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tweber -> Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (1/2/2008 6:50:11 AM)

There are 3 types of variables in the editor: temporary variable, game variables, and regime variables. All have there uses. The following is a short tutorial of potential uses for regime variables. In general, regime variables are good for tracking the state of a regime. You could use them for constraints (oil and manpower), regime specific units, diplomatic states (like alliances), or other economic considerations (like foreign trade). In the World at War scenario, I use regime variables to track the manpower used by major powers, set up a regime specific unit for each of the major powers, and also increase the price of supply for Japan during the U.S. embargo. In the Axis and Allies scenario, I use regime variables to track research.

To use regime variables, first go to settings - regime variables and define the regime variables you would like to use. Below is a picture of the regime variables used in the World at War scenario. The first couple deal with manpower constraints.


tweber -> RE: Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (1/2/2008 6:54:36 AM)

Each regime would has a starting manpower, a monthly manpower gain, and an amount of manpower consumed. To measure manpower consumed, I use the use the editor - items screen. The circle field at the buttom increments the manpower consumed variable each time the unit is purchased. Higher on the sheet on the left hand side, there is a regime pre-requisite. Basically, a regime must have at least one manpower to purchase a unit.

Applying these manpower constraints to the items was a bit time consuming since I did it to each of the 100 item types.


tweber -> RE: Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (1/2/2008 6:56:48 AM)

For the regime specific units, I add an additional regime requirement. Below is the item type sheet for Flak 88. Only regimes with the Flak 88 regime variable equal to 1 or higher can build this unit. Note, this unit also requires a manpower to build.


tweber -> RE: Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (1/2/2008 6:59:14 AM)

There are a couple of ways to set the regime variables. The first way is to go into the Regime sheets - select variables, and then set the value of each variable. I use this method to set the starting manpower of the different regimes. However, I do not use this to set the regime specific unit variables (e.g., flak 88, katyusha).


tweber -> RE: Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (1/2/2008 7:01:38 AM)

For the special units, I use an event. I decided to make the regime specific units a variant that can be selected (or not) by the player. Here is the event I use to check this variant. If the player chooses the event, the Germany can make Flak 88, the Soviets can make the Katyusha, Japan can make Kamekaze's, etc...


tweber -> RE: Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (1/2/2008 7:05:11 AM)

Another feature of the editor is that it allows you to plot additional regime variables on the statistics menu. Since regimes will need manpower to build any units in World at War, it is an important variable that I plot in order for players to track. Actually, I plot both manpower consumed and manpower availble. The editor allows the plotting of up to 3 extra variables. To select the regime variables for plotting - go to settings, rule vars, extra statistic and then select the number of the regime variable you would like to plot. I am going to plot the 3rd and 4th regime variable (available and consumed manpower).


tweber -> RE: Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (1/2/2008 7:06:17 AM)

You then need to title your plot. Do this in settings - group names - extra statistics.


tweber -> RE: Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (1/2/2008 7:07:00 AM)

Here is the resulting plot after 7 turns of play


tweber -> RE: Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (1/2/2008 7:08:12 AM)

In the Axis and Allies scenario, regime variables track research. Here is a picture of the regime variable that are used.

Note that the 'x' and 'y' are used to track the arrival hex of units purchased with action cards. The technologies variable keeps track of the total number of technologies unlocked. Once all 6 technologies are discovered, players will no longer be allowed to do R&D.


tweber -> RE: Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (1/2/2008 7:11:39 AM)

Here is a piece of the event that is used to do the research rolls. At the end of the rolling, the technologies are updated as approapriate. This event is long because it has to be repeated for each regime.


tweber -> RE: Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (1/2/2008 7:18:06 AM)

Hope this is helpful.  You probably will not need regime variables for simple scenarios.  But, they are very useful for more complicated projects.

elmerlee -> RE: Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (1/2/2008 5:52:31 PM)

Thanks tweber. Very weel done as usual.

Your tuts are so usefull. As are the others posted.

rickier65 -> RE: Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (1/2/2008 8:15:07 PM)

I've used the variables for some pretty simple things but nothing like this. This looks very daunting! I'll have to read this through a few more times before I jump into the deepend.

This system is pretty great for scenario design.

And TWebber -Thanks again for another tutorial!


tweber -> RE: Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (1/3/2008 5:12:32 AM)

Hi Rick,

I also thought the editor was daunting when I first started using it but it is not too hard once you play with it for a while.  Drop me a note if you are stuck with anything.

freeboy -> RE: Tutorial: Using Regime Varibles (10/10/2009 7:59:25 PM)

this is an odd one,I made some small changes to the manpower, but they only applied to the actual scenario I loaded, they do show up in mysaved game files, BUT they do not show up when I reload the scen I was editing from scratch, do I need to save my changes.. sorry this is simple just forgotten![:(]

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