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Paul Vebber -> Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (7/29/2006 6:33:59 AM)

Its Matrix fantasy footbal time again! Your chance to ut your football acumen to the test against the Matrix staff.

As the reigning staff champion, if you can beat me and win a league, you can score a Matrix game download.

So sign up oday before the slots are filled and compete for Quality Product [8D]

Matrix Classic ID# 289453 password Matrix

This league is a "standard" Yahoo league using the default Yahoo configuration. This is an auto-draft league. Max teams is 10 with 4 teams in playoffs week 15 and 16. No maximum moves or trades. This is a good beginner league.

Matrix Pro Football ID#123006 password Matrix

This league uses individual players for both offense and defense. Scores are weighted so the "best player" in each position category over the last 2 years scored ~1000 points for the season. This isn't exact and the projections for this season seem to significantly discount defense (by abou 20% over 2005 and 2004) but i went by the last two years stats, and let the projections fall out where they may. This league has 12 teams max and an online draft Sat 2 Sept at 7:30 pm Eastern. Playoffs will be the top 6 teams over week 14, 15, and 16.

Matrix Hall of Fame ID#289496 password Matrix

This league focuses on offense with 10 Offense (2QB 3 WR 2 RB 1 WR/TE 1 WR/RB and a K plus 2 Team Defenses and 8 bench). This league puts more emphasis on scoring. THis is an online draft league which will occur on Sat 26 Aug at 6:30pm Eastern. The playoffs will be the top 4 teams in weeks 15 and 16.

Note that you can still draft by :list: r send me draft instructions if you can't make it on draft day.

Mickey -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (7/30/2006 5:21:12 PM)

I joined the pro one. Should have some whopper of scores in here.


Paul Vebber -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (8/9/2006 1:23:01 AM)

Yes, its easier to balance some of thestats if you are not dealing with fractions of points. In that league the goal was to have the top players" at each positionscore ~1000 points on the season.

We need some more coaches!

I have modified the Hall of Fame leagues draft time so plaes double check. The Pro league and Hall of Fame leageu are both on;ine draft leagues. The "Classic" one is not.

Paul Vebber -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (8/16/2006 8:03:35 PM)

Come -on we can max thee leagues out this year and make it a REAL competition!

Please check them out!

The MCSH league in particular needs at least one more coach...

ravinhood -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (8/19/2006 7:39:52 AM)

20000 members and you can't get 3 lil fantasy football teams maxed out? hehe

Paul Vebber -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (8/19/2006 11:43:20 PM)

You know wha they say about sometimes you can't GIVE stuff away[:'(]

ravinhood -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (8/21/2006 8:13:33 AM)

If you offered up something like: "Free game of YOUR (players) Choice" yah might get more hits. :)

USSAmerica -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (8/21/2006 4:43:14 PM)

I'm in for the Classic league.  StanleyCupChamps, since I'm a Hurricanes season ticket holder. [8D]

I see Prostidude is in the house as well.  I sure hope he's not as good with football as he is with baseball!  [;)]

diesel7013 -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (8/23/2006 2:51:56 AM)

I'm in....

Paul Vebber -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (8/23/2006 5:16:57 AM)


I see Prostidude is in the house as well. I sure hope he's not as good with football as he is with baseball!

No...He's better.

But not as good as me [8D]

Paul Vebber -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (9/3/2006 4:13:29 AM)

Pro league draft is in the books! Good luck to the Coaches!

Hall of Fame League drafts tomorrow and the Classic league will be set to draft from pick lists Monday nght 11pm EST.

Guz -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (9/6/2006 5:51:13 AM)

HEY! Too late? I think I'm getting the fantasy sports bug ;)

Challerain -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (9/6/2006 7:29:03 AM)


Classic hasn't drafted as of Midnight 9/6. When is it scheduled to go off?

jchastain -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (9/6/2006 8:10:56 AM)


ORIGINAL: Challerain


Classic hasn't drafted as of Midnight 9/6. When is it scheduled to go off?

I am sure they are just giving us all time to adjust our ranking on Big Ben. [;)]

Paul Vebber -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/10/2006 8:02:42 PM)

Playoff time is here in Matrix Fantasy football leagues!

