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R_TEAM -> WF CDT with strange symptoms (5/15/2008 3:44:49 AM)


have played WF, LCG "Hohenstaufen´s Armored Fist" as German.
Played with no problems the first and second mission.
(rating Major-Defeat and Major-Victory)
Now i am in the third mission (A Tentative Push 3-July-44).

And now i have a problem ..
In the 2D Views (4+5 and in the jump-map too) all is o.k.
All units visible and i can select all units and hex-fields with no problem.
BUT -> in the 3D views (1,2+3) i see only partialy the units (not all shown)
and if i select a specific hex the game crashed to desktop.

In the hex view (aktivated with "U") i can see all units, even if he not visible on the 3D view.
Except the one field i get ever time a CTD .. even if i going to view 4 and select this hex,
then press "1" for view 1 - the game CTD.

have attached the campaing files as ZIP archive.(rename the .txt to .zip)


R_TEAM -> RE: WF CDT with strange symptoms (5/15/2008 7:28:00 AM)


have now make in the 2D view (4) all actions for my site.In the next turn all is o.k. now.
Think it is something with a GFX error, as is only come in 3D view ....


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