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Problem: The computer takes forever to make its turn.
Solution: Set the framerate lower in Options. 20 is the default value, we suggest to try 12 first and then adjust it for optimal performance.

Problem: When clicking on an army it takes several seconds to select it.
Solution: Lower the framerate as described above.

Problem: When clicking on a hex or a button the wrong hex is selected or the button does not react.
Solution: This problem only happens if you have an outdated video driver. Install the newest driver for your graphics card.

Problem: Unable to host an internet game – opponent cannot join.
Solution: On your proxy or router set up port forwarding for TCP and UDP ports 2350. On a firewall allow these ports or the Liberty.exe program to communicate on the internet. Also make sure that you know your true internet IP address (IPs starting with 100 or 192 are generally local IP addresses.)

Problem: After switching to another application (ALT-TAB, pop-up, screensaver) and returning to the game the screen turns and remains black.
Solution: If there is any window open in the game (Recruitment, Army details, etc), close the window, switch to another application by using ALT-TAB, then switch back to the game. If this does not help, save the game, exit to the menu then reload. It takes 10-30 seconds for the map to redraw, be patient!

Problem: The game stops with an error message.
Solution: Exit the game and load the save called “turnend.sav”. This may or may not solve the problem, but in any case please send us the save the save to support!

Problem: The game crashes at start-up on an SLI system (a PC with 2 identical NVidia video cards).
Solution: The crash occurs in the NVidia driver, we have contacted NVidia about the issue. Disable SLI mode and the game will run.

In case of other problems
Update your video and sound drivers to the latest version.
If that does not help, contact us.

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