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hbrsvl -> Can BIE... (8/18/2006 7:41:52 PM)

Hi-I've bought & DLed the game. I'll put it on my new Palm later today. My question is: Can BIE be played on a Windows based PC?
Thanks, Hugh Browne

jvgfanatic -> RE: Can BIE... (8/18/2006 7:51:57 PM)

You'd need a Palm or Windows CE/Pocket PC emulator I believe. You cannot simply launch least not in vanilla XP.

Turns out the Microsoft Windows CE emulator will not work in XP and the Palm Emulator only supports up to 4.x and the game apparently needs 5.0. These are official emulators, have not tried any others (if there are others). The Palm emulator does have a bigger download for larger support but I didn't go there as my drive is full enough already.

PS: Which Palm do you have and would you mind testing the France 1944 scenario by just launching it as the Allies and ending your turn? Mine crashes before the Germans finish doing their Turn 1 business [:@]

PlayTek -> RE: Can BIE... (8/21/2006 9:57:07 PM)

Please send the saved game (there is an autosave in the beginning and in the end of the turn) to support(at) and we will have a look the game file that causes problems and if necessary we will fix it. The games are in the main folder of the first memory card (this means the internal drive in case of Palm T5, TX, Lifedrive or memory card in the expansion slot). They have extension ".blitzkrieg".

Is your version 1.43?

jvgfanatic -> RE: Can BIE... (8/29/2006 6:34:06 PM)

File sent. Hopefully we can resolve this. It would be wonderful.

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