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bstarr -> modding question (7/11/2007 7:05:03 PM)

I'm new to modding with a spreadsheet, so there's one hell of a learning curve. Please be patient. I've located some of the stuff I wanted to change for my mod, even figured out how to change it. I decided to start off small and simply move the Manassas Depot in the 1862 mod to Chalottesville. I made the change to Nelson County in Scripts/Scripts62, saved it. Then loaded the scenario. No change. What am I doing wrong?

tiredoftryingnames -> RE: modding question (7/12/2007 12:41:24 AM)

The script.ini file is used by the editor to load a scenario and then you save it like you would a turn and it generates the .scn file. The ini file itself isn't used in the game engine as scenario data. The script62.ini is just an alternate script for a different scenario as you can only have 1 script file at a time. Once you generate the scenario data the script file can be overridden if you have the original spreadsheets which is where you should be making your changes. Over on the AGEod site there are some threads that have links to all the spreadsheets used for scenario creation and some instructions on using them. I suggest you scan through the threads there as a start. It's not straight forward modding and I was lost when I started. I'm in the process of a major overhaul to the April 61 campaign and I read every thread I could find as a start and then it takes alot of trial and error.

bstarr -> RE: modding question (7/12/2007 6:33:06 PM)

I'm really lost. I tried the other site and I really don't think they have a lot of patience with beginners. Not that I'm really complaining, I am quite raw and they aren't exactly paid to teach me to turn on my computer (of course a reply telling me I was on the wrong track would have been nice, but, hey, no big deal, I had a pretty good idea I was lost). I may give it one more go, but I'm about ready to throw up my hands.

ps. thanks for the reply. [;)]

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