THis week the Matrix Pro league (our stats heavy league with 6 playoff spots has its first round. Bennington Bolts aat 11-2 (Matrix's own Erik Rutins) and Mick's Pulled Hammy at 10-3 have byes. Only 70 points out of over 10,000 seperate the two favorites on the season. My Pack o'Pain is 3rd with a 10-3 ecord, but 6th in total points scored - I have had to rely on matchup scoring and a few oponan bad days (including wins against both the leaders) to get such a high seed. I also rode Donovan MCNabb, whos loss has left me with Jeff Garcia, Jon Kitna and Big Ben. Zeta 16 Is 4th at 8-5, Fair Warning is 5th at 7-6 and the hard luck Neverwinter knights is the low seed at 6-7 - but over 10,000 total points on the season (and only two ponts less than Fair Warning.)

In my matchup vs Neverwinter knights, I did not like the cold weather matchup thursday and left Big Ben on y bench - he exceeded expectations with a 50+ point performance. I like the Philly - Skins matchup for Garcia but am up against The red hot Tony Romo - who will have their first bad game? My Receiver corps has been my key to getting the good record but it can be a twin edged sword as I have so many ways to guess wrong! I'm going with Steve Smith and Larry Fizgerald (no brainers) and I like Mark Clayton this week agaisnt the KC secondary. That leaes me to choose between Isaac Bruce (a bad matchup in my mind agaisnt the Bears D) Bernard Berian (with Grossman struggling...?) leaving me with the red hot Jerricho Cotchery against a beaten up Buffalo secondary - also with McCareins and Smith dinged - Cotchery shoul be the go to guy for Pennington. THe Knights Receiver corps is strugling with Colston and Hines out, but leaving him strong alternatives in Andre Johson and Torry Holt. He loks to be gong with an interesting call in marty Booker against a tough NE D, leaving Greg Jennings and Arnez Battle both on the bench in a Packer 9er game that features two woeful defensive backfields... At running back, I have Shaun alexander back and in fine form and am gong with Thomas Jones over his broter Julius. THe Knights are going with 3 RBs rather than 4 Wide receivers - anchored by Frank Gore who may find rough going agaisn the fine Packer LB corps (I really think they need to go to a 3-4...) and Rudi Johnson who should have a good day against the Raiuhs. His interesting call is goig with Cedric Benson, ho has not seen a ot o time lately, rather than Battle or Jennings in the W/R slot. We will see how it plays out. At TE Knights got a decent Thursday out of Kellen Winslow, but no scores. I have strong alternatives in Randy McMicheal and Owen Daniels. Owen had a great start but has only gotten a dozen catches and no scores int he last 4 weeks - is he due-or done? McMicheal has not been torching the joint either, but had a score in the Detroit game and had always figures big against 3-4 Ds - so I give the nod this week to Randy. At kicker we have the battle of the Josh's - I've gotten gret service from Scobee who should get work today agaisnt Indy - Knights has Brown, whose Seahaws give im feast or famine days. I'm hoping the Desert Swarm loses its Buzz this week and Alexander gets paydirt, rather than havig to settle fof Brown Bombs.

THis league features individual defensive players - and has seen some INCREDIBE performances - a coupe of which I left on my bench. My goal in structuring the point values for this league was to balance it so a "good day" for most positions was 50 ponts, and a "career day" was 100. several Defensive players onthe year have topped 200! Unfortunately some of those same guys have turned around with 15 point stinkers the next week, so Defensive has been a bitmore of a wild card than I intended this year. Being a defensively minded fan, this has taditionally been my forte, but I've guessed wrong more often than not in my matchup analysis - a big reasn i'm 6th in total points scored... That said, I do have 3 of the top 10 Defensive point scores - Kerry Rhodes, Charles Woodson and Asante Samual. I'm also going with Carlos Rogers to fill out my DB corps (and hope that if Garcia screws up - its to Rogers ;) and hoping Anthony Henry gets back on track) For Line/LBs I'm going with Donie edwards nd Shaun Phillips (though with merriman back that could not be as great a como as the last few weeks - but I think thee will be a LOT of blitzing of rookie Cutler). That leaves me Cato June and Lofa Tutupu, neither of which has lit things up the last few weeks, but i think JAX is going to try to run more and involve more than 'Zona will trying to stretch the field.

