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Adraeth -> Italian wars, scenario (fictional) (11/24/2007 5:22:44 PM)

Soon available a new grand campaign scenario for Napoleon in Italy.

The scenario will be named "Italian Wars", it will be a what if scenario taking as background history the wars in Italy during XVIII century.

The North Italian region will be divided in a Piedmont allied to France (using french units) that tries to conquer Milan and Genoa and their surroindings, in the meantime some other city states in Italy declare themselves for France and against the Emperor, so there will be battles in the Padania Valley (Bolonia, Ferrara and Rimini).

This campaign will be based on the "Grand Campaign" of the vanilla version, so reinforcements will be active and in the "Grand Campaign" timing.

This won't be an historical campaign just something different from the vanilla ones [;)]

Adraeth -> RE: Italian wars, scenario (fictional) (11/25/2007 12:08:54 PM)

And here we are.

At this address you will find the Italian Wars a what if campaign scenario, included a readme for installation and background of campaign.


Erik Rutins -> RE: Italian wars, scenario (fictional) (11/25/2007 3:05:23 PM)

Very interesting, thanks Adraeth!

johnhulten -> RE: Italian wars, scenario (fictional) (2/7/2008 11:43:26 PM)

I have downloaded your mod. But I didn't get installation instructions. How do I install please and do I need to save any of the original game before installing this mod? I tried putting it in the Campaign folder and in the general NiI folder but neither worked and the download couldn't be opened. Thanks.

Adraeth -> RE: Italian wars, scenario (fictional) (2/8/2008 10:23:47 AM)

From the readme inside the .rar

"Italian wars for Napoleon in Italy
Copy the Italian wars a what if campaign in the Campaign Folder inside the
Matrix Games\Napoleon in Italy directory.
To Play:
At the start menu select Users Campaing and you will find Italian Wars"
You won't need to make backup of vanilla game, this mod is just a new scenario, and you can't see the scenario because it is located in Users Campaign in the main menu of NiI. [:)]

johnhulten -> RE: Italian wars, scenario (fictional) (2/10/2008 5:58:47 AM)

Thanks. I had tried all of that and got nothing showing when I clicked on user campaigns. Since I didn't get a read me file, I think the download is corrupted so I will try again.

johnhulten -> RE: Italian wars, scenario (fictional) (2/10/2008 6:12:32 AM)

I can't seem to get a download that works.

Adraeth -> RE: Italian wars, scenario (fictional) (2/10/2008 11:04:50 AM)

Sorry for that i tried the download several times and it works.[&:]

HussarGames -> RE: Italian wars, scenario (fictional) (11/20/2008 2:14:49 PM)

The link no longer works. Since the game files are quite small you should try to attach it to a forum post here.

I intend to take a look once its up.

bearcat67 -> RE: Italian wars, scenario (fictional) (3/4/2009 4:47:49 AM)

Thanks for the mods, but help me. Why post it at Rapidshare which requires a subscription if you need to DL more than once in a 24-hour period? I think "The Wargamer" hosts files free.

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