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The Wargamer
The Readers' Choice Awards - Wargame - Gold

The Wargamer
The Readers' Choice Awards - Game of the Year - Silver

Armchair General - 95%
"Excellent, fast paced, and accurate simulation of operational level combat during the era. The game is highly playable, easy to learn, with a reasonably challenging AI. Intuitive controls and a wealth of helpful information make CoA easy to dive into from the start. An outstanding game with much historical depth, mixed with ease of play and a wealth of scenarios. A must buy for anyone interested in the theater, or looking for the closest experience to an operational level commander outside of the military."
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The Wargamer
"...the game is a faithful, richly detailed, and utterly absorbing simulation that manages to replicate a myriad of complex and interconnected factors without ever lapsing into dogged pedantry. It is also, by thunder, a lot of fun! And this iteration significantly improves upon what was already one of the more brilliantly original game-designs in recent years."
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Cyberstratege magazine - 9/10

PC4WAR magazine - 8/10
"COTA is more than a strategy game, it's a beautiful example of a command simulator."

PC Gamer magazine (UK) - 84%
"An AI the equal of which I've yet to encounter in ANY strategy game, and impressive modelling of the military command chain."

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