
(This gave him the opportunity to get his units actually deployed in a reasonable defence)

I went to load the barges that i bought in my initaial deployment phase, so that i could later move them to the river,
and low and behold, they were stuck, and could not be loaded onto thier carrier.

V22 Osprey -> RE: Barges (6/25/2008 12:16:49 AM)

That sucks.I don't even play Enhanced so...

Goblin -> RE: Barges (6/25/2008 12:26:31 AM)

I'm fairly sure a barge carrier already has the barge on it. It can be unloaded at the river. I have never had to buy seperate barges for a river assault before.

Goblin -> RE: Barges (6/25/2008 12:30:53 AM)

Verified (just tested) - the barge carriers come with a barge.

A barge is rated at 254 weight. This is to prevent people from just buying trucks and barges, then loading the barges on the regular trucks. Barge carriers are rated to carry 232, but already come with a barge loaded.


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