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WhiteOwl -> Demo for Vista (3/9/2008 2:35:35 PM)


Found the link to the downloadable demo using the search function, but it doesn't seem to work on Vista. Is there any other demo? Has anyone been able to get the demo to work on Vista?


Andrew Williams -> RE: Demo for Vista (3/10/2008 12:30:48 AM)

The original CCIII demo?

Try running it in compatibility mode.

WhiteOwl -> RE: Demo for Vista (3/10/2008 10:16:45 PM)

Thanks, I tried several compatibility combos but couldn't get it working, do you know a certain combination that works perhaps?

Andrew Williams -> RE: Demo for Vista (3/11/2008 9:41:08 AM)

Try running in win98 compatibility mode.

Navigate to C:\Program file\Close Combat\Close Combat III
Right click on CC3.exe and choose compatibility mode
Select win98 compatibility

Also select run as administrator

WhiteOwl -> RE: Demo for Vista (3/11/2008 11:20:09 PM)

Hi Andrew,

Tried doing that and the installation runs OK, until the very end when it tries to install Tahoma.ttf into the fonts directory (even though it is there already), and fails due to permissions. This happens even when running as admin, and I even tried to reboot into safe mode and delete it from the special command prompt but to no avail. Looks like it isn't to be...

Thanks for giving it a go, though.


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