Knights s going with Madieu williams, Nate Clements, Adrian Wilson and Dunta Robinson at DB - leaving Erik Cleman and Kevin Kaesviham benched. A bold play going with Osi Umenyiora coming off injury to supplement no brainers Urlacher, Fujita and Peppers. Playing Umenyira over Dwight Freeney may pay off, or may not!

Overall the projections give me a slight edge at 807 to 786. we will see!

In the other two leagues, this is the last week of the regular season before 4 team playoffs. In Matrix Classic Staney Cup Chaps and 5150 have clinched playof berths with 9-4 records. Labatt Blues, my Pack o'Pain have the the other 2 for now at 8-5, but Irontown Criminals is still not mathematically eliminated at 7-6, but Labatt and I are playing and IC needs to outscore the loser by 100 points to knock the loser out if he wins. I lost McNab in this league too..

In the scoring - centric Hall of Fame I have locked up first place with a dominant 12-1 mark (losing only to Vinny the Mad Cow [:-][:@] ) The other 3 slots are up fr grabs between 4 teams - Buckhead Beerbellies and Zeta16 are both 8-5 - But Zeta only has 3256 points, well behind Buckhead at 3636 and Vinny's Protidude MCSH at 3581 - but a 7-6 record. Ferris I-beamers has the toughest rodewith a 7-6 record but only 3173, he needs a HUGE win this week over Zeta 16 - and is not off to a good start down 39-31.

On a side note - my 4th league is a public 20 team public league tat playes 22 players - offense an defense each week. Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Brian Westbrook have me in the number slot at 11-1 and a 200 point total point margin! (which means I'l lose in my first playoff game...)

Paul Vebber -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/13/2006 12:49:08 AM)

Well, the semifinals are set in the Matrix fantasy football leagues. In the Pro league Quarter-finals Fair Warning pounded Zeta16 with key performances from Chalres Tillman (96pts), Donald Driver (94.3 pts), Nate Kaeding (84pts), Jason Taylor (82pts) and what could be Kevin Jones last game of the season (70.73 pts). Zeta16 struggled on Offense, lead by Carson Palmer (57.5) ands Plaxico Buress (53.63) and suffered on defense from Chris gambles inactive call, and absymal perfomance by Champ Bailey (10pts) and Lemar Marshall (14pts) while leaving Terrell Suggs 88 pts, Shleton Quarles 85.5 and Keith Brooking 73pts on his bench.

My match up with Neverwinter Knights wen right down the wire last night - I had a 120 point lead going into Monday night on a 110pt effort by Josh Scobee, 73.88 from Larry Fitzgerald and 63 from Mark Clayton. On defense Charles Woodson's 55.7 was the best I could muster and Shaun Phillips and Asante Samual - my to anchors conbined for anly 40. THis eft me very vulnerable to Torry Holt, Cedric Benson and Brian Urlacher, with only Thomas Jones. Neverwinter knights nearly as adiasaster as Romo only had ~10 points in the first half, but had a solid 2nd nearly matching Garcia's 48.54 with 43.77. Nate Clements great game, capped with an INT for TD put him over 100pts, and Frank Gore and Rudi Johnson together broke 120! Marty Booker's 80.88 helped a lot. Defense was an isue for the Knights with Madieu Williams, Osi Umenviora, and Julius Peppers combining for a devestting 23 points. As the Monday knight game went on, Thomas got a score but nothing inspiring - but nearly 42 points. Unfortunately Holt was Bulgers go to guy and kept chipping away at the lead nearly getting to 90 points himelf. Benson got some attention and loked like he might get a score, when the Bears gave third string back Adrian Peterson (not THE Adrian Peterson...) and he got what probably would have been Benson's TD! Yahoo had a problem with defense and Only Urlachers 23 first half points showed up so it looked like my lead was more comforatable than it was. Half way through the 4th it looked like Thomas was down, but Bulger and Holt (and Benson) were not. Neither was Urlacher who looked like he at least should have goten a Pass defense if not a forced fumble on a ot drop in the endzone. I would not be surprised if the stats get revised to give him one - which could my victoy margin to a scant 3 points! It looked like benson might get a chance to get his TD on a Dallas Carke pass play to the 6, but it got called back and the Bears had to settle of a field goal atempt (that was misssed...) I was weating it ight to the last Rams play as Holt dropped several balls tht could have sent my home, but a pick on a deep Bulger throw ened it - and gave me a 725.97 to 704.2 (and possibly 722.2 if Urlacher gets that not a fumble but sure looked like a pass defensed)..

