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JudgeDredd -> Completed the first tutorial from both sides (6/22/2006 11:10:16 AM)

Major victory as allies.
Minor victory as axis.
Orders Delay - Realistic

********************************* A L L I E S *****************************************
As allies, I sent a force (2nd NZ Div Cav Regt) to the right to take the Sperkhios Ferry. I was then going to use that force to threaten the axis force at the Yef Alamanas from the flank and hopefully overwhelm them and push them back, allowing the main attacking force (the 19th Au Inf Bde) to attack Yef Alamanas with light resistance and then make a push for Anthili.

Meanwhile, I planned to send the II Inf Bn north to Komma Bridge...not so much to take it, but more to distract the axis forces there.

All went according to plan...although Anthili was a bit stiff on the resistance...but it gave in at the end.
RESULT = Major Victory

********************************* A X I S *****************************************
As the axis, I wanted to prime the south east ferry crossing (Yef Alamanas was already primed). So I sent the Engineer unit to the Sperkhios Ferry and sat it there on a Deny Crossing task. I also had the Mot PzJg Pl I Bn Inf Regt 433 sit on the south side of the ferry on a defend task...once the bridge was cleared, I reset it to a Deny Crossing task. I also sent the 7th Inf Coy II Bn Inf Regt 433 south from Anthili to help out. I then sent the Mor Pl I Bn Inf Regt 433 to sit on the Yef Alamanas road bridge to support it's defence.

The rest of the Axis force from Anthili, I sent north west to help defend the Komma Bridge.

As anticipated, the allies tried a main attack on the Yef Alamanas road bridge and a smaller attack north to the Komma Bridge. I defended all three and failed to blow Yef Alamanas and Komma Bridge. The Sperkhios Ferry was not approached by any allies.

They did almost make it but the Yef Alamanas defence force was cut a bit of slack....because the defence of Komma had caved in and the bridge was open, the main attack force decided to give up on Yef Alamanas and move north and cross at Komma.

Now was that smart? I don't know. They would've made it across Yef forces were starting to bend slightly and time was running out. Komma was now open and they decided to move at full pelt across it. I think ti was a fair decision...remember they don't know what I had the other side...but they did know Komma had fallen!
RESULT = Minor Victory

Fantastic stuff....and this is only the beginners tutorial!!

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