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vinc0net -> display problem (3/28/2007 3:25:27 PM)

I purchased, downloaded, and installed COTA (version 3.0.186) two days ago (March 26, 2007).
All is going fine except for a serious display problem. The right side of the left display panel seems to have been cropped. For example, I miss one or two words at the end of each line of the briefings, I miss the number of each equipment in the equipment pad, or the length (minutes) of bombardment in the bombardment pad.
It is not a screen resolution problem - I have tried to switch etc. but to no avail (I finally set it to my LCP native resolution 1920x1200). Anyway it is not the border of the display that is missing, but the right side of the left panel.
Please someone help !

Arjuna -> RE: display problem (3/28/2007 3:36:31 PM)



Please check your system font size. Go to Display Properties::Appearance Tab and ensure your Font Size = Normal. That should fix it. If not, please get back to me.

vinc0net -> RE: display problem (3/28/2007 10:43:29 PM)

Thank you for the quick reply Dave !
I checked the font size in the Display property/Appearance tab and it was already set to Normal.. so I am afraid this is not the cause of my problem :-/
More generally, my system / configuration is pretty basic so I don't see what could cause a problem.
hmm as a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a screenshot of the problem (*I* cropped off the right -and a bit of the bottom- part of the display that does not cause any trouble) You'll see that the text actually comes out of the space reserved for it..!


sterckxe -> RE: display problem (3/28/2007 11:26:42 PM)


If it's not your font size, it's probably your DPI settings - normally they're at 96 dpi, but your's are probably set to 120.

When I set mine to 120 the result looks a lot like the screenshot you posted


Eddy Sterckx


vinc0net -> RE: display problem (3/29/2007 12:10:18 AM)

Bingo Eddy ! Thanks.
The DPI setting was indeed the cause of the display problem. At the normal (96) setting, the COTA display works fine.
Now, here is the request for a future patch. Many screens, to be comfortable to the eye during "normal use", need a DPI > normal. Could COTA be made DPI-flexible (adjusting its own display settings based on the system DPI setting)? If not, can the DPI setting be changed automatically when launching COTA (I am afraid not as it seems to require a system reboot...) ?
Great game by the way.

Arjuna -> RE: display problem (3/29/2007 12:34:19 AM)

Thanks Eddy. What a team! [:)]


While your suggestions are good ones, there are a number of problems inherent in them, the system reboot being one of them. Perhaps at least we can check the system dpi and font size setting on launch and warn the user. I've entered this into our TaskTracker database of things to do. Thanks.

TT3306 - UI - Initialisation - Check System Font Size is normal and DPI set to 96 and warn if not

steved -> RE: display problem (7/12/2007 10:50:27 PM)

I’ve got exactly the situation described above and here    http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=1399479
I’'m using a Sony Vaio Laptop - Intel mobile 910/915 Express graphics – operating on XP with resolution 1280x800 (although no joy with any other resolutions either), Fonts – normal, DPI 96. 
I’ve changed all the display parameters (DPI to 120-75 and larger fonts) and nothing affects the in-game appearance.
Changing resolutions changes the maps etc but not the text/bar overlaps on the LHS– any pointers as to any other variables I can change or any progress on the issue following the earlier tech support requests.
I run exactly the same setup on HTTR –which superficially looks very similar - without any issues – can the changes between the 2 in this area suggest anything else that can be done?
Any suggestions as to where to go next or successful changes to a similar setup?

sterckxe -> RE: display problem (7/13/2007 2:32:43 PM)


ORIGINAL: steved
Any suggestions as to where to go next or successful changes to a similar setup?


Could you post a screenshot when it's set at DPI 96 and fonts normal ?

I'm particularly intrigued by your "I’ve changed all the display parameters (DPI to 120-75 and larger fonts) and nothing affects the in-game appearance." - that's a weird one [;)]

I also assume you've tried the usual stuff too like updating your video drivers, update XP to Service Pack 2 and setting the DPI and fonts correctly and rebooting.


Eddy Sterckx

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