Anyway that leaves number 1 seed Erik Rutin's Bennington Bolts to take on Zeta 16. Erik is hoping Peyton breaks out of his slup with a performance like last year against Palmer and has TO and Darrel Jackson as his top receivers and Brian Westbrook as must play RB, and Alge Crumpler at TE, His D is anchored by Rashean Mathis, Wil Witherspoon, Antonio Pierce and James Farrior. Zeta 16 relies on Micheal Vick as his only QB, with Deion Branch DOnald Driver and Braylon edwards at Wide out. Jason Witten seems his choice over Heath Miller at TE and he has an assortment of RBs that include LJ and likely two of Joseph Addai, Wali Ludy, Millis McGahee, Leon Washington DOminc Rhodes, and the now lamb duck Kevin Jones. Nate aeding has done yeoman serivce at K and a defense anchored by Jason Taylor, Chalres Tillman, Kieth bullock and Richard Marshall.

My 4 seed Pack o'Pain has to once again upset Mick's Pulled Hammy featuring Marc Buger as likely QB, Regie Wayne and Roy Williams at WR, and Steven jackson and Wilie Parker at RB. Mick's strength is his D where London Fletcher, Lance Briggs, Sean Jones, DeMarco Ryans and Shawne Merrimen have teh potential to outscore his offense... LOsing McNabb has left me scrambling for QB - I went with Jeff Garcia, and likely will again over Kitna or Rothlisberger. I'm in a quandry with stalwart Steve Smith hobbled by both an ankle "tweak" and a Weinke's hoping Delhome can somehow return...Larry Fitgerald is a no brianer, as is Shaun Alexander at RB , but THomas Jones or his brother Julius supporting? and which 3 of Jerricho Cotchery, Isaac Bruce, Mark Clayton, and Devery Henderson at WR... Josh Scobee has saved my bacon seeral times. My Defense is almost as strong as Mick's featuring Kerry Rhodes, Charles Woodson and Asante Samuel and Donnie edwards and Cato June and Aaron Schobel at D-Line. We will see how it works out... the "predictions" have me up by 12 points, but that is hardly re-assuring...

In the Classic league number 1 seed 5150 (Marc Bulger and Holt, Favre and Greg Jennings to pick from at QB nd WR, and LJ, and Dommic Rhodes at RB with Kevin Jones out - potentially into next season and the San Diego defense) against my 4 seed Pack o'Pain
anchored by Drew Brees and Devery Henderson, Regie Wayne, Willie Parker and Ahman Green at RB and Buffalos big scoring defense.

THe 2 seed StanleyCup Champs featuring Tony Romo, Steve Smith and Javon Walker, Deuce Mcallister will miss Ronnie Brown, but the incredible Chicago D (and Hester on special teams) could be a difference maker against 3 seed Labatts Blues looks to be going with Jon Kitna agaisnt the big play prone Packer secondary, though the thought of what Carson Palmer did in last years game v Indy may have him csecond gues that a couple times. But then agains when you have LT, you have a LOT of margin for error ;) HE may need it as his WR corps is a squirrelly lot, any of which has about equal chances of a 30 pont gem, or single digit stinker. THe Dallas D could help considerably if they dismantle the Giants again.

