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JanSorensen -> Join the AWD Ladder (11/9/2006 1:59:26 PM)

Join the AWD ladder!

We are using the ladder system called "battle league" available over at For those who don't know it yet, is one of the biggest sites about strategy games around, and you can find information about almost every strategy game available there, from the grognard to the casual level.

The aim of this ladder system is to give players an opportunity to record their played PBEM games, to provide an overview of who is actively playing the game and to make it easier for everyone to find the right PBEM opponent.

So, how does that work?

First of all, both you and your opponent need an account at the wargamer site. It's for free, all you need is an email address which will be visible to other registered members only.

Before or during playing a PBEM game, you and your opponent should define whether or not the current game is meant to be a ladder game (and thus its result recorded at the end). The game is then played as usual, scenario and used options are left to your choice. When the game is finished, the loser has to login to log the loss report. In case of a draw, either players can do this (there is an explicit option to flag a "loss" report as a draw).

The report window is easy to use and looks like this:


Other than just reporting the result (win/draw/loss), the amounts of points given to both players should be entered:

- Decisive Victory: +60
- Substantive Victory: +40
- Marginal Victory: +30
- Draw: +20
- Marginal Defeat: +10
- Substantive Defeat: 0
- Decisive Defeat: -20

The total of the points entered for both players will be +40 under all circumstances - e.g. a Draw gives 20 points to both players (20 + 20 = 40), and a Decisive Victory means 60 for the winner and -20 for the loser (60 - 20 = 40). Please make sure that you enter the right amount of points in order not to distort the ladder!

That's it already! [8D]

Enjoy the gaming!

GKar -> RE: Join the AWD Ladder (11/9/2006 2:07:08 PM)

Thanks for putting the information in the right place. My PBEMs will be reported at the ladder upon completion. [:)]

Timmeh -> RE: Join the AWD Ladder (11/9/2006 4:26:16 PM)

Signed up as Timmeh today, I see a few names I reconize from here but some I don't that may be different than their forum name here? If your name is different make sure to let your opponents know.

GKar -> RE: Join the AWD Ladder (11/30/2006 12:17:09 PM)

I just reported the first match to the ladder, a sound defeat in Winter '44 against the Axis played by MrQuiet. If it weren't for a blunder in Southern Russia he'd have won even earlier, I guess. He made a very solid play and showed me how things are done. [X(]

One thing though: It seems like our point system isn't working at the wargamer site. I'm sure that I entered all information correctly (+60 for him, -20 for me), but the ladder gave 8 points to him and -8 to me. [&:]

GKar -> RE: Join the AWD Ladder (11/30/2006 5:00:31 PM)

I sent an email about it to the Wargamer crew and included a link to this thread. Maybe somebody will take care of the problem or tell us how our scoring system can be adapted.

Lebatron -> RE: Join the AWD Ladder (12/7/2006 7:28:42 AM)

GKar, I noticed the score on that first reported game. I was concerned that the higher than normal point scores I proposed would not work with their system. Lets hope the Wargamer crew does something about it. 

GKar -> RE: Join the AWD Ladder (12/7/2006 12:10:39 PM)

I sent an email to one week ago, but no response or reaction whatsoever. [:(]

Dahnyul -> RE: Join the AWD Ladder (1/27/2007 11:17:55 PM)

Hello Jan.

I created an account at BattleLeagues, and I can see the AWD Ladder.
Is there a way to join, or do you show up automatically only after you log your first loss report?

(Danno at Battle Leagues)

GKar -> RE: Join the AWD Ladder (1/28/2007 12:11:25 AM)



do you show up automatically only after you log your first loss report?

That's it! [;)]

taffy31 -> RE: Join the AWD Ladder (12/7/2008 2:16:34 AM)

I would like to play on the ladder but haven't found anyone willing to play on the wargamers site.. anyone interested? taffy31

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