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wdboyd -> SolCom (5/28/2008 10:12:38 PM)

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After Action Report: AAR

SolCom Mod: Version 0.9.8, Custom Mission: Reprisal - Gambit DD

Overall I enjoyed things very much and will continue to play out the missions seeking the ultimate victory over the Brotherhood. In those missions that I reign victorious I will seek to win in a better way, either with less losses or greater kills of my own. I specifically enjoyed the following destroyer Gambit mission.

Minus a few small issues I love this SolCom 0.9.8 mod. its cool designed craft and their serious fire power can lead to massive battles of epic proportion. I captured a few shots from the mission “Reprisal – Gambit DD”… and posted them on our Photo Gallery page.

In this particualr mission, a small SOLCOM task force is assaulted by a large Brotherhood of Iron fleet.

Although greatly outnumbered by the enemy, SolCom weapons shredded even the famed Imperial cruisers. Don't be misled. The mission isn't a push over, but after several times through, I flanked the entire enemy group with DD Bolder.

We swept through them like wildfire. Two of my frigates approached the enemy head on and were used, basically, as a distraction. I subsequently ordered them to jump out once we were in range of the first enemy capital ships. As a result, they sustained minimal damage.

Several SolCom fighters were lost, but the loss numbers were overwhelmingly in favor of the SOLCOM forces. End result... No SOLCOM capital ships were lost, while no enemy capital ship survived.

Additionally, the SolCom mods original Voice overs are pretty cool. The included new music fits the original SS theme, and the missions make you think about your strategy.

This mod comes complete with everything, new ships, new missions, new sounds and music.

SolCom 0.9.8 can be downloaded from

Give it a test spin commanders. Oh, if you hate SolCom, missions are available to engage them for a real challenge.

Admiral Zanthras.

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