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Scouicscouic -> Sounds of retreat. (12/6/2006 6:21:26 PM)

I was playing a tactical battle.
After many hours the russian sounds the retreat. So i decided to quick resolve the battle.
At my surprise the frenchs sounds the retreat too. Finaly 50 000 russians deads 15000 frenchs deads and the game crash. yeah! Perhaps because the computer could'nt decide who was the winner.
Someone had always seen and army retreat after a major victory on the battlefield ?
GG for the team developement of crown of glory. This is not serious. Respect the customers who buy your products.
Do u remember the game of Wargamer 1813 ?
there is a malediction on the napoléonic gamer fan ?
Im very Angry.
And sorry for my poor english im not american.

jimwinsor -> RE: Sounds of retreat. (12/6/2006 8:40:18 PM)

Oh wow, never saw this happen before...although I tend not to quick resolve battles, so that would explain why.

Russian Guard -> RE: Sounds of retreat. (12/6/2006 10:35:45 PM)

Yes this can happen...when I have seen it happen, it was because both sides were close to breaking, and when I let the computer use my troops for pursuit (the opposing force had ordered a retreat), my troops made foolish mistakes (like attempting formation changes when not necessary, etc) and disordered or routed themselves, forcing MY force into retreat mode as well.

Thus, I never let the computer resolve my pursuits in detailed battles, unless it was a crushing victory and I am absolutely sure that my forces are nowhere near the break point.

Ironclad -> RE: Sounds of retreat. (12/7/2006 3:23:12 PM)

Yes, I have encountered it too and its particularly frustrating after fighting a long, hard and successful battle to find the quick ending causing a matching retreat. I can't recall what the battle report shows when this happens?

Scouicscouic -> RE: Sounds of retreat. (12/7/2006 4:35:11 PM)

for me the battle report shows the casualty and the game crash. enjoy.

JReb -> RE: Sounds of retreat. (12/7/2006 6:55:22 PM)

I have seen it too and usually follow Russian Gd's method. It would be nice to have a "Quick Resolve-pursue" and Quick Resolve-no pursuit" option!

Historically, many generals have declined to pursue a defeated army because of their own troop condition or lack of initiative. Maybe pursuit could be based on commander's rating and all unit's morale averaged.

Ironclad -> RE: Sounds of retreat. (12/7/2006 7:05:17 PM)


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