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Joel Billings -> Rule Clarifications/Changes/Omissions (12/20/2006 6:56:57 PM)

The following are a list of rule clarifications, changes and omissions omissions from the original manual:

1) Airborne units that are dropped into an enemy area and forced to retreat during combat are always damaged when they are forced to retreat.

2) When Germany and Japan surrender, regions that are automatically taken over by Soviet and WA forces have their German and Japanese nationality factories removed from the game.

3) The Finland Border War Random Event will not occur if Finland is Pro-Axis. The Rumaian Border War Random Event will not occur if Rumania is Pro-Axis.

4) The second paragraph in section 8.7.3 should state: Whenever Carrier Fleet based Air units in a sea region attack an area (other than the one containing the attacking Carrier Fleet(s)) that contains Carrier Fleet based Air units, after the attack is resolved, all remaining aircraft (including Carrier Air and land-based Air units flying patrol) remaining in the attacked sea region will immediatley launch a counterstrike into the sea region containing the attacking Carrier fleet. Air units counterattacking are not limited by their Speed when counterstriking.

5) There is a penalty during amphibious invasion: Whenever a land unit conducts an amphibious invasion, for every region moved over 2, the unit subtracts one die from the total attack dice it rolls (i.e. 1 or 2 regions moved no penalty, 3 regions -1 attack die, 4 regions -2 attack dice, etc.).

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