In the Hall of fame league I suffered only my 2nd defeat - to my last place sister (how demeaning is that...[X(]) I am still the number 1 seed riding the back of Payton Manning and Carson Palmer, TJ Housyermamma, and Plaxico Buress, Wilie Parker and Marion Barber III (who scared the crap out me with his -1 yard performace..) Jeff Wlkins has ben money as a kicker and *I* have the Chicago D (and am taking a chance on Green Bay doing well at home agaisnt the Lions. Zeta16 wil be hoping I leave points on my bench yet again, and praying that Tom Brady breaks out of his slump and Air McNair keeps up his solid work. Chd Johnson and Laverneous Coles anchor a more consistent receiver corps than mine, but has to decide which of the Denver Bell backs to pick to support Rudi Johnson. THe JAx D is a no brainer for him, but Steelers or Saints is a tougher call. The matchup has us only 21 points apart and I am VERY woied about poor machups...

The other game pits the 2 seed Buckhead beerbellies against Vinny's Prostidude MCSH. THe Beerbellies feature Chad Pennington and Jeff Garcia at QB and Both Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne and Reggie Brown. LT at RB will be suppored by either Thomas Jones, Reuban Droughns or Joseph Addai. The baltimore D will be supported by either the 49ers or falcons. Prostidude has Drew Brees and Micheal Vick at QB and top WRs are Andre Johnson (who I traded to him ...[8|][8|]) and Marty Booker and Marques Colston. Vinny has more RBS than any to other teams I think - with LJ being a sure play, but a choice between Travis Henry, Maurice Jones-Drew, Deuce McAllister, Corey Dillon, Chester Taylor, Brandon Jacobs and he won't even miss Kevin Jones. And he traded me Warrick Dunn for Andre Johnson...(semed like the thing to do about week 4...). He's goin down anyway as Asante Samual is gonna take Andre out of the game this week...

Mad Cow -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/14/2006 7:15:19 AM)

I drafted a lot of RB's intentionally.  Need depth at that position.


I'm winning the HoF league.  Mark it down.

Mickey -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/15/2006 6:57:44 AM)

Hopefully resting my players last week won't have any ill effects :)

It's been fun this year. The scoring seems a little off kilter with some kickers outscoring the QB's sometimes but it's the same for everybody.

Paul Vebber -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/17/2006 2:01:04 AM)

Well, its the same for defenses - I ran the stats and yahoo predictions through a spreadsheet and I made teh mistake of equaly weighting the historical stats and predictions - which for kicers an defense were a LOT lower than the historical stats AND you had a remarkably prolific year for kickers, so my scoring sysem over-compensated for kickers and defenses, and kickers in particular have had some really good games.

When I do it next year I will weight the historical stats 75% and the Yahoo predictions only 25%.

Paul Vebber -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/19/2006 7:45:44 AM)

Well, barring any huge stat corrections the Matrix Fantsy Football finals are set!

In the Pro League its the battle of the staff giants as Erik Rutins blistering Bennington Bolts JACKED UP Fir Warning by nearly 200 pts 938.91 to 741.0. Eriks Offense went on a rampage wih 102 points form Laveraneus Coles, nearly 89 form Peyton Mning, and 81 nad change from bot TO and Brian Westbrook. Adam Vinatieri had 79 and Marion barber 74. Fair Warning got 92 out of Micheal VIck, bu nate Kaedings 62 and Braylon edwards 57 was far short. Fair Warnings D had some big contibutors, charles Tillman with 85 and Jason Taylor with 77, but to many slackers like Jonathon Vilma with 13 nd Bradie james with 15, and Willis McGahee with under 18 and Joseph Addai who got injured after only 20.

In the other Semi Final i thought Mick's Pulled Hammy had me, but me D pulled it out! Mick's had good eforts of 9.5 and nearly 6 from Reggie Wayne and Steven Jackson, Sean Taylor and Lance Briggs (74 and 62) but Marc Bulger's bad day really hurt with only 19, as did Roy Williams <7. The usually bountiful Shawne Merrimen with only 22 marred an otherwise consistent 40+ defense. I made a last minute shift to Jon Kitna, which cost me 10 points, but I heard rumors Woodson's shoulder injury might limt his playiing time. Donnie Edwards made up for Merriman's slack with a stellar 92 point effort, Asnate Samuel 88, Carlos Rogers gave my 83 and Despite the leaving the game for a while, Woodson managed nearly 75. NOBODY made it over 50 for me on offense and only Thomas Jones with 47 point efort and Jerricho Cotchery with 37 exceeded their Yahoo predictions. It came down to Reggie Wayne vs Cato June, and Cato's solid 52 kept my lad from evaporaing to Wayne and gave me a 785.04 to 749.84.

