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David Winter -> Policy on Licensed Uniforms and Artwork (9/19/2007 2:28:16 AM)

Hi everyone,

We know that a lot of you want to customize Maximum-Football so that it looks like your favorite league or includes your favorite team(s). However, as you know we do not have a license for these materials. While the game is highly customizable, we cannot support any customizations or modifications that include licensed or copyrighted material.

Therefore, we thought we should make our policy clear:

1. Our website, forum and Members' Club will not be used to host user-made content that contains any licensed or copyrighted material.
2. If an attempt is made to post such material, we will make sure it is removed. The forum by default only allows posting GIF or JPG images as attachments up to 200k, so this should not be an issue.
3. No direct links to such material are allowed to be posted on our forum.
4. If you post a screenshot of a customization you've made, that's fine as long as it can't be used to create the customization. We can't stop you posting a picture of Joe Montana, for example, but if you try to post a file that puts a 49ers uniform in the game, we will remove it and warn you.
5. Obviously, this does not apply to sharing any files or mods that do not contain copyrighted or licensed content.

We encourage you to work with gaming sites or set up your own fan sites if you want to share user mods. We are willing to link to fan sites, but we won't link to any licensed or copyrighted content. This is for our protection and yours and to protect the property of the original license and copyright holders. Thanks for your understanding.

Erik Rutins (reposted by David Winter as a friendly reminder)

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