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robot -> Gunny help with Campaign Watcher (1/31/2007 9:04:57 PM)

Gunny I know you use the campaign watcher a lot. I am a little confused on when I should take my snapshots to get the best effect. The journal says to take the first one sometime at the start I figure after you make your setup and before you do any battle. The next one says take at the end just before you go into the buy screen. But if you wait till the battle ends then you cant get out to do it until after the buy screen and before you start the next one. Does it mean you should estimate the end of that battle and take a snapshot even tho the battle may gone on for several more turns. This is where I am confused when to take the end shot so you see the progress of your units. ANY help appreciated thank you.

FlashfyreSP -> RE: Gunny help with Campaign Watcher (1/31/2007 9:46:23 PM)


I think what it means is Save your game at the Endscreen...there's a Save button on the left that will save the postbattle file. If you reopen this "save", you'll go right to that endscreen, before the Promotions and Repair phases. Then "snap" that save, which usually has a Turn Number 1 greater than the actual turn the game ended on. That "snap" will have your force's battle results before any leader promotions or changes to Exp/Mor. I usually make 3 saves for any campaign I play: A "Deployment" one, after my forces are setup but before the Start; a "Progressive" one, where I save every turn or two as the battle progresses, and an "Endgame" one, at the endscreen.

Saving at the endscreen also allows you to "change" the next battle mission if you don't like the one that comes up in the Long Campaign; because you are reloading before the Repair phase, instead of after the Deploy phase, the battle isn't set yet.

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