In the Classic, 5150 had a terrible day as the usually prolific pair of Marc Bulger and Tory Holt only managed 4 points. Drew Brees tried to keep pace with a 2 point effort, but I at least got 10 from Reggie Wayne and 4 from Terry Glenn. Not one of 5150 players got a touchdown nd Shayne Graham was his best performer with 10 points. Usually its me that happens to. I cruised to a 54 to 36 upset of the number seed as the 4.

In the other game, the contender for the free game in this league is Stanley Cup Champs, who hs ridden the Romo Railroad right into the championship game. Javon wlaker and Desmond Clark helped out, as did Santana Moss and Deuce McAlister. Labott Blues had a similar time to 5150 withthe usually money Carson Plamer netting only 1 point, and his receiver corps or Bernard Berrian, Roy Williams and Keyshawn combining for only 3 points. LTs 21 could not get him out this one all by himself suffering a 55-81 loss.

I will need Brees back on game to defend the Matrix house!

The Hall of fame lague had the most exciting finish as Zeta16 and I had large contingents in the Colts-Bengals matchup. I made a bld move tradig for teh Green Bay defense - as a packer fan I have really seen their D mature this year. SInce I had the Bears D i felt it worth taing the Chance and it paid of as the Pack gives me a big 64 point showing - nearly double the lackluster bears gave me with 33. Zeta was not to be outdone though with the Steelers D making an 85 point showing and Jax a respectale 46. Marion Barber gave me a BIG 35 points and Willie Parker 23 but my receiver corps sucked with Donte Stallworth only getting 1 at W/R and Mike Furry only 3. Plax got me 10 (but coulda ben more [8|] On the other side Tom Brady gave zeta 25 and Lavernanues Coles great day 34, but Steve McNair going down left him a big gooseegg in the QB department - staring Peyton Manning and carson Plamer anchoring my lineup. It was far from over as Zeta had Carsons goto guy Ocho Cinco, as well as Chris Henry and rudi Johnson - and kicker Sayne Graham. I countered with the two gunslinging QBS and T.J Whosyermommma. It started looking grim as Rudi ran over the Colts (as pretty much all teams do and Palmer started traking backwards into nerly double digit negative territory. McNairs "0" was looking good to me...

But Peyton ws unstoppale and scored me a tremendous 52, more than compensating for Palmers -8...but it got really exciting afte a couple Graham FGs got Zeta within single digits, meaning a TD would win it!
It ws nip and tuck as Zeta would take teh lead, and Peton get it back for me, then Palmer would back me up and it was a flurry of late passes to T.J that finaly iced it en it looked like Plamer could not hold onto the ball!

the final 264-257 seemed a lot closer!

I will be taking on Buckhead Beerbellies , who can win the free game after a crushing defeat of Prostidude MCSH. Despite 46 points from Vick and 59 from the San Diego Defense (which I traded to him...) Drew Brees -1 and marty Booker's 0. together with only 5 from LJ and 2 from Travis Henry left MCSH prime for the pickens by Buckheads 91 points from Mavin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, and 'lackluster' 41 from LT.

Lets just say I have my work cut out for me next week...To VERY strong teams with players peaking for playoff runs and mine are 'gimpy' to say the least...

Best of luck to Stanley Cup and Buckhead next week! I'm looking the underdog in both games! and Erik - you are GOING TO GET JACKED UP!

On a side note, I was the number one seed of 20 teams in the public Yahoo league I filled out my 4th yahoo league sots with, and was riding a 12 game winning streak. Thanks to Drew Brees not scoring a touchdown and leaving Joe Jurvicious on my Bench I lost in the opening round of the playoffs 244.03 to 244.96. I was leading until about 3 minutes to go by the wide margin of 0.07 when Caleb Miller got his only tackle of the game on a busted play...

And that was not the close game! In another game, the margin of victory was 277.46 to 277.48. The last flurry of passes to T.J making out like 5 points of difference in the last minute or so of the game.

