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Hard Sarge -> AAR II (10/24/2006 11:56:29 AM)

okay, part of the reason I held off before was we had a newer model coming out, and if I could take some snaps during the battles and what not, it would show better

Gil says, he believes I can get away with posting shots of the battles now

so, I will post what I can, and if I am wrong, Gil will have to shut me down

okay start up a new game, pretty much the same settings as I had before (I forgot to take a shot of the settings :( )

okay, I arm one of the Divs with good weapons, another Div gets what they can

take 2 corps from the ANV and move them towards Grafton, move 2 Divs into Grafton and Petersburg

pull 1 Div out of Kentucky into Tenn (Kentucky is still undecided, troops running around can help to make up there mind which side to join, odds are they will go Union, but they could go CSA, Kentucky is a Prime Prise if it falls into your hands unharmed)

the other Div in Kentucky marches into Hacthie, hopeing to be pulled as Reinforcements for Tenn-Miss River if needed

well, the other, other Div in Kentucky, forcemarches to Tenn-Miss-River, there are 4 forts there, but good troops are always better then forts

move the Div in Tenn to the border of Kentucky, some of the single Bdes, 2 move towards Petersburg, 1 south into Tenn, one in Tenn, goes into a fort

troops move around in Ark/Misso to form up

the 10th Div boards a train, and heads towards Atlanta

Hill is in command of the 10th

send out the runners to try and get some goodies

bribe england and europe

movement as I hope it to end up


Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 12:00:13 PM)

also, build a telegraph in Wheeling and try to conscript one Bde in Wheeling (if my Divs don't get close, they going to need help in the city)

fight a battle in Grafton, 18000 vs 6000 (hehehe) also pull one Corps in as reinforcements

short and sharp fight, drive one Bde away and capture the other


Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 12:08:58 PM)

we can show off some of the details nows

see the battle flags over the units, the one that is faded, is out of command, they took heavy fire, and needs to be brought back into control, or the AI will do what it wants with them (top of screen, shows command and out of command and how many you can bring back in)

plus look at the Divs, one that picture, I have troops from 3 different Divs showing, besides the name, you can tell by the flags (if you set the flags)

the unit with the blue area, that is the movement it has left if it were to move, the yellowish is simi out of command area, it is HARDer to control troops in these hexes and they don't like to be there, and will take a hit to there morale

it also shows down lower, that, that is the 40th Bde of the 11st Div, it is armed with Muskets and below that, it shows the range details for that type of weapon

the one Union unit is in line and faceing my current unit, but that means the unit behind it will have a flank or rear shot if all things stay the same

the other Unit tried to change formation while next to me, and failed and is now disordered

at the top, in the middle is the Will to fight numbers, the Union is the attackers, I am the defenders, you can mouse over that and get more details as to what is making the numbers

Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 12:13:38 PM)

the next battle was in Cumberland, the retreating Union Div ran into my other Corps, but that is my weak Corps and this time I am on the attack

I run into a Garrison troop dug in and in a watchtower, and pretty much break my sword vs this unit, but I do catch two (or three) Union Bdes that were coming in as Reinforcements, so by the middle of the 2nd day, I had broken 3 of his units and I had 5 of my broken, found the last 3 (4 if the count the other Garrison troops in another watchtower), but with me only having 5 Bdes and his 3 dug in, I moved in front of him and gambled that the would charge out, they didn't, I lose

Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 12:16:09 PM)

next battle is in Tenn-Miss-River

30000 Union vs 23000 CSA

this battle has victory hexes, so a little different then before, you can be in good shape, but if the enemy takes the victory hexes, it will win, so have to shift my one div south to cover the 2 hexes down there, while leaving all the Garrison troops around the northern one

I move and set up my line and then call for help


Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 12:20:48 PM)

as you can see, I got the 13th Div in place and part of the 15th Div to the flank, with some Garrison troops behind, with the vanguard of the Union closing in

the 13th is in line and has flankers out (got another name, but my spelling is slipping right now)

one of the 15th is in line and the other is in Column, the Union is all in Column, you can see that some of my troops have different colors, that is showing  how good they are

Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 12:24:21 PM)

this was a bloodier battle then I expected, the Union was able to get close and made some good charges into my flanks, and either made me move, or did damage with the charge, one he moved me out of the line, but then charged into my rear and broke that unit

we traded some good vollies and some good charges, units on both sides were breaking and retreating, I soon started to shift my northern force south, just in case, but as they got there it there were not needed

a good confused battle, early battles can really be a pain, or a lot of fun, depending on your point of view


Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 12:26:23 PM)

3 battles fought, 2 won by the South, 1 by the North

here is part of the event screen of the last turn


Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 12:27:40 PM)

the battle report, I was able to pick up some weapons from the battle field


Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 12:29:48 PM)

ahhh, out of order a bit and I forgot to get the 2nd shot

but this is part of the Terrain choice if you get the scouting chance

in this one, I got the scouting chance and also the tactic choice

sorry, it didn't take, will look for this again on the next turn to try and show it

Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 12:37:27 PM)

okay lets see

one of my runners got 20 Weapons, and the English were nice and sent me 8

(greesh, friends like this, who needs enemies)

as you may of seen, that gamble on getting a quick Bde backfired, lost the Cap, so that should mean I may of lost Production from that area, and I will need to rebuild it (and they not cheap) and have bad unrest in the area (I should of let the Union take the place, ungrateful buggers)

