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KG Erwin -> Gunny's Model for a German 39 Kampfgruppe... (1/31/2007 6:58:11 AM) based on this on this chart from Dr Leo Niehorster's WWII Orbat site. The details on the KStN's (TOEs) can be found on the web. This was a combination of the Heer 7th Panzer Regiment and the SS Deutschland Regiment. Many combinations are possible for constructing a mixed combined-arms team. The AA guns are towed 20mm. The ATGs are 37mm. The tanks are Pz I and Pz IIs, with a very few Pz IIIs and IVs mixed in.

Note that there LOTS of motorcycles. The SS Recon battalion had two full companies of motorcycle troops, and SSD also had a MC platoon. There weren't very many armored cars.

The implication is that the invasion routes into Poland were led by armed bands of Hell's Angels. That seems to be true, at least in the case of a few mobile divisions.


KG Erwin -> RE: Gunny's Model for a German 39 Kampfgruppe... (1/31/2007 8:48:58 AM)

Here's what it looks like in-game. I fiddled with the new DV OOB to come up with these customized formations. This KG cost me some 3000+ points. I pretty much maxxed-out the available points for the standard long campaign. Check out my new configuration for the mechanized recon platoon.

Kampfgruppe Erwin roster, page one:


KG Erwin -> RE: Gunny's Model for a German 39 Kampfgruppe... (1/31/2007 8:50:03 AM)

KG Erwin roster, page two:


KG Erwin -> RE: Gunny's Model for a German 39 Kampfgruppe... (1/31/2007 8:51:09 AM)

KG Erwin roster, page 3:


As opposed to you, Victor, I went for a reinforced infantry battalion. Three entire foot-infantry companies, with a supporting tank company and other arms. However, I rely heavily on my recon platoons to harass the enemy's flanks. It's a two-tiered force, only partially mobile.

I have to make choices, also, on which units to upgrade. The key principle, at least to me, is this: SPWaW's battles are won by having boots on the ground. All other arms are subordinated to this. I DO have elements that are capable of a blitz-style attack, and I'll upgrade them as I can.

vahauser -> RE: Gunny's Model for a German 39 Kampfgruppe... (1/31/2007 4:26:46 PM)


The core you have chosen for KG Erwin and the core chosen for Cataclysm KG Kruger are based on two different premises/goals. 

The Goal of Cataclysm is to provide players with a generated campaign based on gently-modified FlashFyre template that, on a difficulty scale of 1 to 10 (10 being nearly impossible), is about a 9 in terms of difficulty/challenge. 

The 'Survery Regarding Long Campaigns' thread had already indicated to me that a Long Campaign under just about any circumstances is going to end up being too easy after the first 10-20 battles.

That said, however, I think that KG Erwin is going to give you lots of enjoyment in your campaign.  I think you have fun with it and I look forward to reading your DARs.

KG Kruger was designed for a wide audience of player participation.  Cataclysm is intended for many people.  Indeed, I would like you to try it.  You could play KG Erwin and KG Kruger simultaneously.  This would be a great way to test whether the feedback I got from the 'Survey Regarding Long Campaigns' was accurately applied.  What do you say?  Would you be willing to play both as a test?  I would be grateful for the feedback. 

I will be starting my own KG Kruger campaign tomorrow.  I can email you the KG Kruger startup save file (250k in save slot 7) right away, and having parallel DARs going could be really cool.  Haven't seen parallel DARs here very often.


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