Erik Rutins -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/19/2006 3:24:57 PM)

Hey Paul,

I'm as surprised to be in the final as anyone, but I'm very glad I tried this out this year. It's been a heck of a lot of fun and however it turns out, I'll be back next year. I definitely like the scoring system in the league I'm in vs. the traditional fantasy scores and appreciate being able to play individual defensive players rather than just a side.

If my offense can pull off another week like this week, I think I'll be the one doing the jacking up. [;)] Should be a great match!


- Erik

USSAmerica -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/19/2006 4:51:02 PM)

Well Paul, it's time for my Stanley Cup Champs to get some revenge on you for defeating my USS America Orioles in the baseball championship this year. [;)] My team was cooling off a bit toward the end of the regular season, but they came through for me this week. I hope it's a trend and not just a blip on the radar.

I'd like to second Erik's comments. This has been a blast for me this season. I've been very busy and would not have played without the generous carrot dangled by Matrix. [8D] Many thanks to Matrix Games and to you, Paul, for putting these leagues together! It is great for fostering the fantastic sense of community around here.

And finally, congratulations are in order! Paul, I can't believe you're in all 3 football league finals after sweeping all 3 baseball leagues! I guess there was not much financial risk to Matrix for offering league prizes. [:D]

Merry Christmas, everyone! [:)]

Paul Vebber -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/19/2006 5:09:31 PM)


Paul, I can't believe you're in all 3 football league finals after sweeping all 3 baseball leagues!

Proof that boring subjects like statistical analysis can pay off ;)

BUT I lost one of my games to my sister, which she will spend ALL SUMMER not letting me forget...

In the public league I'm playing the guy that lost by .02 in the consolation bracket - our COMBINED margin of loss was .95...[X(][:o][:@]

Its going to be a great finals! THe predictions righ now are:

Pro leugue - I am up over Erik 836.56 to 824.98 essentially a wash... It will hinge on my big play D outscoring your big play O - Lets hope Asante Samual will have another 199 point game (I left him on my bench that week...[:-][8|]

In the Classic I'm a MAJOR underdog to Stanely Cup Champs - 66-77 (damn Romo...and what rock did Betts crawl out from under [:'(] )

And in the Hall Of Fame league I'm projected just ahead of Buckhead Berbellies 301-279 - but he has LT...[:(]

I'm sure you guys will be making adjustments to your rosters ;)

Erik Rutins -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/19/2006 8:27:32 PM)


ORIGINAL: Paul Vebber
Pro leugue - I am up over Erik 836.56 to 824.98 essentially a wash... It will hinge on my big play D outscoring your big play O - Lets hope Asante Samual will have another 199 point game (I left him on my bench that week...[:-][8|]

Yeah, let's hope not! [;)] They're still under-projecting Jones-Drew and Barber, IMHO but they are over-projecting a few of my defenders. It should be a close match, hopefully my guys will perform a bit better than at our last meeting.


- Erik

Paul Vebber -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/26/2006 5:48:34 PM)

We've got a Winner! Stanley Cup Champs took advantage of my worst performance on the season in the Matrix Classic league to win a free game on a 56 - 17 drubbing (Terry Glenn, Reggie Wayne, Devery Henderson, Willie Parker, Marion Barber and the Buffalo D combind for a net ZERO. Laddell Betts nearly beat me single handed [:o]

We very nearly had another winer in the Hall of Fame leaue, bu Zach Thomas shoe sting ackle to bring Jerricho Cotchery down at the 2 cost Buckhead Beerbellies a win, as I held on through a nerve wracking Christmas night mathcup where Chris Chambers had to help me hold a 25 point lead. Even with Cotchery on his bench (ouch!), had he gotten out of Thomas' ankle tackle the 12 points for a Pennington passing TD would have given him a 1 point win! It was a tough wek for a lot of running backs, as Willie Parker and Marion Barber combined for a net -4 for me, and the combo of LT and Joeseph Addai, a usual lock for 40+ points together (LT alone has done that!) could only muster a combined 20.