2nd turn

I build a Camp, a Hosp, a Mine and a Academy in Chattanoga, I build a horse farm in Austin

J.E. Johnson is placed in charge of the ANV

Robert E is place in Change of his Corps (going to rename it shortly), Ewell has command of the 3rd Div in that Corps along with Von Dorn in charge of the 1st Div (once they out of battle, they may flip flop, the 3rd will become my Cav Div)

Stonewall is in Command of the 14th Div in Tenn

A.S. Johnson is in Charge of the 15th Div with Early in charge of the 13th Div, both in Tenn-Miss-River

a little disappointed, my 2nd Corps retreated back to where it started from

fabertong -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 1:09:50 PM)

Thanks Hard Sarge.....enjoying the read.........

marecone -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 2:00:03 PM)

Very nice Hard sarge. Thanks a lot [&o]

Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 2:06:59 PM)

Remember, I don't remember everything I want to say or think about sayings, so if any of the statements or pictures raises any questions, ask away

Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 2:14:32 PM)

not much movement in the 2nd turn, the Union was in Wheeling and moved more troops in, and I was able to slip a Div in

the battle begins and it is some 55000 Union vs 14500 CSA

but I do get decent terrian, the 2 Victory hexes are between some hills, so the battle should be funnelled into my fewer forces

I am able to call for reinfrocements, but only a few of Lees Corps make it to the battle, by the time the battle begins, it is 20 Union Bdes vs my 10 Bdes

Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 2:15:52 PM)

the Union shows up and heads for the southern Hex, so will be able to gamble and shift some of my forces to try and hit them in the flank (but the AI has been known to circle around)


Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 2:17:35 PM)

the biggest hassle in this battle, the 3 Bdes in the south all have IW weapons, so can not do any stand off fireing, and the fields in front of them, stop them from advanceing, so they stand there ground


Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 2:22:00 PM)

The Union is putting a lot of pressure on my flank, while I put a lot of pressure on his flank

I start to break down the line, and move to support my hex in the south

but the pressure is too much for the Union at this stage of the war and they soon break and call the retreat

I let them run


Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 2:30:03 PM)

Europe sends me 6 weapons !

but my runners bring in 40 (yeehaa)

(I do build my own weapons, and I will be able to get upgrades to improve that and I can build Arsensals to build more, but that takes time and resources)

that guy in Ark is a pain, but... he is my pain, so I build him a Hosp (I can use them)
also build him a Camp, and a Armory (reseach)

I also build a Armory in Milledgeville (good place, as it has a Univ, which gives me a bonus)

and build a horse farm in Austin

I tend to try and throw all my resources into the building early and build up troops later, it now Dec, most movement should be at a standstill, so got a little break to rest

(lets see, Camps, give me replacements, Hosps, help with Morale, Armories are for weapon reseach, horse farms, well, I think you see the pattern)

Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 2:36:04 PM)

here is the movement shot for turn 3

wish Kentucky would make up it's mind :)


Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 2:41:47 PM)

okay, having to play the game instead of how I want or think

so, Robert E is my 4 Star, I make Early and J.E. Johnson my two 3 stars

Stonewall is the better General, but he is in command of a Div, and I need 3 stars for my Corps

Eric Estes -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 2:42:37 PM)

What is that Confederate division "hovering" just north of New York?

marecone -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 2:44:24 PM)

What happened to union divisions? Did they merge in an army or what? Also, do zou know their strenght ot you have to scout it?

Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 2:55:22 PM)


ORIGINAL: Denville Dog

What is that Confederate division "hovering" just north of New York?

it is not a CSA Div, it is a English Div, maybe no art work is set for it yet, but that is part of the English force, and if it joins the war, it will show up as CSA, so that maybe why it is showing that now ?

Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 2:57:59 PM)


ORIGINAL: marecone

What happened to union divisions? Did they merge in an army or what? Also, do zou know their strenght ot you have to scout it?

over all, I think that shot is more showing the biggest unit in the area, the Divs are still there

in Wheeling, I have a Corps and a Div, but only the Corps is showing

I have Fow turned off, need more info while testing then I like when I am playing a game, so I got a decent idea of what is what

but you can set that how you want

Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 3:00:34 PM)

okay a winter turn and nothing much happened

one of my runners took 3 points of damage (and runs and hides in a shipyard to be repaired, they are too importent to let them get damaged)

I build a Barracks in Tenn-Miss-River (I want to build a Corps shortly)
I build a Hosp in Cumberland river, a Horse farm in Galveston and a Mint in NO

Hard Sarge -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 3:02:37 PM)

speaking of building Hosp, part of the reason why


Eric Estes -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 3:18:06 PM)


ORIGINAL: Hard Sarge

speaking of building Hosp, part of the reason why


The graphics look great, but a question - How are you finding the user interface? Is it realtively easy to do what you need and want to do?

marecone -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 3:19:35 PM)

And what does hospital coverage means? Let say, what does coverage 8 means?

marecone -> RE: AAR II (10/24/2006 3:42:44 PM)

Another one. what are those percentages in battle screens under advanced menus? Over columns, double lines...

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