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433tom -> User Designed Scenario (4/28/2008 1:16:34 AM)

I just recently purchased on the game and enjoyed Yankee1950's scenario. I tried the link to wargamer looking for any other user desgined scenarrios, but it appears there aren't any. Does anyone know if any other scenario's are available anywhere for download? I did a few scenarios and operations for CMBB that came out ok, so I might try to do a few in the future if I can get a handle on the editor.

Anyway, any info would appreciated.

junk2drive -> RE: User Designed Scenario (4/28/2008 1:25:48 AM)

Hi, welcome to the forums.

PCOWS didn't seem to get the following of modders and designer like the CM series.

Look in the main forum under new releases for PC Kharkov. It is the summer version of the PC series and includes improved versions of the original OWS battles and campaigns for those who have OWS installed first. There have been a few user battles posted for summer and winter battles shouldn't be too long in coming.

433tom -> RE: User Designed Scenario (4/28/2008 2:05:41 AM)

Thanks. I plan on buying PCK soon.

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