In the Battle of the Matrix Staff in the Matrix Pro League, I was in big trouble with Steve smith and Devery Henderson combining for -0.02 [X(] meanwhile I left 150 points siting on my bench (isaac Bruce and Mark Clayton)[:@][:(][8|] With Rothlisberger, Garcia and Kitna, I picked the wrong one yet again, eavng Kitna's 76 points on the bench for Gacia's 44. i also picked up Rn Dayne (more a defensive pic - i thought he might have another good day aginast Indy pitiful run D, but of course he has his biggest day yet with a 2 point performance. But I was not the only one to stack his bench. Erik left Ryan Lindells 5 FG and nearly 140 points on his bench in favo of Adam Vinitieri's 47. Not as bad as my receiver debacle ws his leaving Edgerrin James' 30+ to get les than 3 fom Marion Barber. Dalls running game has been the ruin of many a fantasy team this year!! (I had Julius Jones stellar 13 instead of Daynes 70+...[:(]

Anyway - the match up came down to Monday night - I had Garcia and jones along with Anthony Henry in the early game while Erk had TO, Brian Westbrook, Marion Barber, Roy Williams and Lito Sheppard - I feared the worst, but a 1 tackle performance by Williams, and Marion Barber geting STUFFED at the goal line THREE times helped a lot Westbrook saw Buckhalter get a ot of playing time, and only 37 points. getting Nearly 100 from Mo Jones - Drew kinda mad up for that. Lito Sheppard's pick near the end of the game hurt bad, but Anthony Henry got one for me and a servicable 45 from Garcia kep me in strking distance going into the ate game, were I had Randy McMichael, Jerrich Cotchery and Kerry Rhodes vs Laveranues Coles. After the first half, down by 20 it looked like the wether would keep the passing games in check. At the end of the 3rd quater, with Coles pacig Cotch in what looked like 20 points looked like 100, I went to go ick up my son at the neighbors and came back iteraly 10 minuets latter and found MCMicheal had been the key to a scorring drive with 4 Recs and a TD - in the time it took to drive down the bock and back it was ME suddenly up by 20! Then Cothery gets a TD after review and the rout was on! Kerry Rhdes had his least productive game of the year with only 1 tackle and 2 assists, but Cotch and McMchal combined for over 100 to give me a comfortale 80 point lead! (Despite leaving nearly 300 points on my bench [:-]

Erik made a GREAT showing this year in his rookie fantasy season, but I lucked out!

Congrats to all who took part this year! It was a crazy year (and the Pacers are even still alive in the Wild Card hunt!![X(])

And to Stanley Cup Champs contact me at!

Paul Vebber -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/26/2006 5:52:16 PM)


I'm winning the HoF league. Mark it down.

Brees and LJ hosed you last week, or you would have dude!

Mickey -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/27/2006 4:37:23 AM)

Great fun this year, Thanks all!

USSAmerica -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/27/2006 2:12:18 PM)

Well, my team didn't do very much to win the championship game. They turned in a mediocre effort, but thanks to some generous bribes, Paul's team didn't get off the bus. [;)]

Paul, it looks like you will have to be content with winning 5 of 6 Matrix fantasy baseball/football leagues this year. [&o]

Happy New Year, everyone! [8D]

Paul Vebber -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/27/2006 4:27:43 PM)

I had some good luck again in the playoffs! Its always amazing how often it comes down to one play that makes or beaks you - like that Zach Thomas ankle grab tackle of Cotchery that would have given Buckhead Beerbelies the win! Now we are approaching the Vast Sports Desert from The Big Football Game That Can Not Be Named Without Liscencing Fees to Opening Day!

I'll let everyone know when I set up the Pro, Classic and Weekly Baseball leagues!

Erik Rutins -> RE: Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!! (12/27/2006 7:45:01 PM)

Thanks Paul, it was a lot more fun that I expected it to be and I'll definitely be back next year. I was a bit disappointed at my team for turning in its worst performance of the year in its biggest game, but I was happy the Jets won and amazed our game remained as tight as it did for as long as it did. To have it really decided in the fourth quarter of the last game of the week was pretty darn exciting.

I'm not as up on baseball players as I am with football, but I may just give it a shot if you're running that as well.


- Erik

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