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Aensland -> Eject kills? (6/28/2006 6:35:51 PM)

What happens when Jocks eject? They are still there on the battlefield right? Because I can blow up a Titan and see the message "so-and-so(eject) was annihilated" when the explosion happens... but it's still not counted as a kill :)

I remember in the Battletech game you could run around with a gun, but I doubt anyone on foot could do any sort of appreciable damage against a Titan. Not to mention the danger of being stepped on by a mech.

Burzmali -> RE: Eject kills? (7/4/2006 3:08:18 AM)

If an enemy jock isn't killed when they eject, they aren't killed.  Also, I think you only get a kill if the actual shot causes the explosion, i.e. an engine hit.  But, even then, I I might be wrong.

I've often wondered how jocks that are forced to eject on an island in the middle of a pond of lava survive [;)]

Aensland -> RE: Eject kills? (7/4/2006 3:56:32 AM)

Once they eject it isn't counted, sadly :)

I never had an ejected jock killed on my Squad, so I don't know if anything happens to them after ejecting is counted. Probably is though. Maybe I'll make a test Squad and try to eject someone then get him killed.

Thorgrim -> RE: Eject kills? (7/4/2006 12:38:07 PM)

Like Burzmali already told you, once a jock ejects safely, he *cannot* be killed afterwards. It's a rule of the game. A kill due to jock death is only awarded if the jock dies inside the cockpit, be it from concussion, burning, or radiation/NB hits.

Aensland -> RE: Eject kills? (7/4/2006 6:39:59 PM)

In that case, that message ("<pilot name> (ejected) was annihilated") is superfluous and misleading. I'm not arguing about being awarded the kill or not, I was wondering IF the jock was actually killed or if ejecting means immunity from death. It's kinda hard to test since the AI won't shoot at Titans after you eject from them.

Hmm. I just remembered there's a hotseat option, I could use that to test if a Jock can get killed after ejecting. When the battle is over, if he is still alive, then you are correct (ejecting = cannot be killed). If that is true, then whenever you're in danger just eject, and you'll rejoin the Squad after battle. Not bad.

Burzmali -> RE: Eject kills? (7/4/2006 10:39:49 PM)

No, if the enemy jock ejects and survives you can't kill them.  You won't know if they died until the end of the battle, but if they eject sucessfully (i.e. the message was green) they will survive.

LarkinVB -> RE: Eject kills? (7/5/2006 1:25:24 AM)


If that is true, then whenever you're in danger just eject, and you'll rejoin the Squad after battle. Not bad.

That's the reason for offering ejects.

asmith094 -> RE: Eject kills? (7/18/2006 3:20:02 AM)

Even a failed eject attempt can be survivable, you just take damage first.

The message about "name (eject) was annihilated" refers to the titan. Once the pilot eject, he's gone, and is no longer part of the battle.

Oh and hello again. :D

Aensland -> RE: Eject kills? (7/18/2006 2:19:19 PM)

Yes, I just noticed that. Sorry for the confusion.

I burned a forest around a Titan and noticed that it doesn't stop the AI from attempting to eject even though they almost always get killed that way (eject message in red). Only immersion in water (and the other liquids as well I think) seems to actually prevent ejection.

Thorgrim -> RE: Eject kills? (7/18/2006 9:49:19 PM)

Being imersed face up prevents ejection - the hatch is in the back of the head. Total imersion in acid and lava too, of course. [:)]
Ejecting in a burning hex is most likely preferable to risking a shutdown and possible subsequent engine explosion - depending on circumstance, of course, but that's more a decision for a human player, not the AI.

CrushU -> RE: Eject kills? (9/10/2006 8:37:34 PM)

It is possible to die after ejecting, though admittedly rare.

If your jock is bleeding when he ejects, or starts bleeding from a poor eject, they will bleed to death. I don't recall if they ever stopped bleeding, I don't think they do. If the battle ends before they actually die, they're still fine. Kinda puts a timer on a battle if it happens. :/

That's the only way I know of for a pilot to die after eject.

(Also, a kill is counted if you destroy the engine, even if it doesn't explode. ;) Kills are titan kills with a pilot in it, not pilot kills.)

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