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Harpooner -> Creating units for/on Harpoon ANW (7/21/2006 4:52:30 AM)

I remember being able to use MS Excel 2003 to create platforms for H3. Can I do the same with H3 ANW? If yes, how?[:)]

hermanhum -> RE: Creating units for/on Harpoon ANW (7/21/2006 5:22:00 AM)

If you are referring to the MicroSoft Access utility program created by Jon Reimer for starting and maintaining Harpoon 3 databases, then the answer is yes. 

If you use it to create / edit a current Harpoon3 database, that database can be used by the new ANW game engine and scenario editor.

AFAIK, MS Excel has never been used in the maintenance of Harpoon 3 databases.

Harpooner -> RE: Creating units for/on Harpoon ANW (7/21/2006 12:59:52 PM)

Suppose you have your own database that you built up for H3 over the yaers. Could you use it in H3 ANW?

hermanhum -> RE: Creating units for/on Harpoon ANW (7/21/2006 9:37:34 PM)

Well, obviously, the first question is,
Why the heck haven't you already shared your database with the rest of the community?!?  [;)]
StrategyZoneOnline has a file archive that will host any and all Harpoon databases.
FilesOfScenShare will also host any and all databases, but they have less room.

Having said that, I've found that pre-existing Harpoon3 databases will function in the ANW game if they functioned in the Harpoon 3.6.3 version.  However, there is a qualifying note.  There are many changes in ANW behaviour.  

For example, many of the Harpoon 3 databases have tried to model Satellites as aircraft.  While they worked well in Harpoon 3.6.3, they don't work the same way in Harpoon ANW and this may look funny.  So, if your Harpoon 3 database did not crash when run in 3.6.3, then it should not crash if you run that same database in ANW.  [;)]

Welcome aboard to ANW, shipmate! [8D]

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